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Chapter Seventeen: Epilogue

Kate & Sawyer's House
Three Years Later

"Mornin', Freckles," Sawyer greeted Kate as she stepped into their kitchen. Despite the three years of living on the island, he had never ceased to use nicknames.

"Hey," Kate greeted, stepping on her toes and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Their house, which had been built by construction workers and repaired by Michael over the years, was only one story but still pretty nice—at least a several-hundred-thousand-dollar beach house. Not that they would ever sell it.

"Hurley's running out of money," Kate chuckled as she bit into a blueberry muffin while reading some memos. "He says we should start using our own money to buy our things now."

Sawyer chuckled. "After three years of you bein' mayor, you'd think he'd catch on that he's our life support."

"It's not like I get paid," Kate agreed, sitting down next to him. They'd lived together in this house since it was built almost three years before, but their affection for each other hadn't faltered.

"So is he paying for the wedding?" Sawyer asked, glancing up at her.

Kate laughed. "You have money," she reminded him. "And so do Ellie and Charlie—everyone always tips them a ton at their concerts."

They had been planning a double wedding for months with Ellie and Charlie. Charlie had been talking about proposing to Ellie for weeks, but he didn't want to scare her, because he knew she'd be cautious about her future. But apparently she wasn't, because she had very bravely proposed to him. That was almost a year ago, after they had been dating for two years.

Then, about six months after that, Sawyer had proposed to Kate—surprisingly romantically, for Sawyer. Kate hadn't hesitated in saying yes, but afterwards she'd had many second thoughts. Still, at this point, she was certain she'd made the right choice.

"I'm runnin' outta stuff to sell, though," he told her with a shake of his head. "Businessmen have products they receive, and I just sold out my original stock."

She shrugged and flipped through the stack of letters to the mayor. "Ellie told me she asked Claire if Aaron could be the flower girl," she read through chuckles.

Sawyer laughed. "Don't know if I feel good or bad for the kid. So spoiled, but so embarrassed."

"I'm good with it if you are, though," Kate said. "He'd be so cute, dropping flower petals down the aisle."

He shrugged. "Works for me. Who's gonna be your maid of honor?"

Kate frowned in consideration. "I guess Sun," she said after a moment.

"What about Jack?" Sawyer asked, referring to Sun and Jin's new son. His real name was a Korean name, the word for island, but they had given him the middle name of Jack in honor of the doctor, and Sawyer and most of the others called him Jack for lack of knowledge of the Korean name's pronunciation.

"Jin can hold him," she said with a shrug. "Sun and I were friends when we first crashed. I even helped her find her wedding ring. I'm sure she would."

"Who's gonna walk you down the aisle?" Sawyer asked. "I mean, not to depress you, but neither you or Ellie have dads."

She frowned. "Well, my sort-of dad is alive."

He nodded. "Right. The guy you thought was your actual dad but it turned out to be a lie."

She grinned. "Yeah, him. But I'd feel bad—Ellie wouldn't have anyone to walk her down the aisle." She frowned. "I guess I'll go talk to her about it," she finally said.

Ellie and Charlie's House

"I spilled orange juice into my guitar," Ellie groaned.

Charlie laughed. "How does something like that happen?" He had bad memories with the term, but he loved being able to use it and not worry.

"When you're drinking and tuning," she explained. "Bad idea."

He laughed as he reached for a glass of orange juice. They hadn't been living together for too long, as opposed to Kate and Sawyer, who had moved in together right away. But ever since Ellie proposed, they had lived together, and it was a nice arrangement. He never got tired of her random, strange comments, and she never got sick of his annoyingly cute jokes.

As they were talking about what songs they would play that day, the doorbell rang.

"Too early," Ellie grumbled. "And we still don't have a Starbucks here."

"Your turn," he pressured. "I got up early yesterday."

"But…" Ellie pouted.

"I'm wearing bloody pajamas," he reminded her.

"But they're cool!" she objected, referring to his plaid pajama pants. "That guy from Rent wore them in the Fox show. I saw it with Allison before I left."

The doorbell rang again.

"Fine," Ellie sighed. Normally she'd change, because she was still in her Kurt Cobain boxers, but at this point she didn't bother. Everyone on the island had seen her in boxers at some point.

She opened the door to find Kate. "Oh, hey," she greeted easily. She and Kate had become even closer over time. Claire and Jake lived next door to her, and they were closer, but Kate was the one having the double wedding with her.

"You busy?" Kate asked.

Ellie shook her head. "Never," she said honestly. "There's not much to do on an island with twenty or so inhabitants."

Kate chuckled. "True," she admitted. "Okay, well, can you take a walk with me?"

"Sure," Ellie said with a nod. She turned back and yelled, "Charlie, I'm going on a walk with Kate! Don't die or anything until I get back!"

"I'll do my best," he shouted back.

Ellie grinned and closed the door.

"So," Kate said as they walked. "I just had some questions about our double wedding, whenever that'll be."

Ellie bit her lip. "I'm still looking forward to it and everything," she said, "but I'm really not the planning type. I think Rose has some experience, if…"

Kate shook her head. "Don't worry. It's nothing like that. We both agreed it'll be simple."

Ellie relaxed. "Okay, good. So what'd you want?"

"Well, I just wanted to know about maids of honor and things like that," Kate explained.

"Oh." Ellie considered. "I guess Claire would be my maid of honor, and I don't think I'd have any bridesmaids."

"And who'll walk you down the aisle? Give you away?" Kate asked in an uncomfortable voice.

Ellie shrugged, obviously not picking up on Kate's concern. "Allison would. She's always been like my parent." Traditionally a man gave the bride away, but Ellie didn't care. Girls were better than guys, anyway, in her eyes. Except Charlie, of course.

Kate relaxed. "Okay. Great. Well, my maid of honor would be Sun, and I won't have any bridesmaids, either. I guess my… er… well, there's this guy I can call, and he'll get a helicopter down here and give me away. And Sawyer said it'd be fun to have Aaron be the flower girl, like you said."

"I wish Jack could be in it," Ellie said thoughtfully, referring again to Sun and Jin's baby.

"He should be the ring bearer," Kate offered. "Jin can walk him down the aisle."

"Wasn't Jin going to be Sawyer's best man?" Ellie asked.

Kate sighed. "This wedding stuff is confusing."

Ellie laughed as they reached Claire and Jake's house, which was next door (but still a ways away) from Ellie and Charlie's house. "I'll go ask Claire. Do you think Jake will be in the ceremony?"

"What's left?" Kate asked thoughtfully. "Eko's the priest, and that's basically the only other thing."

"That's okay. He can just stand and watch Aaron after the flower thing," Ellie said with a grin.

Kate laughed as she knocked on Claire's door.

"Hey," Claire greeted. Behind her was Jake, rocking Aaron.

Claire and Jake were still just friends, and for the first year and a half or so, things had been the same: Jake trailed along after Claire, and Claire didn't really like it. But finally she realized he was the real thing, and she let him help in raising Aaron. About a month ago, she decided that he was such a good parent, she let him move in with her and help take care of Aaron. He was the perfect father, but there was nothing romantic between them. They stayed in separate rooms and mostly went their separate ways, except when they were taking care of Aaron.

"Hey," Ellie replied easily. "Want to be my maid of honor?"

A huge smile spread over Claire's sweet face. "I'd love to!" she said happily, hugging Ellie.

"Jake, Aaron's going to be our flower girl," Kate told him. "You can just watch him, okay?"

Jake nodded. "Sure," he said.

Ellie turned back to Kate. "So we're really doing this," she said with a sigh.

Kate smiled. "We are."

Claire and Jake's House

"Why do you think it is that I'm not in the ceremony?" Jake asked Claire thoughtfully as he helped her feed Aaron his lunch. Normally she'd be teaching Walt, but it was a Saturday, and they followed normal school schedules.

"What's a ceremony?" Aaron asked interestedly. He was pretty intelligent for his age—three, almost three and a half—and could speak in hardly understandable yet fluent sentences.

Claire smiled, ruffling his light hair. "It's where a bunch of people come and celebrate together."

"Cele…cele…" He tried to work out the word. "Celebrate what?"

"In this case, a wedding," Jake replied. He wasn't at all sick of Aaron, but ever since the child began talking, he felt like all his conversations with Claire were interrupted.

"Whose wedding?" Aaron pried.

Why is it that kids ask so many questions? Jake thought, but he knew that if he felt that out of the loop, he'd be asking them, too. "It's two couples' weddings," he explained. "Kate and Sawyer, and your godparents."

Normally Claire would have made Jake Aaron's godfather, but she wanted a backup married couple to be there, and if anything happened between Jake and her, she'd need backup godparents. So she gave those positions to Ellie and Charlie, and she let Jake help with the actual bringing up of Aaron.

"Ellie and Charlie?" Aaron asked excitedly, but he said it like Ewwie and Charwey.

"Yep," Claire replied tiredly. "And you know Kate, right? She stops by a lot. She was just here."

"I know her," Aaron replied, "but I don't like Sawyer. He's mean. He wouldn't play with me."

Jake let out a laugh, but Claire gave him a look and he quieted.

"Okay," Claire said to Aaron, "do you want to go upstairs and play with your toys for a while?"

Aaron nodded, and she brought him upstairs to his playpen. When she came back, Jake was waiting.

"So?" he asked. "Am I really still that unlikable?"

She gave him a genuinely confused look. "What?"

"Because I'm not in the ceremony," he explained. "I mean, I'm friends with everyone now. I help everyone out. Even Ellie admitted she's my friend again. Which is weird, but, you know. Good."

Claire bit at the inside of her cheek. She didn't know how to explain it to him.

"C'mon," Jake said tiredly. "Is it really that big of a deal? I completely changed."

"But the memory will always be there," she reminded him. She, of all people, would know that. There had been many times she wanted to be with him again, but memories of the first few weeks always floated back: the lying, the cheating, the cruelty. He had been heartless then. She knew he had changed, but she still didn't want to chance it. If there was one thing she and Ellie had in common now, it was their caution with guys. Ellie had it easy with Charlie, but Claire had it really hard with Jake.

"So you're saying that even when I'm eighty and dying, people will still think of me of the kid who was a jerk for a week and then got better?"

"People still think of Charlie as the heroin addict and the babynapper," she reminded him. Actually, people had pretty much gotten over that at this point, but she wanted him to think fair was fair. "And people still think Ellie's kind of a freak." That one was true.

"But there's a difference, 'cause she is," he reminded Claire.

She stiffened immediately, her brain going on red alert.

"Calm down," he said. "I mean, admit it, she's weird. That's all I meant."

Claire had to admit that was true, and she knew he still liked Ellie, despite her strangeness. Even though she'd gotten over her depression and ways of spite, Ellie was still strangely different from everyone else. Still, Claire and Charlie thought it was in a good way, and they knew that Jake didn't mind much.

"Okay," she said, and she felt her head-sirens turning off. Still, the jolt had been just another warning that he hadn't completely changed.

"All I'm saying is, you gave Charlie a million second chances," Jake said quietly. "And I'm not trying to compare or anything, but I wish you'd just give me one more. Because I have changed, a lot, and we both know it."

She knew he was right.

The Beach

"Hey," Claire greeted Ellie, running over to her. Jake was taking care of Aaron, so she was free for a while.

"Hola," Ellie replied. She was sitting on a towel, rubbing SPF 45 all over her arms and legs, wearing a surprisingly flattering two-piece bathing suit.

"Wow," Claire said. "I haven't seen you wearing anything figure-flattering since Hurley's second party."

Ellie laughed. A few weeks in, Hurley had had another party, this time with a DJ whose volume beat Ellie and Charlie's radio. Ellie and Claire had agreed to dress up for the occasion, and even Ellie had danced, even though she didn't the music.

"It's kind of like my own personal bachelorette party," Ellie explained. "I figured I could stand wearing a bikini for the occasion."

"But you're not swimming," Claire reminded her. "You should swim. I'll round some people up to join us, if you want."

"I was going to work on my tan for the big day," Ellie said in a fake-girly voice, "but if you must…"

"You can't tan with SPF 45 on," Claire sighed, laughing. Sometimes she wondered if Ellie was clueless or trying to be funny.

"Well, I can't be burnt for my big day, either," Ellie explained, a grin spreading across her face.

Claire rolled her eyes and changed the subject. "Is your semi-bachelorette party strictly for girls, or can I invite Charlie so he can see you in your new flattering wear?"

Ellie shook her head quickly. "Don't."

Claire shrugged. "Why?"

Ellie tugged on her long red hair, trying to think up a verbal explanation. "I don't know. I just don't like wearing two-pieces or skimpy outfits in front of guys, because it makes me feel like I'm giving in to…" She trailed off. "Sorry. I can be a feminist sometimes, and I'm not ashamed of it or anything, but I know it probably bores you."

Claire shook her head. "Not at all. When Thomas broke up with me, I had to deal with peoples' assumptions about my being a single mother, so I became a feminist, mostly as an excuse. But I started getting into it. I don't mind at all. What were you going to say?"

Ellie grinned. "It makes me feel like I'm giving into the sexist pleasures and guidelines that men laid out for us!" she shouted with a grin, raising a fist to the air. "We can't give in to the man!"

The other few people on the beach including Sun and Jin looked at her in an amused way—they were used to it at this point.

"Okay," Claire said, laughing, "works for me. I'll go get some girls—only girls—and a suit. I bet Kate will be glad about the semi-bachelorette party, too."

She came back about ten minutes later with Sun, Kate, Jenny (who was two months pregnant), and Allison. "This is everyone. Well, except Rose. She said to give her greetings, but she didn't feel like swimming."

Jenny was slightly uptight the whole time, because being the doctor also brought a lot of stress to her, just as it had to Jack—but at least she had Kate to split the pressure. Kate was able to have fun with them, but a few people shouted questions and requests for her while they swam. Sun had become a kind of social worker on the island, solving problems and tending to be somewhat like a psychiatrist. But no brawls or manic depressions had started, so she was set. Allison was handling a file to bring a few electricians to the island to fix the outlets and electrical wires, but it was a weekend, so it didn't have to be done right away.

Claire was off, and Ellie and Charlie were holding a show that night, but not yet.

They played childish games like Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows, and finally they gave up and started splashing each other instead. When the news reached Sawyer and Charlie, they even made their own bachelors' party in which they went into the hatch, blasted the AC, drank some beer, and played poker for tokens. Sawyer complained about their needing real money, but not many of them had any, so tokens it was. Still, everyone on the island was having fun, and the warm feeling of a celebration coming up was spreading over them.

The Double Wedding, On the Beach
Three Weeks Later

"So that's your sort-of father-in-law," Charlie whispered to Sawyer as the music began. It wasn't Here Comes the Bride, because Ellie and Kate had agreed that they didn't want their island wedding to have anything cliché about it. Well, a lot of it was cliché, but they didn't want that part to be. So instead Ellie had suggested playing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. The guys weren't as thrilled, but Kate and Ellie loved it.

"Shut up," Sawyer muttered, but he was too happy to sound mean or tough. Kate had stuck to a regular wedding dress, but it was still gorgeous—a beady white strapless floor-length satin dress, not puffy or tight around her legs, with a simple set of pearls. Her long brown hair fell down in her normal curls, but they were clean and healthy, not dirty and greasy like normal.

Ellie had gone slightly funky, as was her custom. She too was wearing a white dress. It was a thin-strapped tank dress with a square neckline, but a thin material that only ran to her knees. Around her waist, without belt loops, sat a black-and-silver spiked belt and a spiked necklace to match. Her hair was also healthy, still straight and down but blown dry, so it had more substance to it than usual.

Finally, once Aaron was finished dropping flower petals in the aisle and receiving laughs and cheers, Kate began walking and reached Eko (who was still a priest, working at the church, but also splitting the time with being the island's licensed police officer), who was waiting at the head of the gathering. She stopped and faced Sawyer, both of them beaming. Kate was surprised to see Sawyer in a normal suit, traditional but suiting him perfectly. He wore a plain sky blue tie, but it brought out his cloudy eyes even more.

"Thanks, Daddy," Kate whispered to her almost-father, reluctantly tearing her gaze from her future husband, as he left her side. He smiled back at her. Sun squeezed Kate's hand supportively for a second from beside her.

"I'm sorry Dad isn't here today," Allison whispered to Ellie as she took her arm and they slowly walked down the aisle. Ellie and Kate had agreed that Kate should go first because people were eager to see Kate's dad, who had sort of come out of nowhere to them.

"You know what?" Ellie asked. "I think he is, in a way." She knew it was a line straight out of a movie, but she knew how the characters felt. Ellie wasn't religious and didn't much believe in heaven or angels, but she did feel like her parents were watching over her. "Mom, too."

Allison smiled. "We're all proud of you," she promised as they split apart. Ellie stood and faced Charlie, who looked cute and sweet in a normal Charlie way. He was wearing plain black dress pants with black-and-white Chuck Taylor high-tops, a black blazer with white graph paper lines on it, and a black shirt with a white tie.

Did you brush your hair? she mouthed to him in surprise. He grinned and nodded, then mouthed back, Nice dress.

"We are gathered here today," Eko started, interrupting their moment. But Ellie interrupted him right back by sneezing. It really had been an accident, though, and she felt herself turning bright red. She was about to whisper to Claire that she might as well have burned from the sun, but then she remembered that this was her wedding and not high school, so she stopped mouthing and whispering.

Eko carried on, reading from a traditional book instead of a Bible, because none of them were religious. Charlie had been at one point, and he still helped out with the church sometimes, but he didn't want it to be a part of his wedding. Kate had always been ashamed to think about religion—killing a man tended to have that effect on people.

Thoughts swarmed through their minds, thoughts that weren't part of their wedding vows but that were just as good, maybe better.

Finally Eko finished and reached the vows. "Have you all written vows?"

Everyone nodded.

"James Ford"—Sawyer gave him a look (not a glare, but a look), and Eko corrected himself—"Sawyer, excuse me." Sawyer was done with his mission to find the real Sawyer, but he was used to the name, so he didn't mind it. "Please give Ms. Austen your vows."

Sawyer, surprisingly, didn't turn bright red or get tough. He wasn't about to go super romantic in front of everyone, but his vows weren't at all bad. "Freckles, I have to tell you, I fall for ladies easily." Everyone laughed. "But it almost never lasts, like it did with you. At first I thought you were like a lot of girls I knew, but the more I got to know you, the more different you became. Things were hard a lot, but once we got through them, life with you was the best thing I've ever experienced. And I can't wait to make it official."

Kate beamed. It wasn't perfect, but Kate had never liked or wanted perfection. It was true and it made her feel special, which was perfect enough for her.

"Ms. Austen, you may speak."

Kate fixed her eyes on his, smiling sadly and yet extremely happily. "Everything about my life has always been about choices, and things with you weren't any different. But I always used to make the wrong choice. I'd run or stop or break the rules." She grinned. "As fun as things are with you, I'm not breaking any rules." This earned a laugh, too, but it died down as she spoke again. "And I'm never going to run. I love you, and that choice will never change."

If she wasn't mistaken, Kate could've sworn she saw his eyes actually glazing over a little, looking almost watery. She was too happy to cry, though, even happy tears. Instead she inched closer to him, waiting for Eko's permission.

"Sawyer, do you take Kate to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish, in sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?"

Sawyer snorted. "We ain't never gonna part. You think death's gonna stop me?"

Kate flushed with pleasure, but the audience looked confused, so she elbowed him lightly. Sawyer laughed and said, "I do."

Eko nodded. "And Kate, do you take Sawyer to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish, in sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?"

Kate smiled. "I do."

"Then by the power vested in me by my native country of Nigeria, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Sawyer, you can kiss the bride."

Finally, they both thought as they pulled into a long, happy embrace. The audience whooped and cheered as Kate and Sawyer held it. Finally they parted, but it was definitely not a marital part. Just a part for air.

"We're such chop liver," Ellie muttered with a shake of her head to Charlie.

"You're only halfway done!" Claire shouted to the audience. Everyone laughed and sat back down on their beach chairs.

"Charlie," Eko said fondly to his church-building partner, "you may say your vows."

Kate leaned her head happily on Sawyer's shoulder as they watched Charlie.

He looked nervous, fiddling with an undone paper clip (Claire had given him the advice from Maid in Manhattan), but he kept his eyes on Ellie's, because he wanted her to know he was serious about everything. He wasn't sure if he could match the deepness and romance of Kate and Sawyer's vows, but he'd do his best.

"Ellie, I've met a lot of girls, and for a long time, I thought I knew them. Well, I don't think anyone knows girls completely, but I had a fair handle on their general gender." Ellie laughed. "But then I met you, and I had no idea what you meant or how you functioned, but you were amazing, and you were a brilliant change. Every second with has been a new adventure, and I never get sick of your quirky and funky personality. I haven't looked forward to anything more than I am to being with you."

Ellie wasn't a crier—she couldn't remember the last time she had cried. It wasn't a tough-girl kind of thing at all, but more of an outer-shell thing. She liked people to get used to her 'quirky and funky personality,' and she didn't mind if they found out about her parents. But she didn't like sharing her inner shell with people, which was why ever since her parents had died, she didn't cry at all. She didn't want people to know her emotions, because the thought scared her, and she didn't want to know what they would say or how they would act.

But now she knew it was okay to cry, because people would be happy for her. And she was with Charlie, and she didn't care if he knew about her inner shell, because that was the way she felt around him.

"Until you, I was a twisted and screwed up person," she said, not waiting for Eko's permission. Still, he nodded and listened. "I don't know why I did it, but I couldn't do what people wanted me to do, even if it was what I wanted to do. But you're as persistent as you are cute, and eventually you broke through that part of me. Ever since then, I've finally been able to be happy. I owe it all to you, and I know that as long as I'm with you, I'll be happy. And I'll be in love." And with that, she blinked and let the tears fall.

Charlie still wasn't sure if it was real. He'd never been that person to anyone, and hearing those things made him wonder if she had changed him the same way he had changed her. Whatever the reason, it made him long that much more to be with her.

"Nice," Claire whispered in appreciation of Ellie's vows as Eko said, "Thank you. Charlie, do you take Ellie to be your lawfully wedded wife—"

"—to love and cherish, in sickness and health, 'til death to I part?" Charlie finished for him. He was eager, and he had memorized it. Ellie grinned, proud and happy, as he continued, "I bloody well do."

Ellie felt her heart skyrocket all over her chest, and she felt dizzy with fondness and love as Eko prompted her. Once he finished with ''til death to you part,' she spoke. "As a trend," she said, glancing at Charlie to continue.

"As a friend," he said, assuming she was referring to the Nirvana song.

"And as an old memory, I do."

Charlie grinned. "Nice," he said for Claire. Quoting a grunge rock band on their wedding day wasn't something most people would do, but it suited them perfectly.

"By the power vested in me," he said again, "by the country of Nigeria, I now pronounce you m—"

"Husband," Ellie coughed. She didn't like 'man and wife,' because she found it sexist. And Claire had definitely spurted her feminist act.

"—husband," he finished with a slight laugh that was rare on him, "and wife." He paused, knowing what Ellie was going to say next. Giving the man permission to kiss the woman also was sexist in her eyes. Slightly. "Husband and wife, you may kiss," he said instead. The crowd laughed, but the laughing stopped and the cheers replaced it as Charlie and Ellie joined each other for a kiss. He enjoyed actually being able to run his fingers through her hair, since it wasn't so tangled, and her hands were fingering his tie—she had an addiction to ties.

Sawyer coughed not-so-discreetly after several moments, and finally they parted.

"Well, we had to beat you two," Ellie told him happily over the applause. "You had the first-run advantage."

"The reception is at the memorial," Kate shouted to the crowd. They all slowly got up and filed out as the newlyweds chatted happily.

"Do you think they're here somewhere?" Kate asked Sawyer absently. She hadn't mentioned Jack at the ceremony, because she knew Sawyer had heard enough about it, but she knew it was perfectly appropriate to mention him as they were staring at the memorial.

It was gorgeous, the memorial—a tall granite figure of a plane. Flight 815, it read across the top, The Plane of Fate. Below the plane was a block that held it, the same substance. Engraved onto one side of the block said, In Loving Memory, and listed the lost ones of the island.

"They're here," Sawyer said simply. He truly believed it.

Sayid was near them, his eyes and heart heavy. He hadn't spoken with that clump of people much even in the three years—sometimes he felt like he didn't talk to anyone. But he still enjoyed Hurley's company, and he found Locke an intelligent conversationalist. But he didn't feel like he knew Kate as well any more, and he and Sawyer had never gotten along. So he stayed to himself, his eyes focused on the memorial.

His memories floated back to Shannon and Boone. He really hadn't hated Boone, or even disliked him. He had considered everything Boone told him, and he had felt guilty about engaging in a relationship with Shannon when Boone was on the side. But when Boone died, guilty as he felt, he had had more and more time to fall in love with Shannon. And when she died…

He shook his head. All his old memories were a part of that memorial now, and perhaps their graves, but nothing more. He respected them and hoped they were happy, but he knew he had to start a new life. He started a fairly entertaining game of badminton with Hurley and Locke, watching in amusement as Hurley took more interest in the items than the sport.

Back with Kate and Sawyer, Charlie spoke, replying to Sawyer's statement. "Yep," he said, nodding. "Ooh-ing and aww-ing at our marriage, boo-ing at our music." Ellie and he shared a laugh, but they stopped shortly as they saw Kate's expression. Sawyer, too, seemed caught up in the memorial, and as she turned to look at it, Ellie also felt a tug at her throat, as if liquid was rising through it into her eyes. In a rush, she almost couldn't see. Because written below the listed names said, Also in memory of all we have lost. Ellie knew that Kate felt the way about Jack that she did about her parents.

"Don't let us bring you down," Charlie said softly to the sky, but everyone sensed a heaviness in his voice, too.

"It's hard to move on, isn't it?" Claire asked from beside Ellie. Jake was beside her.

"It is when you think about things like that," Jake admitted, "but there's always hope for the future. Aaron. Us." He said it so softly that Claire hardly noticed it, but she decided in that second to give him a chance. It was like giving hope a chance. She wasn't sure if anything would happen, but she owed it to him and to herself to try.

"We'll move on," Kate said to the air. It would seem dramatic, but there was still a simplicity to it, as if she was sure that he was listening, and she was just delivering the message. "But we'll never forget you."

And they wouldn't. Written below The Plane of Fate, in small letters that no one noticed, was something new. Something more substantial and something that made them all smile slightly.

Flight 815, it read. The Plane of Hope.



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astronomylover: Like I said (well, did I? I can't remember), I might right a non-funny parody, so if I ever do, I'd be happy if you read it. Yeah, it would be fun to live on the island… minus the bugs and bad guys, definitely NOT minus the island guys (you know, Charlie, Sawyer, Sayid… I don't like Jack much, but I know you do, so Jack, too). Anyway, thanks SOO much for all your loyal reviews that make me happy, happy, happy. It would make me happy-er if you'd answer the questions at the bottom? (wiggles eyebrows) Thanks!

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