Name: Foolish
Word count: 278

Kagome found out that whenever she felt foolish around Sessshomaru, the feeling always managed to be magnified. When she traveled with Inuyasha she would often do something that left her feeling foolish – but it was the normal feeling that most get when they do something stupid. Besides, when it came to stupidity, Inuyasha had been in a league of his own.

Around Sesshomaru though, that condescending stare of his made her cringe and berate herself. Then the monosyllabic 'hnn' that plainly stated his thoughts on the matter simply made her want to crawl under a rock.

But he hadn't killed her yet, and the occasional 'hnn' or 'hm' told her that at least he was paying a little bit of attention. Though, sometimes she felt that she would rather him ignore her than pay attention to her clumsy moments – and being human she had many.

Just as she resolved to mimic the demon's perfect gait and posture, Kagome's foot found a root that was, most definitely, no where near where she was walking, and she met the ground with a dull thud. 'Well, that resolution didn't last long.' She started to get up, bringing herself grimacing to her knees, when she found that Sesshomaru was crouched down in front of her, eyebrows drawn together and eyes locked with hers. "Y…Yes?" she asked, as brightly as she could muster.

"Why do you even bother to get back up?" He queried, obviously trying to 'figure out' this strange human.

Although she brushed off the question with an indignant snort, and quickly got to her feet, Kagome couldn't help thinking of his words; and wondering why she didn't have an answer.

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