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"She can't just be gone!" Said Rouge, "Why would she just leave?"

"I don't know, Rouge." Said the Professor, "But I intend to find her before Magneto does."

After the initial shock of opening the door and seeing an empty room, Kurt had come bolting downstairs to tell the others.

Storm and the Professor were in the middle of telling the others exactly what had been going on for the last couple of hours when Kurt had come bursting into the room in a panic.

"Why would she run after finding her father." Asked Logan. There was genuine concern creeping into his voice.

"I'm not sure." Said the Professor.

"I know that if I suddenly found out who my father was I'd be a little scared." Said Bobby, "Despite what we may think, that's not exactly the happiest moment in some people's lives."

"Exactly. I mean, if her mother's still alive, she'd want to go find her, right?" Asked Rouge.

"What makes you say that?" Asked Storm.

"Well, her mother is all she knows. She lived with her for most of her life. Despite her mother leaving her, T.J. probably just really wants her old life back."

"Her mother left her and never came back." Said Kurt, "Vhy vould T.J. vant that?"

"But, Kurt, T.J doesn't know you. She knows her mother and she knows the life she used to live with her." Said Rouge, "She has no idea about the life she may be living here with us."

"People are always reaching for something familiar, Kurt." Said the Professor, "You're not familiar to her."

"Could you find her?" Asked Kurt.

"I'm not so sure that that's such a good idea, Kurt."

"Please? I only vant to talk to her."

There was silence for a moment as Kurt seemed to plead the Professor through his eyes.


"All right. I'll try to find her. But there's no guarentee that she'll come back."

"I just vant to talk to her."

The Professor nodded and wheeled toward the door, "There's no guarentee, you know. If she doesn't want to be found, she won't be."

"I know." Kurt said, barely above a whisper.

"I don't want you to be hurt if I can't tell you where she is."

"I know, Professor. Please just try."

The Professor nodded again and headed toward the elevator.


"Did you find her?" Asked Storm, an hour later.

"Yes, I found her." Said the Professor, "It was hard to get a lock on her. She's on a train."

"Can you find out which train?" Asked Rouge.

"My dear, I'm powerful, but not that powerful. I can't see where she's headed."

"Maybe someone at the station could tell us if they've seen her." Said Logan, "I mean, who could miss a blue girl boarding a train?"

"You'd be surprised." Said the Professor, and he wasn't kidding.

Storm looked at Kurt, who was standing silently in the corner. She knew that he was feeling bad. This was his daughter, for pity's sake. Wasn't life ever going to throw him something that ended up going well?

"Could you try again later?" Asked Storm.

"Of course, I can." Said the Professor.


"San Fransisco." Said the Professor.

"Are you sure?" Asked Storm.

"Positive. She's in San Fransisco."

Storm turned to look at Kurt, who had fallen asleep in a chair in the office. She knelt down to wake him.

"Kurt? Kurt, wake up."

Kurt opened his eyes and sat up much as a child would. He stared at Storm for a minute then turned his hopeful gaze over to the Professor.

"She's in San Fransisco, Kurt. California." He said.

"Vhy vould she go so far avay?" Asked Kurt.

"I don't know." Said the Professor, "Do you still plan to follow her?"

Kurt looked up at Storm, who was looking at the Professor. He didn't want to leave her here. Granted, she wouldn't be alone at all, but he felt as though he needed her. He loved her.

"Could...could I talk to Storm alone, please?" He asked.

"Of course. I'll be downstairs." Said the Professor. He turned around and wheeled away.

"Talk to me about what, Kurt?" Asked Storm.

"I...I don't..." He didn't know how to say it without getting embarrased.

"You don't what?" Asked Storm, "Kurt? What's wrong?"

Kurt looked at the ground and took a deep breath before looking back up into Storm's brown eyes, "I'm not sure I vant to leave you."

"What are you talking about, Kurt?"

"I'm afraid that if I leave you..." He took another deep breath, "I'm afraid I'll lose you."

"Lose me? Kurt...what are you talking about?"

"I love you, Storm." He said, "I love you. And the more I think about leaving to find T.J., the more I think that I'm crazy to chase a girl who doesn't even vant to be around me. I don't vant to leave you because I'm afraid I'll lose you like I lost her."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm afraid I'll lose you to somebody else like I lost T.J.----my own daughter----to somebody else!"

Storm knew where this was going. Kurt wasn't going after her.

"Kurt...she's your daughter. You have to find her. She's your daughter, and you have to make things right with her right now while you still can."

"I don't know if it's already too late for that."

"It's not, Kurt! It's not! Go find your daughter."

"I...I don't know if I can leave you, Storm."

Storm sighed. She had just come up with something that would make him go find T.J. But she knew it was going to hurt him...and herself.

"Kurt, I..." She stopped and turned away from him. Here come the waterworks, she thought. Great.

She fought the tears back and turned to face the very sweet man behind her, "Kurt, I'm sorry." She said. She looked down, dreading what she was going to say next, "I...I don't...I don't know if..."

"You don't know if vhat?"

Storm turned away again, this time to hide the tears flowing from her eyes, "I don't love you, Kurt." She blurted.

"Uh... vhat?"

"I don't love you, Kurt. I don't want you to stay for me. Please don't stay because you...because you think I love you back." She was fighting back the emotion to keep it from coming through in her voice.

"I don't understand." Said Kurt, his voice breaking, "I thought----"

"Well, you thought wrong, Kurt. I'm sorry."

Kurt backed away from her as though he was terrified of her. He was obviously fighting back the urge to cry. What he didn't, and couldn't see, were Storm's free-falling tears. She was trying not to let him know how she really felt because she knew that if he knew that she loved him, he would stay. He needed to find T.J. He wanted to find T.J. She didn't want to be the one who held him back from that.

She dried her tears and turned around.

"Kurt, I'm sor------" She began. But he wasn't there, "I'm so sorry, Kurt. I love you, too." She whispered. She sat in the chair that Kurt had fallen asleep in and cried. The longer she sat there, the more she cried. She only hoped she'd done the right thing. He'd find T.J. and make things right with her. Then maybe, when he came back...

Who was she kidding? He wasn't going to come back. He now thought that Storm didn't love him. He had no reason to come back.

With this thought, she cried even harder. She knew, deep in her heart, that she'd done the right thing. But then why did she feel like she was letting everyone down?

The End

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