Chapter 6 : Don't Write me Off Just Yet

After Kim and Kylie got dressed for the day, Kim decided that they would play in their room for a little while, before going to find Andros, so they could start her training.

As she sat watching her daughter, she couldn't help but smile. Despite it just being the two of tem, they were both very content with their lives. Kylie had such a joy for like, and should we do anything to make sure he daughter kept that joy. While Kim was lonely at times, and Kylie could use a male figure in her life, Kim was sure, that for now, Kylie was a very happy baby.

"Momma loves you very much Kylie, don't you ever forget that." she said as she pulled her daughter towards her fir a hug.

"Luv Ma!" Kylie said softly as she hugger her mother as tight as she could.

- Workout Room 9:00 am -

The group sat around warming up. Andros and Alpha had created several workout programs for the, to try.

Aisha looked around the room and noticed that Kim wasn't there. "Is the Princess not joining us?" She said.

Jason glared at her shaking is head, "Are you 5?" he said.

She shook her head, "Didn't think so." Was all he said.

Andros looked at the group in disappointment, "Kim is looking after her daughter this morning, her and I will be practicing later on this afternoon." He said simply. "To start and end the program, simply tell the computer to run or end program. If you should need any help, don't hesitate to use the com-system. I have things I must get done, so I will leave you to your workout." With that he left.

Jason and Tommy looked at the group then at each other and nodded, "Here we go" said Tommy.

"Everyone up." Jason said as he waited for everyone to stand. "Computer, run program."

-Later that Afternoon-

Kim carried Kylie as they walked to the room that Andros told her to meet him in. She never realized how big the ship actually was before now. After a few more minutes, they finally found the room, with Andros inside waiting for them.

"Hey Andros, sorry we're late. I got sorta lost." she laughed.

He smiled, "Don't worry about it, it can be overwhelming when your not sure where your going."

She nodded, "I'm just going to set Kylie up with some toys and then we can begin.

He nodded.

Once Kylie was occupied, she moved towards Andros, "So where do we begin?"

"Well I first we should spend some time warming up, I can imagine that you're not overly active with all your injuries. Then I figured we can do some simply movement exercises to try and get you moving freely with little discomfort, so you don't strain yourself once we reach Thaeden."

Kim nodded, "Sounds good, just remember I'm not fighting, one punch and I will be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life."

He nodded, "I understand, we just want your body to get used to more physical activity then you are used to, so you don't over strain your body. Alpha and I thought you would best serve up in the sky in your Zord, that way we limit the chance of you engaging in hand to hand combat.:

She smiled, "Thanks Andros, I really appreciate you going to all this trouble for me."

He smiled, "It is no trouble at all Kim, I am glad to help."

After several hours of light exercises, Kim was exhausted, and her body was slowly fading.

"I think I'm done for the day, I want to be able to move tomorrow." She laughed.

Andros nodded, "Sorry Kim, I didn't realize the time."

She smiled, "Don't worry about it, I'm surprised I lasted this long as it is."

He smiled, "I guess I will let you go, and see you tomorrow morning."

She nodded, "Thanks again Andros."

With that Kim went to pick up Kylie who was playing with her blocks. "Time to go sweety."

As Kim and Kylie made their way back to their room, she saw Aisha and Trini heading for her.

Nodding she said hello. They looked at her and nodded before moving past her. Well that's better then nothing, she thought to herself.

When they made it back to their room, Kim noticed the time, it was almost 6, Tommy would be arriving soon, and she was in desperate need of a shower.

"Mommy has to go have a quick shower before Tommy gets here, is that ok sweetie?"

Kylie nodded, "U's ti-nky Ma!" she said seriously.

Kim laughed, "Thanks baby girl." She put Kylie down on the floor and setting her up with her toys before locking the door. "You play with your toys and Mommy will be right back."

Kim made her way to the bathroom, leaving the door open in case Kylie should need her.

Luckily Kim had learned quickly to have very quick showers, or she would have lost her job. Not even 10 minutes later, she was out and rushing to get dressed. She decided that it would be best to dress in comfy clothes, as she was going to have to ice her knees and ankles at the earliest possible moment. Putting her hair up in a simple ponytail, she had to laugh at herself, not on her life would she have been caught dead like this in high school. This will really attract Tommy now, she thought sarcastically. Quickly shaking that thought out of her head, that's probably for the best

Once she was clean and dressed, she went back out to the main room to play with her daughter before Tommy arrive with dinner.

5 minutes later, there was a knock on her door. She got up to answer it and smiled when she saw Tommy carrying a big bowl of spaghetti, two plates and some cutlery.

"What no wine?" she laughed, taking the plates and cutlery from him.

He smiled, "Hey! I provide the dinner, you provide the drink." As he placed the bowl on the table. "Dinner is served."

She nodded, "Smells good." she said before turning to Kylie, "Come on baby girl, Tommy made us dinner."

Kylie smiled, "To-me!"

He smiled at Kim's daughter, what he wouldn't give for her to be theirs. He thought as he watched them sit at the table.

"You going to join us, or stare at us?" she said smiling.

"Definitely join you." he said.

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