I don't own Harry Potter or anything that has to do with it. Characters that you have never heard of probably belong to me.

This takes place in the summer before 5th year.


"Where are they?" A cold voice asked.

"My…my Lord, we have not gotten a hold of them yet," said the small, whimpering figure that was crouching down on the floor.

"This does not please me."

"My Lor..Lord! Please—"

"Crucio!" Lord Voldemort watched as the pathetic creature known as Wormtail writhed on the floor with pain. After a few minutes, Voldemort lifted his wand. "I have waited long enough. I gave you plenty of time. Now, where is Lucius? He has—"

Voldemort was cut off as a Death Eater barged into the room. "My Lord!"

The Death Eater could no longer say anything else as he was hit with the Cruciatus curse. "That will teach you to barge in on Lord Voldemort's meetings uninvited, Nott," Voldemort snarled.

"I am sorry my Lord, but Malfoy has come back with the Manacles of Reijuu!" Knott cried out.

Voldemort's eyes narrowed. "What are you wait for, fool? Bring him to me."

"Yes, my Lord." Nott quickly crawled to Voldemorts feet, kissed the hems of his robes and darted out of the room. A few seconds later, a smirking Lucius Malfoy came in. He walked in, kneeled and kissed Voldemort's robes.

"I have brought what you have asked, my Lord." Lucius extended a small box towards Voldemort.

Voldemort took the box and stared at Malfoy, cold eyes judging. "Any troubles getting it?"

Malfoy's blood ran cold at the scrutiny but still said in a strong voice, "No, my Lord. There was no interference. The Minister is turning a blind eye towards your most extraordinary return."

Voldemort's eyes narrowed. "None at all? No attack or ambush?"

"None." Lucius was now smirking.

"Then tell me, Lucius, if you did not encounter any obstacle, why did it take you three weeks to find them?" Voldemort said voice cold and furious. The smirk was gone now, cold sweat dripped from the back of his head with dread. Lucius looked up nervously. "Crucio."

Lucius screamed. "May this be a reminder that Lord Voldemort does not like to wait."

"Ye…yes, My Lord."

"Good, now Malfoy, Nott, leave." The two left as fast as they could and Voldemort turned back to the box. Opening it carefully, Voldemort took out four very old looking manacles and a collar that looked like it was made of metal. They were all a gold color and they had runes carved into them.

Wormtail looked at the items curiously. "What are those for?"

Voldemort turned and glared at Wormtail, red eyes glowing dangerously. Wormtail squeaked, not realizing he had thought out loud.

"Listen carefully, Wormtail, for I will only say this once. I only tell you this because you will be on the assignment." Wormtail inched forward curiously. "These manacles are very special. When forced onto a person they become perfect, obedient slaves. However, they still know what is happening."

"…" Wormtail didn't really know what to say to this.

"The person is still in control of his or her head, eyes, and thoughts. And there are special traits that … how shall we say, persuades said person. Until all four manacles and the collar are on a person, then he or she will still be able to fight the urge to obey their 'master.'"

"But Master! I am a very good servant!" Wormtail squeaked.

"Fool. They are not for you. Do not think so highly of yourself."

"I am sor-"

"Silence!" Wormtail squeaked in fear, panting on the floor. "No, you poor excuse for Death Eater, it's for Potter."

"Po…Potter, My Lord?" Wormtail gulped.

Voldemort's eyes narrowed. "Yes, Potter. I just don't want him dead—oh, but I will kill him. I want him to be my most faithful servant. I want him to suffer as I make him destroy every single person he holds dear."


"Crucio!" Voldemort stared at the twitching form before him. "Potter will be mine. No one will get in my way."


Many miles away, Harry James Potter woke up, panting and shaking. Putting a hand to his forehead, Harry walked to the bathroom.

"Another dream," Harry thought grimly. He slapped some water against his face before heading over to his desk. Reaching for some parchment, Harry gasped in pain. His scar was on fire.

"What the bloody hell is he so happy about? And what are the manacles of Reeee-something? Better write to Dumbledore." After getting control of his panting, Harry started the letter.

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I had this really weird dream. No, it was not about Cedric. Voldemort got these weird manacles. I can't remember what he called them. It started with an R or something. He also told Wormtail that he'll have a job to do. Sorry I couldn't give you anymore information.

Tell the other I said hi.


Nodding, Harry turned to his snowy owl, huddled with three new members. Not knowing the reason why, Harry just didn't want to tell Dumbledore he was the target. "Up for a bit of flying, Hedwig?"

Hedwig hooted silently before gliding over to his arm and holding out her leg. The letter securely attached, Hedwig gave Harry a look that said, 'Let anything happen to them while I'm gone and you'll get it.'

Grinning widely, Harry turned to the three new members of his family. Three baby owls were sound asleep in a nest Harry and Hedwig had made together. Apparently Hedwig had been a little 'busy' over the summer. Harry had actually scolded Hedwig when she laid her eggs.

When he wrote to Hermione and told her how he reacted, she wrote back saying that he sounded like an overprotective brother or father. Harry liked the idea of being an older brother. Father just didn't fancy him right now.

Looking at each owlet, Harry stroked each head. He had had them for several weeks and they were already getting their feathers but were still unable to fly. The one on the right was Penny. She was a very light brown with white sticking out everywhere. She had big gray eyes.

The second one was Clutz. He got his name because he fell over very easily. Harry had even thought about naming him Neville at first but thought better of it. He too had gray eyes and was solid white.

The last one was Harry's favorite. He had solid black feathers. Not one speck of white and he had Hedwig's big yellow eyes. Harry assumed he looked just like his father (Whoever he is) and his mother's eyes, just like him. His name was Padfoot, in loving memory of Sirius.

The two were so much alike. Padfoot was always trying to get out of the nest and cause trouble, just like Sirius. When Harry wrote to him, he just laughed and replied back saying it was hilarious.

Chuckling slightly at the memory, Harry laid back down on his bed, wide awake. "Gah! I'm so bored. I wonder when anyone will pick me up." Having nothing better to do, Harry got started on some homework.

Two hours later, Harry put down his quill and finished essay for Transfiguration. It was now five A.M. Looking out the window, Harry noticed something flying toward his window. Heart thumping, Harry opened the window and let a small group of owls fly in.

"Any letters saying when I'll be picked up?" Harry asked the owls. The owls only blinked at him. Pig started flying around his head hooting madly. "Shhh. Don't wake up the Dursley's," Harry whispered. Snatching the puff ball out of the air, Harry took off the letter and released Pig.

Shaking his head slightly, Harry untied the rest of the letter's from the two other owls. "You can get a drink if you want," Harry offered. The owls hooted in thanks but the brown flew over to the hatchlings and nuzzled each one.

Before the owl took off, it gave Harry a look very much like Hedwig's. Chuckling, Harry opened the letter from Dumbledore.

Dear Harry,

I am sorry to say I do not have much information on this new tool of Voldemort's. Expect a visit in the next one to two weeks.


Harry crumpled up the piece of parchment. He wasn't told anything! All summer he had been trying to get information out of people but he hadn't received any! Hadn't he proven himself already?

Fuming, Harry grabbed the letter from Ron.


You won't believe what's happened! Fudge has gone crazy! Well, crazier. Dumbledore said he is forcing him to take this Umbridge lady as the next DADA teacher. Whatever Fudge is playing at, it's not good. I'm sorry I can't write anything else. I'll tell you all I know you come visit.


P.S. Hermione's here as well.

Gritting his teeth, Harry threw the parchment to the floor. Both his best friends were only Merlin knows where and he wasn't even getting one hint of what's going on!

Turning to the last item, Harry was surprised to see it was from the twins. Harry looked at the letter and small box suspiciously. He wouldn't place it past Fred and George to prank him and/or the Dursley's, especially after last year.

Harry carefully opened the letter.

Dear Harry. It's me, Gred!

And Forge! We have something that will make your summer very interesting.

Too right ol brother of mine. A present from us to you to thank you for what you did for us!

And also you need to live a little. Even if old Voldie decides to kill you, at least you'll have some fun. Honestly though, Harry, you need to get a life!

A prank life! Sirius told us your father was the famous Prongs! How could you not tell us! (cries.)

Good question ol brother of mine. Besides all the pranking items, we have a very, VERY special gift.

Be warned! He or she may not like you.

Don't worry; it's not one of Hagrids 'pets.'

Harry paused from his reading let out a sigh of relief before continuing.

It's a special potion made by myself and George. Now I assume you know all about animagus's?

If not, he definitely needs some help, seeing how his godfather is one.

Anyway, the point is that this potion will allow you to become one! Each person has an inner animal. When that person finds his or her inner animal, they call to it. Then that animal will help said person transform.

Be careful. Sometimes it can be painful. Now you inner animal can either stay or disappear. We decided to let ours stay.

Of course we won't tell you what our animals are…yet.

The inner animal is like your subconscious…kinda. It's a little voice in your head. At least that's what McGonagall said.


But we perfected it. We gave the inner animal life. Only you or another person who took the potion will be able to see the animal, which will soon only be the three of us. It will be a small ghost like figure that follows you everywhere.

Make sure you're nice, or they won't help you transform. Ours said that sometimes it takes a while for some wizards to complete the transformation if they have a high magic.

And it'll be painful.

No too painful, mind you.

But what we're trying to say-

-is that tansforming-

-for you-

-is going to be a-


So enjoy our gifts.

We are most thankful to our wonderful benefactor.

Gred and Forge.

Harry was laughing so hard by the time he finished the letter. Only those two could write a letter like that. However, they were right. He did need to lighten up a bit more. Chuckling, Harry opened the box.

A huge assortment of colors nearly blinded him. He could see a few candies and fireworks but he mostly eyed the new items. Picking up a rubber snake, Harry picked up the letter next to it.

Harry, this snake will be able to understand you in parseltongue, so it should be simple. Just say activate and it will turn on. Tell it where to go and who to blow up on. This snake contains itching powder. The second one contains a gas that will knock out whoever is near enough to smell it.

Be warned, it will blow up after five minutes if it can't get to the person it was told to go to.

Harry whistled, clearly impressed. The next item was a red rubber ball. The more he bounced it, the brighter and hotter it got. Too much bouncing and you got a small flamethrower. There was also a blue ball that did the same thing but unleashed a huge amount of water.

The other items were very interesting. He got a bottle filled with red goop. It dries automatically and become as hard as cement. There were some blue and red pills but Harry decided to check those later. Another item was blob of pink goop. Like the candy, Harry decided to look at that later.

Turning to the clear, green liquid, Harry unscrewed the cap. It was the potion that would help him transform.

Glancing at the letter one last time, Harry downed the vial. This was it! He could finally become an animagus! He hadn't exactly had much time to practice it with the tournament last year.

Grimacing, Harry put the vial down… and waited. "…So what's supposed to happen?"

"I show up!" A voice shouted.

Harry whipped his head around, excitement filled him. "Where are you? Are you my inner animal? Fred and George said you could become a ghost or something. Can you show yourself?"

"Hahahahaha. But this is fun. What if I don't want to show you?" the voice taunted.

"What? C'mon," Harry whined.

"Sheesh, don't need to whine about it. The twins were right; you do need to liven up." And then a small white, transparent, thing appeared in front of Harry's face.

Harry blinked. "Bu…But you're a dragon!"

The dragon blinked innocently. "Really? I never noticed."

"But aren't…uh." Harry was at a loss.

The dragon smirked. "Speechless? Are you stunned at all that is me?"

Harry was confused. "If you're my inner animal, aren't you supposed to be like me?"

Dragon floated upside down. "I am you. You just became boring. This is your mask. Damn Dursley's made ya this way. Think of me as your playful, pranking, good looking, sexy-"

"Annoying side," Harry continued.

Dragon only 'humphed.'

"So, uh, Dragon, will I be able to transform into you?"

Dragon nodded. "Maybe, but only if your nice!" And then he began to swoop around the room, doing flips and commenting on his room, very sarcastically.

"Hey!" Harry squawked. "What's wrong with my robes?"

"They're boring. We need to prank someone! You're boring. I wanna go outside. This place is boring."

Harry groaned. Fate must really hate him to give him such an annoying inner animal. "What about transforming? Please?"

Dragon looked thoughtful. "I suppose I can help you a little bit right now. Be warned, it will hurt a little. Don't expect to transform all the way. It must be a little at a time."

Harry, annoyed with all the warnings, nodded but narrowed his eyes. "The risks?"

"You need to start working for the transformation. Once I start, it will come at completely random times. I will be able to warn you when they come." Dragon grinned cheekily. "If you don't want anyone to see, I suggest you bury yourself in this room."

Harry groaned. "How long will it take?"

"For you? A few days at most. However, I do not want you sitting around in this room doing nothing. You need exercise! You're a shrimp!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too and you need to be ready for anything!"

Harry lifted an eyebrow. "For what?"

"Anything. What if we suddenly need to leave? You need to get the hatchlings out of here quickly if there's an attack." Dragon jerked his head toward the sleeping owlets.

Harry nodded. "Just tell me what to do."

"You know, I am you. Was I somehow blocked off from you while you got stupider?"

"I'd rather be dumb than a hot-headed lizard," Harry retorted.

"Good! At least you have some spunk! First off, get dressed." Harry complied and was soon wearing baggy black jeans that actually fit him and a black T-shirt that also fit. Hermione had forced him to buy some clothes that actually fit when he was in Hogsmeade.

Dragon nodded approvingly. "Now grab some galleons. We'll find a pawn shop and trade 'em. You have plenty."

Harry nodded. "You know, I never got your name. I can't just call you Dragon."

Dragon nodded, grinning widely. "Ok. Name me! Name me!"

"You mean you have no name?" Harry asked.

"Nope! Name me! Name me!"

Harry rolled his eyes before, "How about…Jade?"

"…What kinda name is that!? That's pathetic. You're pathetic. That name is pathetic. That-" But Harry cut him off.

"Ok, fine. How about…" Harry was actually thinking of saying Norbert to annoy the dragon but instead said, "Tagger."

Dragon started chuckling. Pretty soon it was full out laughter. Harry was glad the Dursley's couldn't hear or there would be trouble if they were woken. Harry unconsciously rubbed his left shoulder.

"Tagger huh? Isn't that the name you always wanted to call a dog…if you had one?"

Harry blushed. "What's wrong with it? I like it!"

"Ok then, Tagger it is," Tagger said happily. Harry smiled. Ever since he was little, he had always wanted a dog named Tagger.

When he was little, he had found a dog on the streets and brought it back to the Dursley's. Unfortunately, the Dursley's would never let him keep anything that Dudley didn't get or didn't want.

"Now let's get going. Go out your window. There are people watching the house from the front," said Tagger.

Harry blinked. "An enemy? And jump out the window?! We're on the second story! And what about the transformation?"

"Not an enemy. Yes, jump out your window and fine! I'll get started on the transformation. Get ready." Harry nodded. "Are you ready?" Harry nodded again. "Are you sure?" Tagger was now grinning.

"Yes!" Harry glared.

"Ok, chibi, get ready."

"Chibi? Don't call me tha-" but Harry was cut off as Tagger flew to his face pressed against his forehead. Pain, excruciating pain came. It was almost as bad as the Cruciatus curse.

He wouldn't scream. He couldn't scream. Tagger floated above Harry as he writhed in pain on the floor. "Hold on Harry, just a little bit longer."

Harry's bones were on fire. He could feel them changing. He could feel more being added, some taken away, others remolded. When the last bone stopped changing, the pain went away and Harry opened his tear filled eyes.

He could hear the owlets chirping loudly. Groaning, Harry sat up and stared at Tagger. For the first time, Harry really looked at Tagger. Tagger was white but he wasn't sure if that was his true color or not. He had long, beautiful, leathery wings that stretched a good distance. Four claws on the front legs and three large ones on the rear legs.

He had two horns on his head that were shaped like an antelope's and below them were two smaller ones that stuck straight out to the sides. The tail was long and flexible with a spaded point at the end.

The last bit that Harry noticed, were the spikes that extended from Tagger's neck, to where his tail started.

"Are you done with the inspection?" Tagger joked.

Harry blushed with embarrassment. "Sorry."

"Stop apologizing," Tagger snapped. "Get independent or something."

Harry glared weakly. "Let me just feed the owlets first." Getting up, Harry poured a large amount of seeds and squished worms into the bowl next to the nest. The owlets hooted loudly. "Shhh. You guys need to be qui-"

"BOY!" Harry gulped as his uncle came barging into his room. Instinctively, Harry stepped in front of the owlets. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THOSE RUDDY OWLS?!"

"They were just hungry, I was feeding them," Harry said, suddenly very protective.

His Uncle quickly grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him so close that they were an inch apart. "If I hear one peep out of them, they're out of here. I have an important meeting tonight with the head of my business. Either you stay in here all day, or you can just stay outside all night."

Harry gulped, trying to get out of his Uncle's grasp. "Just say you'll stay in your room, Harry. Tell him to not let anyone bother you," Tagger said, growling at Vernon.

"Ok, Uncle Vernon, I'll stay in here. I won't make a sound, nor will the owls. Just don't let anyone come in here."

His Uncle narrowed his eyes. "You better be silent, boy, and no funny business." With that, Vernon threw Harry to the ground and left the room. Harry could hear an audible click. The door had been locked.

Harry sighed and picked up his glasses. They had fallen off when he was pushed down. It was better to just stay silent or his Uncle would get even madder. Unfortunately, Tagger didn't feel the same way.

"Stupid boy!" Tagger yelled. "How dare you let him treat you, no, us like that!?"

Harry sighed once more. "It's just bet—what the?" He took his glasses off, and the put them on again. "What's going on? I can see perfectly!"

Tagger looked very smug, all anger forgotten. "Of course you can see better. Your eye sight and bones were fixed."

"Wait, wait. Does this mean I'm taller now?" Harry asked excitement in his eyes.

"Eh…no. But that doesn't mean you won't grow! You actually have a better chance at growing. Did you know how screwed up your bones were? All that damn nutrition stuff you did or didn't get. Malnutrition or something."

Harry sighed. "Another thing, how will I get down?"


"Jump…out the second story?"


"Are you crazy!?" Wait, didn't they have this conversation already?

"If I am, then you are as well, since you are me." Harry sighed. "Look, your bone structure is completely different. It must be so that your dragon form will be more comfortable. Your bones are harder and more…er, shall we say, springy."

"Springy," Harry deadpanned

"Yes, springy. You can jump a bit higher than before. You have to practice though! A dragon never flies without a good jump in the air! Landing will be easier. Just follow your instincts."

Harry scowled. "All my instincts have only gotten me in trouble. Just look at what happened to Ced…Cedric." Harry looked away, shame and sadness graced his face.

Tagger growled and got in Harry's face. "You had no idea that would happen! Besides, the least you could do is get stronger and get revenge! Don't let Cedric's death be in vain."

Harry nodded slowly. "Do you think…that maybe if I wasn't alive-"

"No," Tagger cut him off. "Everyone deserves a chance at life. Even if some were destined to die, at least you lived. And I can tell you right now, you were destined to live. Listen to me; I am your voice of reason." Tagger grinned and did flips in the air, making faces.

Harry snorted. "Voice of reason? Ha! More like the voice of most annoying dragon in the world!"

Tagger pouted. "I know you don't mean that, Harry. Now do you have some galleons?" Harry shoved a few into his pocket. "Ok! Now jump out that window and follow your instincts."

Harry nodded and looked back at the owlets who watched him curiously. "Be good you three." They chirped in response. Turning back to the window, Harry looked out. "Ok, just follow instincts. C'mon Potter! You've had higher jumps before!" Taking a deep breath, Harry dropped to the ground.

To his surprise, he landed in a crouching position, completely safe. It hadn't even hurt when he landed. Harry at least expected a little sting or just completely falling over. "I told you so!" Tagger said in a sing-song voice.

"Yea, yea. Let's just get some money and then some breakfast." Tagger nodded in agreement and followed Harry.

Ten minutes later, Harry found himself standing in front of an old looking pawn shop. "Well, go in already, slowpoke," Tagger taunted. "Don't tell me you're scared?"

Harry scowled. "Of course not you annoying hot head." This time Tagger scowled while Harry walked in. An old man eyed Harry carefully as he entered. Nodding slightly, Harry made his way over to him "What can I get for these?" Harry took out the gold galleons and set them on the table.

The old man's eyes widened for a second before narrowing them at Harry. "Where did you get these, lad?"

Harry frowned. "Stupid man getting into our business. Beat the crap out of him Harry!" Tagger cheered.

Ignoring him, Harry said, "My business is my own. Does it really matter where I got them?" He unconsciously rubbed some hair over his scar but the old man noticed.

"Harry…Harry Potter?" He asked weakly.

"How do you know my name? Who are you?" Harry snarled.

"Woah there, lad. Calm down, didn't mean any offense. As for your first question, I have many names, keeps me outta trouble."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Oh? So you're a wizard? And I don't suppose any of these items get you into trouble, huh?" Harry gave a sly grin.

Mr. No Name just laughed. "Perhaps, but I'm sure I can offer you some items that could keep ya quiet. And a wizard? Nah, I'm a squib."

Harry stared at the old man for a while. "I really don't care what items you sell, as long as it doesn't hurt the muggles."

The old man waved his hand. "Nothing like that, lad. Just a few things bordering into the dark arts. Course I don't have that many items, but you know how prejudice people are."

Harry nodded in understanding. "Well, now that's covered, I would like to exchange those galleons into muggle money, look around your shop, and make sure this little meeting between you and me never happened."

"I don't question my customer's motives so I won't question yours, Mr. Potter. However, do you honestly know how much money you're going to have to carry?" At Harry's confused look he continued. "Galleons are pure gold, and worth quite a bit to mediocre muggles. To wizards or any other magical beast, just one galleon is a little over three pounds."

Tagger laughed at Harry's face. "All this time you had hundreds and you did nothing! HAHAHAHAHA. What's next? You got a cousin named Phil who's actually your next door neighbor and you never knew? HAHAHAHA"

Harry threw a dark look at before turning back to the store keeper. "Ok, I'll trade several galleons from some money. You wouldn't mind if I looked around while you got the money, would you?"

The store keeper nodded his head. Grinning in thanks, Harry started walking around the store. "Bravo, Harry. You handled yourself pretty good for a first timer."

Glancing at Tagger, Harry whispered, "What do you mean by that?"

Tagger only grinned mysteriously. "You acted pretty Slytherin. Talking like that, telling him what and when things will happen. Getting your money and 'threatening' him to not tell anyone about you being here."

"I didn't threaten him."

"Sure, Harry, whatever you say."

Scowling, Harry walked up to a glass container. Inside were several large pocket knives. Looking at each one carefully, Harry picked the one with the solid black handle. The blade was about as long as his hand and was really shiny.

"Oooh, shiny," Tagger said, gazing at the knife with sparkling eyes.

"Not to self: Never let Tagger be alone with knives or shiny stuff," Harry thought with a chuckle.

Not seeing anything else in the cabinet, Harry walked toward some of the bags. "Choose this one, Harry," Tagger called. "This one has plenty of pockets and it's a nice sized backpack. Not too big but not too small. You could also place the owlets in this pocket if you were in a hurry and had to get them out of there."

Harry shrugged and grabbed the backpack. It was a blackish gray color. It really would be helpful if he had to get out of a tight spot in a hurry. After grabbing a black bandana, Harry made his way back to the store keeper.

"That all lad?" Harry nodded, but his eyes strayed to a silver flask and was reminded of Mad Eye Moody, fake or not. The shop keeper followed his gaze. "That there is a special flask. It automatically refills by itself. All you need to do is think of what drink you want and it'll fill the flask."

"I'll take it," Harry said at once.

The shop keeper chuckled. "Oh, and it has an age limit. It'll know if you aren't 21, so don't expect to get any alcohol."

Harry blushed. Tagger laughed at his 'misfortune.' "Too bad, Harry! Oh well, we can always sneak some from the kitchens at Hogwarts."

"I wasn't really thinking of drinking, sir."

The old man chuckled. "I was only playing with you, lad. Now, let's see. You got the bandana, backpack, and these two magical items."

Harry blinked. "The knife is magical?"

Old man shrugged. "Yep, wasn't told what it does though. I do know it's made out of silver, so if you ever have a werewolf problem, there's your answer." Harry thought of Remus and immediately knew he would never use it on anyone, except in self defense against Death Eaters.

"Ok, now. The magical objects are a bit expensive but you still have twelve pounds left."

"Thank you. I'll just put the knife and flask in the back pack and I'll put the bandana on now."

Old man chuckled. "Couldn't you just put a glamour charm on your scar?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Nothing keeps this thing hidden. If I find someone who can remove scars, I'll give him all the galleons I own."

Tagger chuckled as Harry left. "You're such a girl, Harry."

"What!?" Harry squawked. A few people actually turned to stare at him. Blushing in embarrassment, Harry hissed, "What do you mean I'm like a girl?"

Tagger stared at Harry from his half upside down position in the air. "You care too much about what you look like."

"Because everyone I meet only want to look at my damn scar."

"Hmm, good point."

Harry snorted at the dragon. "It just gets annoying."

"Understandable. Now go get some food and buy some seeds for the owlets." Harry mock saluted and walked into the pet store and bought a small bag of bird seeds with a news paper for him to read later.

After buying a burger, Harry made his way to the park.

"They're all staring at you, Harry."

"I know," Harry whispered. "Those lies the Dursley's told made everyone believe I'm some sort of criminal."

"I say you prank the Dursley's."

"Hmm, maybe before we leave." Looking down at the ground, Harry noticed some green and red chalk.

"Draw something," Tagger said excitedly.

Harry shook his head. "What for? It's stupid and childish."

"So? Be a child for once!"

"What for? I've never once had a childhood, why start now?"

"Just do it. Or are scared someone will see you? Now's the chance to get that childhood!" Tagger landed near the chalk and would have nudged them closer to Harry but was unable to touch anything.

Sighing, Harry knelt down and grabbed the green chalk. What would he draw? Why was Tagger encouraging him to do something like this? Thinking for a second, Harry began to draw a long line.

A while passed and Harry was quit pleased with how his drawing was coming out. "Fun, isn't it Harry? And you're pretty good at drawing!"

"Thanks," Harry mumbled. He was drawing a basilisk rearing its head, preparing to strike a phoenix. The thought of the Chamber of Secrets had come to his mind. Drawing was actually really nice. He didn't feel any stress, and Harry wasn't mourning over Cedric anymore.

The park was already almost filled with people but Harry didn't mind. For once, he was content. The wind blew against his face, messing up his already messy hair. Sweat was already starting to appear on his face from the heat of the day. It didn't bother him, though. Instead, he just sat there, thinking about everything.

His thoughts were elsewhere. Just enjoying the actual thrill of doing something meaningless but fun for once in his life. So it came to a surprise that just as he was about to finish the phoenix, Harry's head jerked up as he sensed something coming toward him.

Quickly lifting his hand, Harry caught the red ball that was coming right at him. "Phew, thank goodness for seeker reflexes." Looking at theball, and then at the children who were standing about ten feet away from him, Harry held out the ball for them to take.

"Scared little bunch, aren't they?" Tagger asked lazily. The children were looking at him uncertainly; as if afraid he would snap at them if they came too close. One girl, however, walked over carefully.

Harry watched her for a second, and then glanced over at the group of parents who were watching the scene. Deciding to save everyone the trouble, Harry just tossed the ball to the girl, got up, dusted himself off, and started to make his way out of the park.

Harry only stopped when he felt a little pull on his pants. Looking down, Harry noticed it was the little girl who went to get the ball. She only looked to be about eight years old. "You have pretty drawings," she said shyly.

Blinking, Harry said softly, "Thank you. What's your name?"

The girl grinned happily. "My name is Jenny, but you can just call me Jen."

Harry chuckled but still eyed the adults. "Well, Jen, what can I do for you?"

"Um, well, I was kinda dared to ask you a question. Did you really kill the guy who picks up the milk bottles?"

Harry blinked. "Uh, no I haven't. And I have never killed anyone before and I really don't plan on killing anyone anytime soon," Harry said with a wink.

Jen giggled. "Sorry, but everyone said you've done all these bad things and I wasn't sure what to believe."

Not really sure what to say, Harry just nodded. "Well, I'm glad I cleared up that question. Anymore, and I'm sure the answer is no. I haven't done anything that you have probably heard before."

"So you didn't come from the moon just so you could just cause trouble? Cause that's what Dudley say's but he's really mean."

Harry laughed loudly, causing the other kids to tense. "I'm not from the moon and I'm not here to cause trouble. Although, I was planning on doing a few pranks to Dudley before I head back to school."

"Don't you go to St. Brutus or something?"

"Nah, private school out of the country."

Jen nodded, sagely before grinning brightly. "Can you draw us some pictures? Pleeeease?"

"Uh, I'm not sure. I mean, I don't know if your parents would want you near me and I'm not really a good drawer." Harry eyed the parents, eyes wary.

"Oh, Harry! So modest," Tagger joked.

Harry sent a small glare but Jen wasn't paying attention. Instead, she was calling out to her friends. They came over cautiously but when Jen told them Harry drew the 'pretty' picture on the ground and that he would draw for them they immediately came over.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Harry tried to answer all the questions that he was asked calmly. Most were a no. They basically had to do if he really was a criminal or not. Very uncomfortable, Harry changed the subject to trying to draw them something.

He could hear some of the adults saying, "Isn't that the little brat the Dursley's are raising?" and "Yes, but I've never really seen him do anything to make him a criminal." Another said, "Let's give him a chance." The last was, "I still don't trust him. Vernon is a good man. I don't trust the brat."

Harry turned his attention back to the kids. "How about a dragon?"

The group immediately agreed and Harry did his best to draw a dragon. Still watching the parents a little apprehensively, Harry got started on a Hungarian Horntail. Voices everywhere, Harry enjoyed the compliments he was receiving and drew it quickly so he could get started on a new picture.

Pretty soon, Harry was receiving suggestions, comments, and all kinds of questions. His favorite was from a little boy named Mitch.

"Are you sure you as aren't crazy as they say, Harry? Cause you got a good but crazy imagination!"

Laughing, Tagger said, "He's right Harry. Some of the things you dream, it makes me wonder…"

Chuckling, Harry drew for the children until it started to get dark. Soon all the parents came and picked up their children, each giving him kind but calculating looks. Each had heard what Harry had done for the kids and were starting to have second thoughts about the boy.

Harry didn't really understand why he was getting thank you's, since all he did was draw on the cement.

"You're pretty daft, Harry," Tagger commented.

Harry scowled but threw Tagger an amused grin. "Today was pretty interesting. I've never done that before."

Tagger nodded. "Yea, whatever. You gotta get home! I want you up early. I'm gonna have you work out and be in shape!"

Groaning slightly, Harry reluctantly agreed and started to get up. About to sit up, Harry grabbed his face in pain. His nose hurt like hell. "What…what's wrong with me?"

"Relax, Harry," Tagger soothed.

Harry clutched his nose in agony for a few more seconds before the pain finally left. "My nose, ah gosh, it hurts."

"Get used to your new sense of smell, Harry! Cause it's gonna stink if you don't," Tagger called cheerfully.

Hissing, Harry smelled the area around him. He could smell waaay too many things. He could barely tell what each thing was. "This is weird."

"All a part of transforming. It looks like you even got a few dragon instincts with that new nose of yours."

"I did?"

"Yep, remember? You hissed at me."

Blinking in comprehension, Harry remembered he did. "So…what? I can hiss and growl now?"

"I dunno. Try growling at me."

"Um, ok." Baring his teeth, Harry made a raspy noise with his throat. It sounded like a cat was dying.

"Hahaha! What kind of growl is that? Ooooh, I'm really scared now Harry! Guess you didn't get growling but at least you got a nice pair of fangs."

I have WHAT?!" Quickly feeling his teeth with a finger, Harry realized with dread, he really did have fangs. Either that, or really sharp teeth.

"Now that that's settled, let's go home." Tagger started to float away.

Harry followed. "He sure is quick to boss me around and be ok with what's happening to me. I guess he would be since he'll be my animagus form." Jogging to catch up, Harry turned a corner, taking the short cut through the alley.

"C'mon, slowpoke. You might want to get home soon," Tagger said.

"Why's that?"

"Because it's getting dark."

Harry scowled. "I can take care of myself."


Really annoyed, Harry glared at Tagger. "My own inner animal doesn't even believe in me? Aren't you also me?"

"Half and half. I am and will always be apart of you. However, I will always be me. I have a life and it could have been or will be taken away after you complete your transformation."

Harry walked silently, thinking. "I would never get rid of you, Tagger. I've only known you for a day but I feel like I've known you forever now that I think about it. I promise you, you will never have to go away," Harry said sincerely.

Tagger gave him a full out grin. "Knew ya couldn't survive without me. You'd probably get too bored. You are pretty boring, Harry."

Harry chuckled, amusement and mischief in his once dull green eyes. They used to be blank, full of worry, but now thanks to Tagger, they were alive. Harry was pretty sure everything was going to be alright from now on.

"Oh, by the way." Or maybe not. "You're gonna experience pain in your ass in 3…2…1."

"Wha-ahhh!" Harry fell to the ground. Harry felt pain coming from his lower back. The sensation from earlier came back, his bones growing and changing. Harry was suddenly very thankful being in an alley.

The pain finally gone, Harry got to his feet, although a bit wobbly at first. Groaning, Harry turned his head so he could see his back. Eyes wide Harry gasped. "What the?! I got a stinkin tail? Now?!"

"Yep!" Tagger cheered. "You can now prove to everyone that you really do have a stick up your butt when you're angry."

Ignoring the comment, Harry inspected his new tail. "Did this have to happen now? I knew I would have to transform but… I guess I didn't really think about it. Oh well, at least it's really neat looking and my pants didn't actually break, just left a hole for the tail."

Harry's tail had dark, black scales, both top and bottom. It was really only scaly, no spikes or anything. The tail was spaded, just like Tagger's. Harry waved it. "Very agile. Good for knocking opponents away from my territory. …Wait? Territory? When did I start thinking like that?" Harry turned to Tagger and guessed it was from the dragon instincts.

Tagger yawned and looked at Harry. "C'mon, chibi, lets go."

"I thought I told you not to call me that," Harry said with a grin and ran home the rest of the way, eager to get there fast so no one would see. Strangely, he didn't feel anything as he was starting to transform. It just felt right.

Ten minutes later, Harry had come across a problem. It was dark, the front door was locked, and he had no idea how he could get to his window.

Tagger mock scowled at Harry. "I told you to jump."

"All the way up there? And how will I do that?"

"Take a running start; quickly hop on all fours and then leap like a frog."

"…Like a frog?"

"Yes, Harry, like a frog. Or maybe a cat."

Shaking his head, Harry complied. Checking to make sure his bandana was secure around his forehead and his backpack on tight enough, Harry ran forward, did as he was told and jumped from all fours.

Tagger stared wide eyed as Harry jumped, almost making it but instead hit face first into the wall. It was small at first. Then it became outright loud laughing. "That was hilarious, Harry! Do it again. You really are good entertainment."

Growling loudly, Harry scooted back before pausing in mid step. "What's wrong?" Tagger asked.

"Hey! I just got growling right." Harry beamed up at Tagger, obviously very pleased with himself. "I didn't feel any pain either."

"Not everything will be painful. Just the important things like a snout, the removal of a few fingers and, oh let's not forget, wings!"

"When will I get wings?" Harry asked, excitement nearly blowing off him.

"Not sure, now get up to that window!"

This time, with more vigor, Harry ran and jumped as high as he could. This time he really did make it but nearly fell backwards and out the window. "Guess I need practice."

"It's ok. You'll get your practice soon enough."

Hopping inside 'his' room, Harry walked over to the owlets, Hedwig was there as well. "Hey girl, how was the flight."

Hedwig hooted softly and held out her leg. A single note was attached. Harry noticed Dumbledore's writing and ripped it open.


I thank you for the information you have given me. I must think on this. I do not yet have a name for the manacles you spoke of. Keep in touch,


P.S. Please send Hedwig right away saying if you would rather go to Hogwarts immediately or go to where your friends are.

Harry stared at the letter. He was once again given no information. Frowning at the last bit, Harry grabbed a quill and wrote,

Of course I'll go where Ron and Hermione are.


As if he wouldn't go see his friends. "Up for another fly, girl? Sorry that you have to leave right away."

Hedwig only clicked her beak, grabbed the letter and flew off through the open window.

Sighing Harry glanced down at the three…no, wait. There were only two owlets! Quickly falling to hi knees, Harry searched under his dresser and around his bed.

"Tagger I can't find Padfoot!" Harry even looked under the loose floorboards. "Where is he?"

Tagger's laughter made Harry look at the small dragon. "Look a bit higher."

Harry looked up. "I don't see him, and Padfoot can't fly yet." Harry looked at the walls and finally came across his dresser. Eyes narrowed, Harry could make out Padfoot among his many clothes. "Padfoot, how did you get up there?"

Padfoot only hooted happily and jumped onto Harry's out stretched arm. Grinning, Harry put Padfoot onto his bed. Taking off his backpack, Harry made his way to the other owlets, but ended up tripping on the way there.

Glaring at his tail in annoyance, Harry attempted to 'move it' out of the way. "The heck? It has a mind of its own!"

"Instincts, Harry. Tense up, control it." Harry tried, he really did, but he just couldn't get moving his tail right. "That'll be another thing we'll work on tomorrow."

Harry nodded, unhappy that he couldn't even get tail waging right. Harry looked back at the other two owlets and noticed them falling back asleep. "They get tired really easily. What do they do all day anyway? Padfoot probably playing too much for them."

Harry turned back to his bag and opened up a pocket, grabbing the newspaper from earlier, Harry read it quickly, snorted, and then began to rip some of the paper.

"Bad paper, chibi?" Tagger asked, dragon grin in place.

"I can see that you aren't going to stop calling me that." There was no annoyance in his voice as Harry ripped another piece of newspaper.


Stifling a small smile, Harry opened up another pocket and put the bits of newspaper in it. Padfoot hopped over, curious. "Heh, that's for you and the others," Harry told Padfoot. "Just in case."

Padfoot hooted and jumped into the pocket. Giving one more hoot, Padfoot inspected the 'room' Harry had prepared for him and the other owlets.

Harry put a few of the prank items Fred and George gave him in his backpack.

Harry walked to his bedroom door and opened it quietly, there was no noise. Glancing at the clock, Harry realized it was a little late. Guessing the meeting went alright, Harry walked towards his bed before freezing, his nose working on overdrive.

He could smell… something. Something was not right. All instincts told him to run. "I can feel it too, Harry," Tagger said, very serious.

Harry narrowed his eyes. Why did he suddenly feel this way? He was tense, as if ready for a fight. But Dumbledore said he would be ok, right? Harry walked over to Padfoot and noticed the owl still inspecting the pocket.

Carefully lifting the bag, Harry peered at it. Was something wrong with the bag? No, couldn't be. He was with it all day. Carefully putting it on the floor, Harry went to the window and jumped out. Landing quietly, Harry scanned his surroundings, looking for anything.


Harry's head jerked. His eyes widened as he saw a figure, dressed in a black robe and white mask. He was thanking Merlin for his new eyes. He could see a bit better at night than ordinary people could.

Glancing around, Harry saw every bush, every tree, every Death Eater. He was surrounded.

"We need to go," Tagger hissed.

Harry nodded. He needed to write a letter, and fast! But how? Hedwig was gone. The owlets… "The owlets! Something's wrong right now." Harry didn't know why or how, but he knew something wasn't right in the house. "Of course not, Death Eater's are here. But…I should be safe…right?"

Harry quickly jumped back to his window, better than the last time and Harry was very thankful for that. Jumping into his room, Harry searched around, looking for anything.

His scar was starting to sting. "This cannot be happening! There's no way Voldemort could be here."

Harry wrenched the door open and took three steps out before he was hit with a curse and sent flying into the wall in his room.Dazed, Harry looked up and his eyes widened. There was no way he could be here. But he was. And there he was.

Voldemort strode in, wand pointing at Harry's heart. "Don't do anything foolish, Potter. I have Death Eaters around the house. There is no escape."

Harry felt a shiver go up his spine. "But the blood wards! Dumbledore said—"

"Ah, yes, the blood wards," Voldemort cut Harry off. "Did that muggle loving fool really think I wouldn't find a way in? I have your blood!"

Harry got to his feet slowly, wary of the wand that was pointed at him. He dared not take his wand out of his pocket. Staring into Voldemort's eyes, Harry asked, "How did you make my scar not hurt?"

Voldemort had an amused expression on his face. Harry doubted anyone ever talked to him like this when they were at wand point from him. "I have ways, Potter."

Harry snorted but immediately regretted it when he felt three stings hit his chest. Grimacing, Harry could feel blood on his chest. Looking at Voldemort's wand, Harry saw a reddish whip like light producing from the end. "Bastard whipped me."

"I would show more respect, Potter," Voldemort sneered.

Harry narrowed his eyes. "What about the Dursley's? What did you do to them?"

Voldemort smirked. "My Death Eater's are having a little fun with them."

Harry's blood ran cold. Sure he didn't like the Dursley's, but that didn't mean he wanted them to go through the type torture Death Eater's put people through.

Voldemort eyed Harry, almost longingly. Harry shivered at the look. He really did not want to know what kind of torture Voldemort had planned for him. That wouldn't happen. Dumbledore would come, right? He'd be safe…right? Wouldn't anyone come?

"And another thing, Harry, my Death Eaters will stop anyone from getting in. It doesn't matter; no one even knows we're here. You aren't going anywhere."

"So…no one knows you're here?" Harry asked, hope vanishing. He really hoped Voldemort couldn't see in the dark as well as he could. Maybe he could get away; his room light was shut off.

Voldemort, as if reading his thoughts, said, "And don't even think about running, I can see perfectly fine in the dark."

Harry blinked. "…Shit."