Just a little story I wrote because I was in the Gesea mood. Hope you like it. It's fluffy! Please review!

This is a oneshot.

Rooftop Gaze

Presea slipped out of bed. She tip-toed to the door as not to wake Colette from her sleep. She squeezed through the crack in the door and walked to the door of the inn. She opened it and stepped out. The cold air greeted her and she smiled slightly. She Climbed carefully on to the banister of the stairs and from there climbed on to the roof.

The roof tiles where cold and rough. But she loved it up there. She stared at the silky navy sky and she couldn't help but smile. She lay back a bit and looked at the stars. They shone beautiful silver. Presea cocked her head to the side.

She sat for a moment, just admiring the stars. She felt a soft wet cold on her cheek. Rain.

The rain started to fall. It was soft rain and it handed lightly on Presea's face. It made a soft chiming sound Presea loved. Sooon a gust of wind knocked her out of her thoughts and she relized someone was watching her.

Genis was leaning against the banister watching her.

"Umm..." Presea said with an awkward smile. "Would you like to join me?"

Genis nodded. "If you don't mind."

Presea leaned over, grabbed his hand and helped him up. They sat next to each other(but not to close ') After a moment Presea broke the silence. "Genis?" She asked not taking her eyes of the sky. "What are those shinning dots?"

Genis looked at her. "You mean the stars?" Presea nodded. "I guess."

Genis looked back up. "They're great big balls of gas. Like the sun but not as close." Genis explained.


Genis smiled. Presea smiled back. There was another moment of silence...

"You're my star."

Presea was surprised. She turned to look at Genis but when she turned her head she was kissed lightly on the cheek. Presea's cheeks turned pink as Genis pulled away. Presea starred at him. She didn't want to ruin the moment so she just nodded at starred at the sky again. This was a rooftop gaze to remember.

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