Metal Gear Solid: Fight of Metal Gears 2: Old Enemys Come Back

Jake Snake shot the special thing that was a nuke that only kill enemy metal gears but not Jake Snake so when he shot it the enemys died. Jake Snake flied up to the top of the sky again in the metal gear and drove really really fast to more into Out Heaven to fight more metal gears. Jake Snake was up in the top of the sky and looked down and seeen a boss metal gear making people blow up with weapon so Jake Snake went down and landed fast and dust came again then it went and Jake Snake said "Boss metal gear stop it or i will shoot you with fire gun."

The boss metal gear said "Ha ha Jake Snake you are just small child and cant kill me becaus i am strong and have wepons that kill things and you too Jake Snake."

Jake Snake said back angry "IM NOT SMALL CHILD AND I WILL SHOOT YOU WITH FIRE GUN!" so Jake Snake shot fire all on the boss metal gear and the boss metal gear fell down. The boss jumped out of metal gear then the metal gear went BOOM and went away somewhere to pieces.

Jake Snake jumped out of teh metal gear to and landed and then jumped and kickd the boss in the leg so the boss fell. Then Jake Snake took out a nife and stabed the boss in the hart and the boss died. Jake Snake crawled in teh ground and went somewhere else again to fight other things.

Out of no where again Otacon sccreamed "JAKE SNAKE BEHIND YOU AGAIN!" and Jake Snake turned around and there was 10 bad guys there. Jake Snake throwed a flash bang and put on glasses so the flashes wouldnt hurt him then the flash went away and he put the glasses away and the bad guys coudlnt see. Jake Snake standed up and crawled to one of the bad guys and borke his arm and his neck and throwed him at another bad guy and snapped off his head. Jake Snake took out his wepon that he got from the boss metal gear and made a bad guy blow up then he throwed the gun at 2 bad guys and killd them too. Then Jake Snake choked a guy and riped off his arms and throwed them at anoter guy then he went to the other guy and stepd on him til he died.

Then Jake Snake said to Otacon "thats a lot of dead bad guys" and Otacon said "Solid Snake did that too before" and Jake Snake said "I must go!" so he went in the bad guy base thaht was around in trees.

Jake Snake crawled into the base and shot a camera so they couldnt see him in there so he could go there quietly. Out of no where someone was behind Jake Snake again so he turned round and saw Revolver Ocelot there.

"I killed Solid Snake and how i kill you Jake Snake" Revolver Ocelot said to Jake Snake after Jake Snake saw him. "No! You didnt kill Solid Snake!" Jake Snake said back. "Yes i did and i did it slow and he was hurting a lot" Revolver Ocelot said after. "Im going to kill you Revolver Ocelot for that!" Jake Snake yelled back.

Revolver Ocelot jumped away and landed and shot Jake Snake in the eyes so Jake Snake had to get an eye patch out of his pocket and he put it on then he shot Revolver Ocelot but Revolver Ocelot ran away after so Jake Snake had to follow him.

Then teh room filled up with gas and Revolver Ocelots voice spoked from thhe speakers and said to Jake Snake "now you die too." Jake Snake looked around and coffed and was dying almost.

to be continued...?