Resolution of the Heart

Authors: Nichole Thompson and Claire Kennedy

Disclaimer: We do not own Gilmore Girls.

Summary: We were writing this during the first half of season six. This is an attempt to bring back some dignity to the former boyfriends of Rory and bring some resolution about. Not a Dean/Rory or a literati.

Chapter 1 - The Dangers of Following One's Feet- By Claire Kennedy

Rory tucked a loose strand of auburn hair behind her ear and replaced her bookmark in the open pages of Gogol. The light zephyr of the late afternoon cooled her sun kissed cheeks and she smiled at the joy that the simplicity of that moment brought her. She stretched her limbs that had become stiff from the position she had been sitting in for the past hour and leaned back against the oak. It fit the curvature of her back and it felt amazingly comfortable to her. Her inability to get a decent night's rest had been taking its toll on her body and her mind.

She had to get away for the weekend. She didn't know why it had mattered so badly to her. It had just hit her heart with a strong, unrelenting pulse, suddenly and without warning. She had been sitting with her coffee at the table in Logan's kitchen, mulling over the morning paper. She had paused for a second to look around her surroundings. Her eyes moved over the elegant furnishings, the stoic artwork, and the pristine marble counter tops, and came at last to fall on the man sitting beside her drinking off a hangover with a high octane concoction.

This isn't you!

She recoiled as Jess' words resonated through her memory. It startled her. The recollection. She had been grateful for those words at the time they had been spoken. The words had been the voice of reason. The words had reawakened the Rory that had died. Now they hurt and she felt guilty for thinking them while sitting next to the man she loved.

"You going to eat that bagel?" Logan asked. His tone was filled with more of a plea for her half eaten bagel than an inquiry into it.

"," she answered, breaking away from her thoughts. "Want it."

"You don't mind?" He asked, "I know it is definitely a lost cause at this point, but I need to sop up anything still remaining in my system."

"By all means," Rory slid the plate over to him. "Rough night?"

Logan laughed and shook his head, like he was trying to remove any part of his evening by doing so. "Well, my father has that kind of affect on me. I still can't believe he interrupted our getaway like he did. The man sure likes to make my life a living hell."

Rory smiled weakly. She felt bad for him. But was escaping through the bottle the real solution?

"Are we ever going to talk about it?" Rory asked suddenly. She was drawing circles on the table now, avoiding his glance. "Europe. You leaving."

"Ace! Give me a break!" He objected to her bringing up the topic. "Please just let it rest. Not now. I promise you that we will discuss it. Just not now. Please…"

This isn't you!

"I'm sorry," Rory said genuinely. She wondered if she had winced at the thought of Jess' words. She wondered if that was why she was apologizing. She leaned over the table and kissed him. It felt empty at that moment. "Just get some rest. I'll see you tonight?"

"Yeah," he said smiling. "I promise, Ace, we will talk."

Rory smiled and nodded. She headed for their bedroom to grab a book.

"I love you!" Logan called after her.

Rory paused in the bedroom doorway. "I know."

She waited for the sound of the door closing. She waited for his footfalls to die away. She waited for the feeling inside of her to go away. The urgency to find the answer to a question she did not know…but it never did.

She suddenly found herself stuffing a suitcase. She suddenly found herself standing in front of her car. She suddenly found her hands unlocking the door. And it wasn't until she saw the sign for Stars Hallow, that she suddenly realized she had followed her feet home.