Digital Chasers Prologue: The Wolf and the Vampire

The Digital World is full of legends. Some of these legends have happy endings, and others end with misery. However, there is one legend that has no ending, a legend that hasn't been completely told yet. This is the legend of the Dark Crests: Cowardice, Solitude, Hatred, Ignorance, Deceit, Despair, Selfishness, Darkness, Woes, and Undependability. This legend talks of a digimon whose dark side got the better of him. His selfishness brought the death of the only family he had. In the end, he and his dark side clashed, and they both died. However, the legend says that that wasn't the end of the story…

Infinity Mountain, 6 years ago

The wind blew fiercely across the tall, hulking form of Infinity Mountain. Down below, Primary Village was just a speck in the ground. The wind howled and the clouds across the night sky moved quickly, revealing the full moon.

A lone figure stood on top of Infinity Mountain. This figure was a short Virus digimon. It had gray skin, which was covered with a coat of black fur. The black fur had silver stripes going across it. The fur covered the head, arms, and back of the digimon, leaving the legs and belly exposed. It had short, powerful-looking legs, small fangs, and a weird sign in its abdomen. Atop it's forehead laid a black horn about a foot tall. The digimon's eyes were a chilling red. This was BlackGabumon, the viral cousin of Matt's partner.

BlackGabumon stared silently at the sky, unmoving. His red eyes scanned it for any sign of movement. Then his nose picked up the scent. Floating in the sky was a carriage being pulled by two Devidramon. BlackGabumon smiled in satisfaction as he began to glow.


The figure that stood where BlackGabumon once stood bore a striking resemblance to MetalGarurumon. However, all that had once been blue was now black, and everything that had been yellow was now gray. The Mega wolf jumped down quickly until he reached the bottom then took off after the carriage. He stopped at the ocean but quickly got on a raft he had built days ago for this moment. He got on it and faced the back. He opened his mouth and cried out, "COCYTUS BREATH!" He shot the blue blast at an angle. The force of the blast sent the raft towards the ocean at an amazing speed. The Digimon had obviously been practicing. He followed the carriage into the continent of Server, eagerly waiting until he had a little 'chat' with Vamdemon.

Meanwhile, in the carriage sat a human-like figure. He was to be the older kids' most cunning villain of all. Vamdemon sat in the carriage, looking at the single stone he held in his hand. The vampire studied it. 'After waiting for so long, I can finally use the power in this stone to revive the most feared villain of all, and he will be under my complete command!' The thought of it made him smile with glee. The digimon spoken of in legends, the one who had brought utter destruction to the Digital World, the one who had surpassed even the legendary Milleniummon and his evolved forms practically rested on his palm. Vamdemon loved the feeling of having complete power. His eyes scanned the horizon until he spotted his castle. He had to make haste, seeing as how the Chosen would arrive on his territory in a day or two. Vamdemon entered the castle and immediately headed for his laboratory. Vamdemon sat down and began his work.

Outside of Vamdemon's castle, 6 years ago, 8:00 P.M.

The entrance to Vamdemon's castle was heavily guarded. Two Devidramon sat on each side of the front gate, and the castle courtyard was full of Champion Digimon. Most Digimon would have a tough time getting in, but BlackMetalGarurumon wasn't most Digimon. He quietly sneaked in the shadows of the castle, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. His muscles were like coiled springs, ready to bounce as soon as he pleased. Then a cloud covered the moon, and BlackMetalGarurumon struck. He leaped forward and yelled, "Garuru Tomahawk!" Sections of his armor opened to reveal powerful missiles, which struck the two Devidramon deleting them on the spot. The dark Mega scoffed. "Not even a challenge." He walked into the castle.

As soon as he walked in, 100 Numemon, 10 Frigimon, and, to his surprise, 5 Andromon surrounded him. They all stared at him, unmoving. Then a small Digimon descended in front of the wolf. It was blue, with short wings. 'Looks like a treat.' The Digimon spoke. "Ha, you thought you could sneak in here didn't cha? No one gets past DemiDevimon!" The small creature rose to the sky and said, "You're surrounded, so just give up so you can die nicely." BlackMetalGarurumon chuckled. Then he burst out laughing. DemiDevimon looked slightly put out.

"You fool! Do you know who I am? I am one of the Original Digidestined's most powerful foes! You think a small bunch of losers like you can stop me?" DemiDevimon quickly responded.

"As powerful as you are, you're surrounded. We've won!"

BlackMetalGarurumon smirked. "Actually, I win. Garuru Tomahawk!" The missiles burst from his body before anyone could react. Soon the field was covered with smoke, and the sound of pained yells could be heard. When the smoke cleared, there were only two figures standing. BlackMetalGarurumon quickly pinned DemiDevimon to the ground. "Now listen. You're going to tell Vampy that I know what he's up to and that I'll be there in ten minutes. You're my messenger, Now go." DemiDevimon scrambled to the lab, and BlackMetalGarurumon smiled.

Vamdemon's Laboratory, 6 years Ago, 8:05 P.M.

Vamdemon sat one of the chairs, typing information into a gigantic computer. By his side there was small Digimon. The Digimon resembled a cat. It had white fur with purple at the tip of each ear. It had two gloves, which were yellow with small orange stripes and black claws. It had blue eyes and a long tail that had white and purple stripes going across it, with a purple tuff of hair at the tip. On its tail it had a small golden ring. It was Gatomon, the soon to be partner of Kari Kamiya. Gatomon watched silently as Vamdemon continued to work on the screen, putting data into it. She glanced to the left, where a machine was being powered by that rare stone that supposedly held ITS data. Gatomon gave a short chuckle at the though of such a mighty Digimon trapped in a stupid rock. Then, DemiDevimon burst into the lab. The cat gave him a searching look as the bat tried to catch his breath. However, Vamdemon did more than just look. "I SAID I DIDN'T WANT TO BE DISTURBED! YOU'D BETTER HAVE A GOOD REASON FOR BEING HERE!" DemiDevimon slightly cowered from the Ultimate's rage.

"I do have good reason," he quickly said. After giving him the message, DemiDevimon saw something he thought he'd never see. A frightened Vamdemon. Gatomon was also surprised at her master's fear.

"Gatomon, DemiDevimon, listen closely to what I am about to tell you," Vamdemon said. They both listened carefully. "Gatomon, I want you to charge up that machine that boosts the power of a Digimon and shoot it at me as soon as it's ready. DemiDevimon, I want you to set up the shields around the main computer room. If I don't come back, I want you two to take command of the army and proceed as planned. Do I make myself clear?" Gatomon and DemiDevimon nodded, although Gatomon was thinking. 'Why would Vamdemon hint that he might be defeated? The guy can't be THAT tough.' As if to crush her opinion she heard an explosion three floors down. DemiDevimon put up the shields, and Gatomon started to load the Power Beam. Vamdemon stood outside the lab's main computer room entrance, just out of the shield. Then Gatomon heard a chuckle.

"Well, if it isn't Vamp." BlackMetalGarurumon had arrived. Vamdemon readied his power, and Gatomon looked at the Power Beam anxiously. The wolf circled Vamdemon slowly. "You've got the stone don't you. The one with its data?" He glanced at the machine being powered by the stone. "Are you planning to bring DarkTroymon back? You know he's MUCH to powerful for even the Guardian Beasts to control." Vamdemon said nothing, just readied himself. "As big of a bad guy as I am, I know if he is released, then we're all doomed, and I can't allow that to happen." BlackMetalGarurumon growled. "Cocytus Breath! " The blast aimed for the machine, but the shields stopped it. Vamdemon whipped out his whip.

"Crimson Lightning!" The whip struck BlackMetalGarurumon but the Mega didn't even flinch.

"Cocytus Breath!" The blast struck Vamdemon, and the Ultimate felt like he was on the verge of deletion already. He was facing an opponent whose power rivaled that of BelialVamdemon. He knew the only chance was to get powered up by the beam. He looked to his left and saw a yellow beam come to him. His body bulged from the power boost, and he readied himself again.

"Grisly Wing!" Bats much larger than usual surrounded the wolf. " Crimson Lightning!" He slammed the red whip in BlackMetalGarurumon's face. The wolf broke free and attacked.

"GARURU TOMAHAWK!" The missiles broke through the barrier and struck the Power Beam, as well as Vamdemon. The demon fell back against the machines surrounding the main computer and gasped as BlackMetalGarurumon SLAMMED his paw against Vamdemon's ribs. Then the wolf opened his mouth and bit the Ultimate, sending waves of pain through his body. BlackMetalGarurumon tossed Vamdemon around the room like a rag doll, all the while questioning him. "Why do you plan on bringing DarkTroymon back?" Vamdemon snorted through his pain.

"First of all, I don't think that concerns you, secon-GACK!" Vamdemon's breath escaped his lungs due to a powerful slam from BlackMetalGarurumon.

"You were saying?"

"If I die to those Chosen, which I won't, he'll destroy the world I couldn't rule." BlackMetalGarurumon snorted and tossed Vamdemon against the machine that held the stone. Vamdemon gasped as the Mega advanced on him. Gatomon and DemiDevimon watched on helplessly. Then the stone glowed and shot out a dark beam, which struck BlackMetalGarurumon squarely in the forehead. The wolf let out a pained howl before he, to everyone's shock, burst into data. Then the data was sucked into a dark vortex, which immediately sealed after it absorbed every piece. Vamdemon stared at the stone for a second before letting out a laugh. "Fool. Never mess with DarkTroymon." He looked at the stone. "Soon, very, very soon." Vamdemon sat down on the computer and continued typing, all while Gatomon stared silently at the powerful stone.

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