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A/N: This is the trailer for my new story. This is going to be a little different than anything I've done. It's a Jason centric, and Troy and Gabriella are more like background characters. I wanted to do this because Jason had such a small part, and his character has so much room for development. This won't be an ensemble piece, it will be more along the lines of "This is How a Heart Breaks" than "Keep the Faith." It's a pretty heavy story, dealing with teen drinking, drug use, suicide, cutting, and depression.



The Longer You Stay

We see Jason and Kelsi in the park, smiling as they walk hand in hand. Jason leans over to whisper something in Kelsi's ear, and she laughs, pulling him closer to her and kissing him. The screen fades to black.

They had everything going for them.

The next scene fades in, and we see Jason pick Kelsi up and spin her around, both smiling. It is clear that something good has just happened.

But one moment will change everything…

We see a car driving along a road. Out of nowhere, another car appears, speeding toward it from the left. There is a bright flash of light, accompanied by the sounds of glass shattering and metal tearing.

The next scene comes in through the light, and we see Jason lying unconscious in a hospital bed. The camera pulls out and we can see Kelsi asleep in the chair next to the bed, her head resting next to Jason's legs. Her hand is tightly gripping his left, his right bound in a cast and lying across his chest.

a future will be destroyed…

We see Jason sitting up in bed, a doctor standing next to him. The doctor is pressing down on his legs, frowning as Jason strains to lift them. The doctor shakes his head and writes something on Jason's chart. Jason slams a fist onto the bed and lets his head fall back onto his pillow in frustration.

The scene changes and we see Kelsi sitting in the chair again, looking sadly at Jason. He runs a hand through his hair and seems to struggle for words.

"Jase, whatever it is, you can tell me. I love you."

Jason looks at her, his voice choked by sobs. "Kelsi, I-I'm paralyzed."

We close in on Kelsi's face as she stares at Jason in shock.

two lives will be forever changed…

We see Jason sitting in a wheelchair in the East High gym, holding a basketball in his lap. He attempts to shoot the ball at the hoop, but misses by a long shot. He groans in frustration. Turning violently, he freezes when he sees Kelsi standing there. She picks up the ball rolling toward her feet and starts to walk toward him.

"Give it time, Jase, it'll come back to you."

Jason's face darkens as he lashes out at her. "Kelsi, I'm paralyzed! What part don't you get? I'll never walk again!"

The camera changes to focus on Kelsi and we see that she is crying. As she says her next line the camera changes and we focus on Jason as she speaks. He is shaking his head in disbelief.

"Jason, I'm trying here! You're turning me away!"

" Kelsi, just leave me alone, okay?"

The screen fades out again, and we fade in on another scene. Jason is sitting in his wheelchair, twirling a small razor in his hands. As he lays the blade against his skin, we close in on his face. His expression changes from one of distress to one of contentment.

The scene changes again and Kelsi is standing in the door of Jason's house, his varsity jacket in her hands. He is sitting in his chair in front of her. Kelsi has tears streaming down her face as she puts the jacket in his lap.

" I just can't be with you anymore, Jason. I'm sorry."

Kelsi turns and walks out the door, burying her face in her hands as she runs to her car. Jason pauses, fingering the jacket for a moment. He groans in anger and flings the jacket against the wall.

When everything seems to be too much…

We see Jason lying in his hospital bed, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. He attempts to move his legs, but slams a fist into the nightstand when he fails. The stand falls over and clatters to the floor.

The scene changes and we see Kelsi sitting on her bed, dressed in sweats. Tears course down her face as she flips through pictures of her and Jason. She pauses on one of them looking particularly happy. Shaking her head, she tears the picture in half, letting the pieces fall to the floor as she falls back onto the bed and buries her face in her pillow.

we still find ways to survive.

We see Jason in the gym, shooting baskets. He's drenched in sweat, but his face has a look of determination. Picking up another ball, he shoots, and the ball bounces on the rim, teetering for a few seconds before dropping in. He smiles to himself in triumph.

The scene changes and we see Kelsi standing in Jason's doorway again, wringing her hands as she looks at him.

The scene changes again and we see Jason sitting in a psychiatrist's office, talking to the doctor. She nods and writes something on her notepad.

The scene changes one more time and we see Jason rolling his wheelchair down the hallway at school, smiling at someone off camera.

Ryne Sanborn

We see Kelsi at the piano, writing a song. She looks up as Jason wheels himself over to her.

Olyesa Rulin

The Longer You Stay

We see Kelsi kneel in front of Jason and lean forward, wrapping him in a hug.

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