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Extended Summary: (since the spot they give is too short to do it justice)
Kimberly Jordan was just your normal everyday teenage girl. Sure her parents were the richest people in Jordan Park which thus made her the most popular girl in school and she did have these strange gifts which allowed her to turn invisible or intangible and shoot green blasts of energy out of her hands, but she had two best friends and a loving family just like every other person.

Then, everything turned upside down when she found a black haired, blue eyed boy on her stairs who had the same abilities she did. He was looking for Danny Fenton, the town hero who had mysteriously disappeared fifteen years ago and he needed her help. Now she and her friends along with the boy and his friends must travel through Danny Fenton's world, looking for the clues he left behind, involving them in a hunt for a secret weapon and a prophecy that will help them rescue Danny Fenton and save the world from a dangerous adversary. But is there more to this boy than meets the eye, and is there more to Kimberly's past than she thought?

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Secrets from the Past

Chapter One
Kimberly Jordan

Kimberly Jordan opened her icy blue eyes as the sound of the radio from her alarm clock rang in her ears. She squinted as the bright sunlight shined into her bedroom and she rolled over in her king size bed pulling the rich red fabric of her covers about her body, her head resting on the mountain of red and gold pillows. She didn't want to get up, not yet. She was having such a wonderful dream, something about a boy with white hair and glowing green eyes flying through the night sky while she flew next to him. For some reason, she felt comfortable flying next to the boy; she felt like she knew him, like a brother. But who could he be? She didn't know anyone that looked like that, nor any boy she'd feel that comfortable with, and she never had a brother.

What intrigued her most about the boy was his appearance. It wasn't that she thought he looked strange or anything, it was more that at times, she looked like that as well.

Kimberly wasn't a normal sixteen year old girl. The public saw her as the fortunate daughter of the richest people in Jordan Park and the most popular girl at Phantom High, but what they didn't know was that she had a deep secret. For as long as Kimberly could remember, she had the strange ability to turn invisible and intangible. Then, when she was nine, she discovered that if she wanted, she could create two rings of light around her waist which would then move up and down her body and change her clothes into a black jumpsuit with silver accents. Her normally raven black hair would turn snow white and her icy blue eyes would turn a bright glowing green, just like the boy in her dream. She discovered that while she looked like this, she had the ability to fly, to her great enjoyment. Then, about three years ago, she discovered that she could shoot rays of green light out of her hands and create a shield of light around her. Then, a year after that, she learned she could scream and project sonic waves that would destroy anything in their vicinity. Now, just recently, she discovered that she could blow things up when she was angry. She never really knew why or how she continued to get all this abilities and at times they scared her.

She turned her head towards her alarm clock which was starting to beep loudly, telling her that she needed to awake immediately. She lifted her hand up and shot a green ray at it, blowing it up as she dropped her arm back onto the bed, again lost in her thoughts.

Of course she had told people, she would have gone insane if she didn't. The only people she trusted with this secret were her two best friends Noelle and Jacob, whom she'd known since third grade, when she first moved from England to what was then called Amity Park. They welcomed her into the class and ate with her when no one else would because she was new and they quickly became the best of friends. Not too long after that, her parents bought out practically the entire town and thus renamed it, to Kimberly's great embarrassment, after themselves. After her parents' demonstration of just how much money and power they had to shove around, she became almost a celebrity in the eyes of the town and she was suddenly ransacked by people, requesting to be her friend. From then on, she had become the most popular girl in school and had many many friends, none of whom really cared about her or her problems. They just wanted to be around her. Noelle and Jacob, however, never seemed to care that she was rich or popular. They treated her just the same, no matter what, which made Kimberly feel extremely happy.

So, eventually she told them her secret, and they didn't shun her or ridicule her. In fact, they thought it was really cool and continually asked her to use her powers to fly them around town or play pranks on people. Whenever she discovered that she had a new power, for it seemed like it happened a lot, they would be there for her, telling her that it was cool. She didn't think she could have made it through the years without them.

Telling her parents was out of the question. She loved them dearly and she knew they loved her back, but they were too prim and proper to understand. To them, appearance was everything, demonstrated by their unnecessarily large house, so she didn't want to think about what would happen if she told them. Her family entertained too many politicians and other influential people that she didn't think they'd accept her.

She was pulled out of her musings by Sylvia, who had been her nanny when she was young and was now her personal maid and was almost like a favorite aunt. Sylvia also knew about Kimberly's unique abilities since when she was young she had a hard time controlling her abilities, especially the intangibility one, so it didn't take long for Sylvia to realize that something was up. She too didn't care, much to Kimberly's relief.

"Still asleep?" she questioned in her cheery British accent. "You know you have to attend the ceremony today. Now come on! I have the hot water running for you in the shower." Kimberly made no sign that she was planning on extracting herself from the warm comfort of her bed. Curse her parents for buying her such a nice bed. She heard Sylvia walk across the room and wrench open the red and gold curtains as light poured into the room. Kimberly buried her head further into the pillows, trying to hide from the bright light. Sylvia walked over to her and sighed. "That's the second alarm clock you've gone through this week Miss Kimberly! If you continue to blast them you're parents will get suspicious at why you have to continue buying more."

"They'll never know. They have so much money they won't even realize if twenty dollars goes missing for a new alarm clock," Kimberly added bitterly as she sat up. Frankly she despised being so rich and popular. She didn't like being pampered like a princess or have people fawn over her. Sylvia realized this, and respected it, which is why she loved her so much.

"Well, she finally lives. It's about time. Now hurry and get dressed!"

"Alright, I'm going!" Kimberly moaned as she walked towards the bathroom, Sylvia following her.

"It's a good thing I set your alarm clock half an hour ahead. Otherwise you'd never be ready in time," Sylvia stated as Kimberly stopped walking, looking at her evilly. "Oh don't look at me like that. I know how much you like to sleep in and we both know you can't be running late today."

"What would I do without you Sylvia?" Kimberly asked with an innocent smile.

"You'd be dead long ago because your parents would have killed you after not being ready for their first public appearance. Now get into the bleedin' shower!"

Kimberly smiled as she headed into her bathroom. She stepped into the nice warm shower and let the hot water wake her up as it poured over her long raven hair and toned body. After showering, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. She walked behind her intricately designed Indian changing screen and changed into a spaghetti strap and sweats before heading towards her vanity. She sat down and started brushing her hair, thinking about the upcoming ceremony. Every year on this date the town held a ceremony, honoring two of the town's greatest figures: Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton.

Danny Fenton was a great businessman loved by everyone in the town. He brought the town into national and soon worldly acclaim through his company FentonWorks. He used his parents' knowledge of ghosts and their ghost hunting business to create a new form of energy generated from ghost ectoplasm. This new source of energy saved millions of dollars and FentonWorks stepped into the worldly arena. He'd also spend his vast fortune to improve the life of what was then called Amity Park. The people loved and respected him and prospered under his generosity. He was even planning on running for mayor and would easily have been elected.

Danny Phantom was the ghost hero of Amity Park. At first thought to be a bad ghost, Danny Phantom never gave up and continued to protect the town from the real bad ghosts. Eventually the public turned their opinion and regarded him as a hero, saving the town on numerous occasions. He risked his life (well, if he had one) to constantly save the town and sometimes the world. He was a true hero and the town treated and honored him as much.

Then, fifteen years ago to the day, the loveable Danny Fenton, his wife Sam Manson, and their newborn child Victoria disappeared from their manor home. The home was left in shambles with dead bodies all over the mansion. No one could figure out what happened to the family and the police had no leads as to who could be responsible.

Then, not long after that, the town realized that Danny Phantom had also gone missing and no one could recall seeing him since before the Fentons disappeared. Some people believed that Danny Phantom was really Danny Fenton, which would explain why they both disappeared around the same time, but family members reported that he wasn't and that they were just good friends. They believed that Danny Phantom had gone off to look for the Fentons and most of the people believed them. Still others thought that Danny Phantom just disappeared because there were no more ghosts around and that it was just a coincidence that they both disappeared at the same time. Regardless of the cause, the city was devastated and sunk into depression until her parents decided to restore the city to its former glory. They renamed the city Jordan Park and changed the name of the high school from Casper High to Phantom High after the hero and renamed the city park Fenton Park after the loveable family.

So, every year, the people gathered on the day of the Fentons' disappearance to pay tribute to the two heroes and role models of the city. Of course, Kimberly's family was always front and center during this ceremony because of their charitable restoration and because her parents were rather close to the Fentons. It was well known that they had some connection with the Fentons, but her parents didn't like to talk about it. Like most things concerning the Fentons, it hurt too much to talk about them and they didn't like remembering them unless they had to.

As she thought about the ceremony, Kimberly continued to get ready. She blow-dried her hair and piled it into an elaborate style on her head, leaving two wisps of hair in front of her face as she usually did. She curled them along with some other pieces of hair and then proceeded to do her make-up, dolling her face up as she usually did when she needed to attend these public appearances. She adorned her ears with long, intricate black earrings and placed the matching necklace around her neck. After adding some rings and bracelets she walked over to her changing screen and pulled the silky black dress off the hanger, slipping the flowing black material over her body. She adjusted the bottom of the dress so the slit was up the middle, letting the material flow and twirl around her legs.

As she stepped out from behind the screen, Sylvia walked into the room.

"Oh Miss Kimberly, you're a vision!" she squealed as Kimberly twirled in the dress, loving how it swished around her ankles. She sat down in an armchair by her fireplace and started strapping the black spiked heels onto her feet. She grabbed her small sequined purse and stood up, ready to go.

"Alright, I'm done," she stated proudly.

"And with a few minutes to spare, I'm impressed. Alright, let's head downstairs and find you something small to eat."

They headed out into the hallway and down the grand staircase that lead them to the front room and then headed towards the dining room. There Kimberly beheld her family who too were dressed all in black; it was a requirement at these ceremonies.

"Kimberly, you look lovely," her mother gushed. "Is there a particular reason why you look so nice?"

"I just like getting dolled up, you know that," Kimberly replied as she grabbed half a cantaloupe and began to eat carefully.

She looked around at her family as they ate. Everyone had told her on multiple occasions that she didn't look a thing like the rest of her family. Her mother was blonde with brown eyes as was her younger sister whereas her dad had brown hair and green eyes, just like her older sister who was off at college. They had told her that she took after her grandparents, who had dark hair and blue eyes, so Kimberly never pushed it. Still, she always felt weird because she stood out so much.

They ate in silence, not really talking much. This day was usually a very dismal day, especially for the Jordan family. Her parents didn't like to talk about the Fentons very much, but she knew that they were close to them. They didn't even have any pictures of him because it was just too painful. Strangely, no one had any pictures of the Fentons or Danny Phantom. A law was passed before she moved here forbidding pictures of the heroes to be shown because it was just too depressing, so Kimberly didn't even know what they looked like. She had always pictured Danny Phantom as a cross between Batman and Superman, except a ghost and she always thought of Danny Fenton as a nice looking man with dark hair and gentle eyes and maybe a goatee. She knew that he was only in his twenties when he disappeared, so he probably looked pretty handsome.

Finally the family finished eating and decided it was time to head out. They filed into the black limo and drove off to the park, where the ceremony was usually held.

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