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Sam Carter's POV –

I lay on the bed, slowly letting feelings and senses back into my mind as I recovered from the painkillers' drowsy effects. Opening my eyes little by little, I let the fluorescent lighting trickle into my sight.

A small sound to her left made me aware of the fact that there was someone there, but asleep. Slowly turning my head, I winced, as something tugged at my neck. Oh. Right, the IV. I knew that.

Once I had managed to turn my head without pulling out the needle, I examined the person. Hm… quiet snores, silvery brown hair… yep, it was the colonel. It almost made me grin, except I hurt too much to find anything very funny.

Talking of hurting, I hurt. A lot. All over. Well, mostly up all my back, and along my left arm. Oh, and my neck as well. Not that… you know, I'd ever admit it to anyone, but it hurt.

As I moved, Colonel O'Neill woke up – sheesh, he's good. "Carter! How're you doing?"

"Fine, thanks, sir. If Janet's around, could you ask her if I could have a word?" Ok, that burn on my arm was really, really hurting. Give me drugs, quick!

I think he guessed that it hurt. "I'll go get her." He stood up with a cheeky grin, then disappeared into another room. A few minutes later he returned, along with Janet, who was armed with a large needle. Oh, please don't say she's going to stick that in my arm… Oh, no, in my IV. That was ok.

She smiled at me as Jack sat down. "How are you feeling now, Sam? Those painkillers I've given you should take affect quickly."

Oh, yeah. They were quick acting. That was better. "Thanks, Janet." The words were slightly slurred. I could barely feel the pain in my arm, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Starting to get suspicious, I glared at her. "Was…" I yawned, "was there a sleeping drug in that?"

Janet smiled again. "Just a little one. You need your rest, Sam."

I was about to make a cutting comment… but I forget what it was, now, and then… I was just too tired to talk, and I slept.

- - - - - - -

Next day

Robert Denver's POV –

When I visited Major Carter at… oh, it must have been five in the morning – I had a busy schedule and had to fit other things around that schedule. Anyway, at five in the morning, Colonel O'Neill and Doctor Jackson were still there.

Colonel O'Neill had commandeered a decent office chair to sit on, while Doctor Jackson had sat on one of the spare beds and leant against the wall. They were both asleep, as was Major Carter.

As I passed Doctor Frasier, she glared rather nastily at me, and ordered me to be quiet, and threatened me with a very painful physical if I so much as made them stir in their sleep. I think she knows that Doctor Jackson and Colonel O'Neill need the sleep almost as much as Major Carter does. Doctor Jackson regularly works through the night, often with Major Carter, and Colonel O'Neill spends hours overnight doing the paperwork he misses during the day.

I copied Doctor Jackson, and sat on the other bed next to Major Carter. For a few minutes, I sat there, thinking silently about how, all of a sudden, Phillip Anderson could be gone, and this beautiful woman was still alive, but hurt… and things could suddenly become so different.

I fingered the sheet of paper I held in my hands. It was my resignation – but I still wasn't sure. I wanted to quit – I didn't want to get blown up, or hurt. I became a scientist to get away from dangers – and somehow I ended up here, at the very forefront of exploration to other worlds. Other worlds, with other weapons.

Quitting the SGC would finish a whole section of my life – one I didn't want to give up. But I didn't want to give up my life for the SGC, either.

I looked at the paper, then at Major Carter. Her eyes flickered behind closed lids, before a startled gasp and her eyes flicked open. I stood up and smiled, hiding the letter behind my back. "Good morning. How are you feeling?"

- - - - - - -

Sam Carter's POV –

When I awoke from a nightmare, full of flames and noise and screams, the shock of the silence in the infirmary made me flinch, before the soft movement of cloth against cloth made me turn my head.

I caught sight of long brown hair, tied back in a neat tail with a black band, before I realised that it was Robert Denver. I suppose he would be cute, if you were into that kind of thing. He has nice cheekbones.

I caught the rustle of paper as he stood up – I hope I didn't interrupt anything. He looks worried about something. Not surprising, really, with all that's happened.

"Good morning. How are you feeling?"

"Better, thanks, Robert." I smiled. "Janet has me drugged up to the eyebrows, I can't feel a thing." It's good, it really is.

That seemed to set him a little more at ease, and he smiled back very slightly. "The good drugs, huh?"

A disgustingly happy grin floated across my face – I could feel it, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. "Yeah…" The memories of the nightmare were already vanishing in the wonderful drug-induced haze.

His smile grew, and he held one finger to his lips. "The Doc says we have to be quiet." He pointed over me to the other side of the bed.

The sight of the two men slumped over the bed and the chair nearly made me laugh, but I managed to hold it back.

As I watched, the Colonel's head tilted to one side and he began to snore. I could feel a giggle bubbling up but managed to keep it in. Mostly.

Robert shushed me, still grinning. "Sam, I can see you're not really in a fit state to deal with anything serious now. I'll come back in a few hours."

"Aw…" Wow, did I sound pathetic or what?

"Hope you feel better soon, Sam." Robert patted my arm. I watched his hand move, then when I looked back up he was gone. I had a feeling it wasn't him moving fast, it was my world moving slow.

"Bye, Bob." I still felt I had to say goodbye, even if he was no longer there.

I could feel the drugs kicking back into my system, and my eyelids once again began to close.

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