Chapter 1 The Stranger

Nami walked aimlessly around the ship. She didn't have anything to do and she wasn't tired so she thought she would just get some fresh air.

When she was on deck, she walked to the front of the ship and just stared out at the ocean. She sighed heavily. She been having these weird dreams lately, dreams about her and Luffy, together. She blushed when thought about it. It was a reocurring dream, her and Luffy would be lying down on Luffy's bed and then for no apparent reason she would kiss him. After they delighted in each other for a bit a man would come to the door and take Nami away. He would hold a knife to her throat and hold her in a very inappropriate way. She remembered waking from this dream many times, screaming. But the man in the dream wasn't what her mind focused on. She thought about Luffy. Luffy.. Why was she having dreams about him of all people? They were just friends right? And ship mates? How could she possibly entertain idea's about herself and her Captain?

She sighed again, closing her eyes, she growled a little frustrated. Putting a hand to her forehead she said, "Why am I dreaming about you, Luffy?"

Suddenly Nami heard a sound from behind her.


She turned, there was no one there. Soon her eye caught sight of a possible idea of where it came from. Luffy, who had been on look out duty, was hanging from the crows nest with a piece of, what looked like caveman meat, in his mouth.

Nami gasped. "Luffy!" Oh my god! Did he hear me?

Luffy made his way down, the piece of meat still in his mouth. When he stood on the deck he took it out. "Hi, Nami," he said.

She blushed and turned away from him. Maybe he'll just walk away...

"What's up?" he asked standing next to her.

"N-nothing," she stammered.

Luffy took a bite out of his meat, but no sooner he looked down at it then threw it as if he knew that was definitely not romantic.

He choked down the rest quickly. "So I saw you come up here.." he began.

Has he been watching me this whole time? Nami asked herself, still not looking at her Captain.

"And I noticed you looked kind of upset." he finished, "Is there something I can do?"

"N-no I'm fine," she said.

He said nothing for a second. Luffy bent down and grabbed his straw hat, which had fallen off when he was hanging off the crow's nest, and put it on his head. He pushed it over his eyes and grinned. "So, you've been dreaming about me, huh?"

Nami thought her heart would stop.


The two pirates fell, toppling onto each other. Nami pushed herself up a little, soon realizing she was on top of her Captain. She was very close to his face. She stared shyly at him still surprised by what had just happened. Luffy stared back up at her, just as surprised as she was. They didn't move, both of them just tried to get a hold of their feelings.

"What was that!" Zoro shouted running up onto the deck.

Luffy and Nami scrambled to their feet, collecting their composure.

The rest of the crew soon came up as well.

"What happened?" Usopp asked.

"I think we hit something!" Sanji declared.

Everyone rushed to the side of the ship. They soon found that they had hit land.

"A village!" Chopper announced.

Everyone stared, they hadn't eaten in days, their storage supplies were running on low.

Everyone stared except for Nami, who was too focused on the fact that Luffy had accidently put his hand on top of her's. Her face turned red.

Luffy, who hadn't noticed, said, "All right! Now we can get some food!" Everyone stared at him annoyed for the fact he was the one who had been eating it all, "Let's celebrate!"

Everyone cheered in agreement. Nami stood in a daze.

The table burst out into laughter.

Zoro laughed hysterically for no apparent reason, "I love drinks of fun!" he said, whiskey on his breath.

"Weeee!" Chopper, who was in his human form so he could drink, chimed in happily.

"Am I the only one who's not drunk?" Nami growled.

"They're playing our song!" Usopp said, giving a girlish smile. "Let's dance!"

Luffy, even though he wasn't drunk, Usopp and Chopper jumped out of their seats and started to do the can can.

"Idiots," Nami said, rolling her eyes, "I think I'm going to get a drink.."

Luffy broke out of the dance, "Ok, I'll get it for you!"

"No thanks," Nami said, waving her hand, she unbuttoned a button on her blouse, she smiled and stuck out her tongue, "I'll get it!"

Nami made herself comfy on the bar stool. No sooner then when she sat down the bar tender handed her a drink.

"It's from the gentlemen over there," the bar tender said, pointing at six guys at a table.

She laughed. Yup, I still got it. Nami had decided not to worry about what had happened between her and Luffy, he didn't seem to be thinking about it, so why should she?

After she had finished her drink, she was about to make her way back to the table when someone put a hand on her shoulder.

"Excuse me, miss,"

She looked.

"May I be so honored to buy you a drink?" said a rather sleazy looking pirate.

Uck! What an ugly man! But still, why pass up anything free! "Oh, thank you," she said smiling shyly and giggling.

While he ordered Nami couldn't help but watch Luffy. Why are you looking at him again? She asked herself. You promised yourself! And besides... He face became sad. He and I can never be...

While Nami wasn't looking the man rubbing his fingers over her drink, he grinned evilly to himself then politely said, "Here you go,"

She smiled, "Thank you!" she took it and drank.

"Would I be so bold to invite you to my hotel?" he asked.

Nami frowned, "Yes, you would." She left, making her way back to the table. What a sleeve ball!

She smiled when she was back at the table with her crew.

It was getting late but the Straw Hat Crew was still partying the night away! All the guys, except Luffy, who was too busy dancing and talking to drink a lot, were drunk.

Luffy laughed as he watched them act stupid, "Haha, they're so funny!" Luffy said to Nami.

She didn't say anything.

"Hey! Nami!" he said poking her, "What's the matter?"

She moaned, "I-I don't feel good..."

Luffy stared confused. She had only had two small glasses of Sake, how could she be drunk?

Beads of sweat were broken out on her face, her eyes were dark and without emotion.


She stood, "I'm going back to the ship.." she groaned.

"Ok.." he said, his eyes filled with concern. "Do you want me to come?"

She didn't answer, she made a hurling noise then made her way out the door.

"Nami!" he shouted. What's wrong with her? Suddenly something caught his eyes. A ugly pirate who had been standing by the door smoking was watching Nami, and when she left, he went out after her.

Luffy's eyes watched in all seriousness.

Nami stumbled down the street, her head lowered most of the time. Why do I feel this way? She nearly tripped, but she was fortunate enough to have someone catch her.

"Are you ok?" the man asked.

"I'm fine," she said giving a weak nod.

"Here let me help you!" he said offering her a shoulder.

"Thank you." she said.

The two walked a bit then turned toward an alley. The man grinned evilly and turned down into it.

Author's Note: It's kind of creepy.. I had a dream about this whole thing. I decided to write it as a fanifc.