This is my first attempt at a romance type story and my first ever Evangelion fanfic so I cant guarantee anything about this. I hope that you all enjoy the story though, and I will welcome any feedback (preferrably constructive criticism if possible)that can be given.

A soft breeze ruffled Shinji's hair as he looked out upon the glistening amber ocean, an after effect of the insanity he had just witnessed. Everything was different now…within a matter of minutes, the entire world had changed completely. Eva was gone; his friends were gone; everybody was gone, all of them a part of the amber ocean that stretched across the horizon before him.

Everyone was gone, everyone but Asuka and himself. Shinji looked over at Asuka's unconscious body, still inside the pilot suit that she wore when she piloted the now destroyed Eva unit 002. Why, Asuka…why did they have to go? Shinji leaned over the beautiful half-German half-Japanese girl, his eyes conveying many different emotions. Loneliness, happiness, desire, anger, sadness, hate…

Before he realized what was happening Asuka struck him with a strong slap on his cheek. He stumbled back in surprise, his hands releasing her neck from their grip as he landed in the sand on his rear. Asuka's breathing was hoarse for a short time, but she regained her composure quickly, as she always did.

"What the hell were you trying to do Shinji?" she asked, her face holding that familiar look of anger that Shinji had seen from her so many times before.

Shinji's expression changed when he heard her voice again. A warm smile crossed his face as he turned to face the amber ocean yet again.

"It's good to hear your voice, Asuka."

It was no surprise to him when he heard Asuka let out a shocked "what?" He even laughed a little when she said it, knowing that she couldn't possibly believe what she was hearing, especially with the way they used to fight all the time.

"I'm just…I'm just glad that you're alive."


Shinji chuckled again, continuing to stare out over the ocean.

"Hey, Shinji are you listening to me?"

Shinji sat in silence, lost in contemplation over everything that was happening now. The world itself was changing, right before his eyes. Every living creature had returned to the basic compounds of existence. Every animal, every insect, every human…they were all part of this new primordial soup that stretched across the planet…all of them with the exception of Asuka and himself of course.

The silence continued to stretch on, and Asuka decided to sit next to Shinji. He turned his head slightly to look at her. She was hugging her knees as she sat, her long hair flowing down over her arms, partially hiding her face as she looked over the glistening, golden sea. The headpieces that helped establish a mental link with the Evangelion were still in her hair, but she removed them, tossing them to the ground in front of her.

"I guess I won't really be needing those anymore," she said with a quiet sigh.

Shinji moved a little closer to her, turning to look her in the eyes. Asuka faced him as well, a look of slight confusion upon her face. "Shinji, what are you looking at?" she asked.

Shinji continued to stare into Asuka's eyes as another small smile crossed his face. "Asuka, don't ever change, not for anyone."

Asuka leaned back a little, placing her hands in the sand. A hint of rosy red began appearing on her cheeks. "Shinji…"

"Don't change, not for anyone, ever. Asuka, you don't need to try and be someone different. People will like you for who you are…I just recently learned that for myself."

"But Shinji, there's nobody left. Everyone is gone, except for the two of us. Ahh, mein Gott, how I am going to survive living with only you for the rest of my life I don't know."

"That's just it, they aren't actually gone."

Asuka looked at Shinji once more, confused. What could he have been talking about? Everyone in the world was turned into this sea of glistening amber that stretched across the horizon before them.

"Can't you feel it Asuka? Their conscious, it still exists. Rei, Misato, my father, everyone. Their consciousness still exists collectively within the seas."

Asuka looked out towards the ocean again, wondering just what he was talking about. Feeling another person's consciousness? That was impossible. Such things, they just couldn't happen. "Shinji, that's impossible. No one could…"

Asuka paused, staring into the horizon with eyes full of surprise. She could feel it…the consciousness of her friends in the back of her mind, just like Shinji was saying. Not only that, but everyone in the world.

"You can feel it now," Shinji said. He was looking out at the ocean once more.

"Shinji…how did you know? How were you able too…how are we able to feel their conscious?"

"…Maybe it's because we're the only ones left with physical form…"

The two of them looked out to the ocean again, listening to the waves flow quietly and the breeze rustle the few trees that still stood in that area. As they sat there, the silence stretched on. Shinji could see in her eyes that Asuka was uncomfortable with silence like this. Again he smiled, thinking about how amazing it was that they could be so different but so similar at the same time.

"Asuka," he started, turning slightly towards her as he spoke.

"Yeah, Shinji?"

"Well…there's something that I've wanted to tell you…something I've wanted to say for a long time."

Asuka turned to face him, the same hint of rosy red beginning to fill her cheeks once more.

"Asuka…I…I love you…"

Asuka could feel her face becoming a bright red when he said those words. Shinji turned to face her, a light smile on his face. It was clear that Asuka was once again taken by surprise. Shinji chuckled a little as he thought about how he managed to shock her three times in three completely different ways within a matter of minutes. He turned to face the ocean once more.

"Shinji," Asuka began after another, shorter pause. "Do you…is that…is that really how you feel?"

Shinji nodded. "It is. I've never really had the courage to admit it until now…but I've loved you for a long time."

Shinji turned to her, eyes closed and smiled to her once again. As he was about to turn back to look towards the ocean again, he felt Asuka's hand on his face, a look of surprise crossing his face this time as she leaned in and placed a loving kiss upon his lips.

"Shinji…" she began with a smile. "Ich liebe dich auch. Do you know what that means?"

Shinji shook his head.

"It's German. It means 'I love you too'."

Shinji blushed a little himself when she said this and she leaned in to kiss him once more. They then sat on that beach, watching the sunset as Asuka's head rested against Shinji's shoulder.