She didn't want to struggle now. That would only prove she was weak. She didn't want that. Not now.

But the man who was holding her was rather large, so struggling would have been a futile effort, anyway.

The doors ahead of them were made of solid iron. They were thick and there didn't seem to be a way to get through them. At first, she thought maybe they would just walk right into them, but then, the door opened.

Inside there was a group of people. She thought they were humans until she looked up to see a woman who was totally blue from head to toe. The woman looked at her and gave her a cocky smile.

Next to the woman was an older man who seemed to be in charge. These people were mutants! Why did they want her? Why had they captured her? She hadn't done anything!

The man holding her gave her arm a rather painful twist and moved her in the direction of the man. This man was smiling and seemed to be rather pleased.

"Good job, Sabretooth." He said with a rather surprised tone to his voice. The girl figured he was probably surprised that this man had captured her. She was kind of surprised, too. After all, she wasn't easy to keep a hold of.

The blue woman came over to them and tried to lower the girl's hood. The girl thrashed away from her and dragged her captor with her. Sabretooth wrenched her back around and growled. The woman lowered her hood.

Dark blue hair fell to her shoulders. The front of her hair was white as though it had been over-bleached. Her skin was also blue and her eyes glowed a yellowish-orange. Her coat fell around the shoulders to show that she was wearing a t-shirt with a vest over it, and she wore combat boots. Her hands were less human than the rest of her. She had only three fingers.

As soon as the hood came off, she raised her prehensile tail in anticipation of attack. With her hands pinned behind her, she couldn't zap them. And she wasn't going to hurt another person again…

The man stood up and looked at her, "So you're the amazing Nocturne, huh?" He asked, "You don't seem all that amazing to me."

He turned to a boy standing behind him, "Pyro, take our little guest to the holding cell we have picked out for her." He said, "I want her as comfortable as possible before we tell her what's going on."

The boy nodded and moved toward the girl. Sabretooth loosened his grip and she took the opportunity…

Her tail came around and whapped the man across the face. He fell sideways with the force and let her go. The boy, without warning, attacked her. She dodged the string of fire and zapped him. He fell back before he even knew what was happening.

The woman jumped forward and tried to grab the girl. The girl zapped her too and ran off before anyone else could come after her.

She was twenty feet from the doors when they slammed shut. She turned around and looked the man directly in the eyes. For the first time since she could remember, she was genuinely terrified.

"You're quite the little devil, aren't you?" He asked her with a sort of half smirk, "Stronger than you were made out to be, that's for sure."

She looked him directly in the eyes.

"Who are you?" She asked, trying not to sound afraid.

"I am Magneto." The man said, "I control metal." He said with a wave toward the doors.

She looked at him again. She didn't want to do it, but she knew it was the only way out. She turned to look at the doors then back at Magneto. Her thoughts were mixed. If she did this and didn't get out, they would kill her. Everyone always tried.

"What are you thinking?" Magneto asked with a kind of sing-song tone. She knew that if things went wrong, she would die. This would be it. Her life would end here and she'd never get to see her mother again. Then again…

These people were going to keep her here against her will. If she had any hope of finding her mother, she had to get out of here, and fast. She took one quick glance toward the large man who had been holding her. Her tail had been strong enough to knock him out for a while. The boy lay on the ground moaning, while the woman made no sound. If the woman was dead, this man would kill her anyway. Why not try now, when everyone was down?

Ignoring her negative thoughts, she suddenly rushed for Magneto. Magneto was so surprised that he just stood there, not thinking or knowing what to do. His precious guards were on the ground and he was alone against a mutant child that was supposedly so powerful, she had killed someone without even trying.

He took an involuntary step backward as the girl came barreling down upon him. He didn't move as she entered his body and began to take over…

He struggled. That was the first thing everyone did. They always tried to reject her body entering theirs. That's what she figured caused what happened to them when she left them. The fighting had to do something that caused them to become comatose when she left their bodies. If this didn't work, she knew that this guy's henchmen would hunt her down and kill her.

She used Magneto's body and his power to open the doors for herself. Then she took one look at the people on the ground. She ran out of the room, still inside Magneto, and turned quickly. If this guy ended up comatose like the others, she could at least keep his friends from coming after her for a while. There didn't seem to be any other way out than by Magneto's power. If she could trap them inside…

Without another thought, she used Magneto to close the door on the people inside. She only hoped that she didn't come across any other stupid, brain-washed henchmen. If she did…

Don't think about that. She told herself, Just think about getting home. Mom will be there soon.

With a deep breath, she exited Magneto's body and watched him fall to the ground, unconscious. Maybe if she was lucky, he would lose this memory like some of the others did when she left. Hopefully, he would wake up. She didn't want to be responsible for a death like that one…

She shook off the memory and ran down the hall toward the large doors they'd entered through. She didn't look back. Only her imagination told her what could happen to the people in this place. She pushed the doors open, pulled her hood back over her head, and ran off into the night.