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Chapter One: Just Another Day In Paradise


Tap- Tappity- Tap- Tap- Tappity- Tap

With every annoying little tap of dancing shoes on the wooden floor, Lili's eye gave a little twitch. As the dancing upstairs continued her grip on the broom she was sweeping with tightened. After one particularly annoying piece she started banging on the ceiling with the handle.

"Antares, stop that racket of yours! You're diving me crazy!" Lili yelled as she continued to thump on the ceiling.

On the couch close by sat a young man around the age of eighteen. He was a nice tan color with short sandy hair and blue eyes. His sandal- clad feet were propped up on top of the table as he flipped through the channels. "It'd be a really short trip."

Lili glared at him and through the broom at his head. "Shut up, Regulus! Nobody asked you!"

"Ow!" He clutched the back of his head. "It was a joke you broom throwing harpy!"

She crossed the room and picked up the broom. She gave him one last thump on the head before turning her attention back to the ceiling where she could still hear the sound of the Flamenco dancer practicing. "I told you to stop that racket!"

This time she responded. "How dare you call my marvelous dance racket! It's an exceedingly difficult piece that I've perfected in a matter of days!"

"Yah? Well, it sounds like an elephant learning how to tap dance!" Regulus shouted from his spot. "At the rate you're going the floor's going to cave and you'll be dancing in my lap instead!"

"Shut your dirty mouth!" Antares called through the floor of her room.

A tall twenty five year old walked down the stairs and into the living room. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a high ponytail Her black tank top was cornered slightly by her yellow vest. The deep red pants that she was wearing were tied by a string of blue beads at the bottom. She had on a gold necklace and a bracelet on each wrist.

When she reached the bottom she snatched the remote out of his hands and plopped down next to him. "Like any sane woman would come on to you. If she fell into your lap it'd be the most action you've ever seen."

Regulus stood up and stood in front of her. He moved up and down as he showed off. "Oh come on, Aires. You know you want me."

"The only thing I want from you is for you to get out of my way." Aires shoved him out of the way. "And I got what I wanted so go crawl back from whatever hole in the ground you came from."

"Come on baby." Regulus cooed. "Which would you rather have? Some boring TV show or the fine specimen of a man sitting next to you?"

"I'd love a fine specimen of a man but unfortunately there aren't any here so I'll settle for boring TV show." She replied.

He crossed his arms over his chest. With a wounded ego he said, "Well I'm not to sure I can trust your taste in men. After all you married that Chad guy."

"Worst. Mistake. Ever." Aires bit out every word. "He left me for some floozy he met at a bar! I should have known better that to get involved with a guy whose greatest talent was being able to belch the alphabet."

"Yeah… " Regulus agreed with her until he remembered something. "Hey! I can burp the alphabet and let me tell you it takes hard work and discipline! You have to be dedicated and it takes a lot of practice!"

Aires looked over at Lili. "I rest my case."

-End of Chapter Notes-

Antares/Scorpio: Trying professional dancer and resident

Regulus/Leo: Insult comedian and resident

Aries: Looking forward to her ex-husband's funeral