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The Loving Heart

It's been two weeks since Slade had taken Beastboy. We've searched frantically all over Jump City. We haven't found him yet. It's disheartening, but I have to believe that we'll find him, then, everything will be ok.

I now look out to the city from the large window of the living room.

"Beastboy, where are you?"

I hear someone enter the living room, I turn to look. It is Robin.

"Anything?" I began.

"No, nothing." He answered.

I sigh at that, then turn again to look out the window. 'I hope he's ok.'


I lay in a dark room. It's always dark in this room. Like as if the sun's light cannot ever illuminate it. It gives me the creeps. I have no idea how long I've been here, but it feels like an eternity. I lay here, my arms and ankles loosely chained to the wall. I am a prisoner in this forsaken place. Slade plans on doing horrible things with me. He tells me he's going to use me to destroy the rest of the Titans. He told me how he's going to do it.

Ever since I've been to this place, he's been torturing me. Not physically, but emotionally-torturing me. All this time, he's been telling me horrible things to fuel my anger. Things like, "People hate you, the world hates you, the Titans hate you." And in the first couple of times, I refused to believe him. I would stand up for my friends. But still, he'd continue my torment.

"You don't know it yet Beastboy, but deep down, your 'friends' hate you."

"T-That's not true! They care for me! Just as I care for them! She loves me! Just as I love her!"

He chuckles, "How sad, you don't seem to understand do you, my dear Beastboy?"

"W-What do you mean?"

"Haven't you realized it yet? All that they've done for you, up until now, was because they hated you."

"T-That's a lie!"

"It's true. Just think, my dear Beastboy. Why did they let you join the Teen Titans? Why do they continue to do all these nice things for you? Why do they insist that you are friends? It is not because they want to; it is because they have to."

"S-Stop it." I couldn't bare to look him in the eye anymore; I was curled into a ball with my knees up to my chest. I moved my hands to cover my ears. I didn't want to listen to this anymore.

"Oh, but you know it's true my dear Beastboy, even with Raven."

I tensed at that.

"She probably hates you the most my dear Beastboy. All the times you've agitated and annoyed her, no wonder she hates you. Even when she had to save your life."

"W-What?" I looked up at Slade with a confused look. "R-Raven saved my life?"

He just smirked again.

"She saved your life, because she had to, not because she wanted to."

It hurt to hear it, but part of me believed his words.

"You are a burden to them all, my dear Beastboy. You cause them so much trouble, yet you seem to think that there's nothing wrong with that. How selfish." He chuckles.

"Please, stop. No more, i-it hurts." I plead.

"Sorry my dear Beastboy, but I can't do that. You see, you're going to destroy the rest of the Titans for me." He chuckles. "I wonder how they'll react to you as a threat. It shall be very interesting."

"I-I won't do that to them! They're my friends." I try and argue.

He chuckles again. "How naïve. I'm afraid you don't have a choice in this my dear Beastboy."

I tense. "W-What do you mean?"

"Well, you see my dear Beastboy. I am going to make you transform into The Beast."

I tense again, this time; I stared back into Slade's eyes.

"The Beast?.! But, even I can't change into that now. It was only that one time."

"True, but you see, just because you can't change into it, doesn't mean it isn't there anymore. Its power, still lays dormant inside you."

My eyes widen at the realization.

"Do you remember when you first changed into The Beast, the first time you tapped into that incredible power?"

"N-No, only that I only did it to protect Raven." I whispered.

"That is true, but there is something more than just that my dear Beastboy."

"W-What do you mean?" I questioned.

"Do you honestly think that you could have unleashed The Beast by only wanting to protect her? I think not, at that time, your aggression levels were unstable my dear Beastboy."

He was right.

"You see, it's part of your blood. That aggression, is fueled by your anger, The Beast's anger."


"You are no more than an animal Beastboy, do you honestly think you're so human?" He chuckles.

"That's not true!" I yelled and stood up, infuriated. I couldn't go very far because I was still chained to the wall.

He chuckled again, "Yes, that's right my dear Beastboy, get angry. I can see it, the rage in your eyes, The Beast's eyes."

"I'm a person too! I'm not an animal! I have feelings just like everyone else!" Anger overcame me; I could not longer control myself. I was beginning to grow larger, hair began to cover my entire body, I began to grow sharp claws, my jaw widened and I grew vicious canine teeth, my eyes, no longer human. I became The Beast.


I was in a state of awe; I have never seen The Beast up close like this before. It was simply amazing; his piercing eyes were intimidating enough, let alone his extremely sharp claws and teeth.

"Excellent!" I chuckled. "Can't you feel your power Beastboy!.? When you are The Beast, there is no one who can stop you, not even the Teen Titans!"

My gazing eyes studied the amazing beast. It breathed heavily as it towered over me. Suddenly, something went wrong. The Beast started to roar furiously as if it were in pain. It was thrashing about, uncontrollably. I had to jump away to avoid being mutilated by his sharp, thrashing claws.

"Beastboy! Control yourself!" I commanded. The Beast did not listen; Beastboy no longer had the willpower to control himself. I chuckled, "Perfect."

The wild beast thrashed about, trying to break the steal chains. The Beast raged about, he was no longer Beastboy. The Beast would destroy all of Jump City and the Teen Titans.

"I think it's time to carry out my plan, don't you?"


"Raven, there has been a disturbance in the city! We have to go check it out!"

"You guys go on ahead; I'm going to look for Beastboy." I said confidently.

"But, Raven! We might need you on this one!" Robin protested.

"Beastboy needs me more." I replied.

I looked back at him, and stared at him for awhile.

"Raven, we need to do this as a team. I promise we will look for Beastboy after we know that the city is safe." He said sincerely.

I sighed, "Fine, let's go."


We arrived somewhere north of Jump City, the industrial part of the city. There were lots of towering skyscrapers around; civilians were frantically running away…'but from what?'

"You there! Tell me, what's going on?" Robin asked a civilian who was running toward us.

"A-A monster! A t-terrible monster! H-Horrible sharp claws, teeth, a-and g-green fur!" The civilian just barely able to talk in his state of panic. He quickly fled away.

"W-What?.!" I said in disbelief.

"It can't be." Robin also said in disbelief.

"Oh, but it can, my dear Robin." We suddenly heard a very familiar voice in the distance.


"It's about time the Teen Titans showed up."

"Slade! What's going on here, and where's Beastboy?.!" Robin demanded to know.

"Well you see, my dear Robin, I thought you'd might like to reunite with a certain 'person'."

"What have you done with Beastboy!.?" I abruptly yelled.

"My, my Raven, what's wrong? Miss him already?" Slade chuckled.

"GIVE HIM BACK!" My anger started to get the best of me as my eyes grew red with rage.

"Raven, you have to calm down!" Robin soothed.

"I wouldn't get too angry if I were you Raven, I think you will need your self-control if you're going to fight him." Slade said coolly.

I managed to regain control and calmed down, "W-What do you mean?"

"Patience, my dear Raven, he's about to make his entrance." Slade smirked menacingly.

Just then, heavy footsteps could be heard from behind us.

We all turned around, fearing the worse.

"I-It's not possible!" Robin said in shock.

My eyes widened at who it was, "B-Beastboy?"

"Wrong, my dear Raven, it's not Beastboy anymore. He's The Beast now."

"N-No!" I said, still in a state of disbelief. "B-But, how?"

Slade chuckled again, "Didn't you realize the first time, my dear Raven? It's extremely rare for Beastboy to change into The Beast, afterall, it is what makes him such a threat. The Beast is unleashed whenever a particular emotion intensifies drastically, most of the time, it's anger. His 'demon' is a lot similar to yours, don't you think?"

"Beastboy…" Robin said softly.

"You best be ready to fight Titans, since The Beast is in complete control, he won't hold anything back and will attack anyone he meets. Which reminds me, I should keep my distance shouldn't I? I don't want to be caught in the battle afterall." He chuckled once more, "This is the end for you Titans, farewell."

With that, he just disappeared, leaving us with The Beast.

"What shall we do, Robin?" Starfire asked.

"We can't hurt BB, even if he's The Beast." Cyborg reasoned.

"I don't think we have a choice." Robin said finally, taking out his staff, ready for a tough fight.

The Beast stood there, just a couple of feet in front of us. It snarled, and bared its sharp teeth, ready to attack.

"N-No, w-we can't hurt Beastboy…" I said, bewildered.

"R-Raven, it's not Beastboy! We have to fight it before it kills us! We will try to hold back as long as possible for us to last, but if worse comes to worse…" Robin said sadly.

"…we won't let the worse happen." Cyborg said confidently.

"Friend Cyborg is correct." Starfire said.

"Raven, if we want to save Beastboy, then we must first stop The Beast." Robin suggested.

"A-Alright." 'It's the only way.' I reasoned with myself.

With that, the Titans took their battle positions and prepared for The Beast's onslaught.

The Beast snarled again, I stared into its piercing eyes; they had such killers' intent.

Suddenly, it charged at us, moving at incredible speed with intense ferocity. It charged at Robin, then leaped to try and take him down, but Cyborg intercepted his charge and when it leaped, Cyborg caught it in mid-air and tossed it over Robin's head in the direction it initially charged for. It was thrown a good ten feet before The Beast managed to hold himself from being launched any further.

"It's not going to hold back Robin." Cyborg said.

"We have to exhaust him without doing too much harm. Remember, he's still Beastboy." Robin gave the order. Everyone understood what they had to do. "Titans Go!"

Starfire lifted up Robin and took flight, Robin then threw some freeze disks at The Beast, he managed to freeze his feet temporarily.

Cyborg saw his opportunity, and charged full-on toward The Beast and threw a mighty punch with such force that The Beast flew fifteen more feet back.

"Azeroth Metrione Zinthos!" I chanted as I used my powers to pick up a car to throw at The Beast.

The Beast faltered, but recovered quite quickly.

It growled, then suddenly, it curled itself into a ball and had launched himself toward us at an incredible speed.

It hit Cyborg, then ricocheted off and hit the rest of us with great force. He was able to knock down all of us in just one attack.


"Perfect." I chuckled as I watched the battle from a distance. I find this very entertaining. "The Titans cannot stop The Beast when he is fueled by anger. He will destroy The Titans along with poor Beastboy. When he is The Beast, his body undergoes tremendous strain to keep up with The Beast's incredible speed and strength. If he is The Beast for a long period of time, his body will gradually wear down, and eventually he will die from exhaustion. They are all doomed." I chuckled again, "It's perfect."


The fight with The Beast was difficult; it felt like we've been fighting for hours now. We are exhausted, we've fought with everything we had, but none of our attacks seemed to wear down The Beast. We are fatigued, while The Beast seems to have used little to no energy at all.

We are desperate.

'That's it! It's time to bust out the big guns!" Cyborg exclaimed, tired of just fighting in hand-to-hand combat.

He changed his right arm into his laser cannon, and aimed strait at The Beast. With the up-most confidence, he fired. The shot was perfect, The Beast didn't even seem to expect the shot because it was too busy fighting Robin. But just as it seemed the shot would hit it, The Beast vanished.

Cyborg's eyes widened at the sudden move. "W-What, where did it go?"

"Cyborg, above you!" Robin warned.

Cyborg looked above him, and saw that The Beast was above him, and was curled into a ball, ready to deal a heavy blow. Cyborg tried to dodge it, but was too slow since he was still shooting his laser cannon.

The Beast slammed right down onto Cyborg, the collision made a huge cloud of dust come up from the impact.

"Cyborg!" we exclaimed.

Seconds later, The Beast jumped out of the cloud of dust, seemingly unharmed by the tremendous collision.

When the dust cleared, we could see a huge crater in the middle of the street. We rushed to where the crater was to find Cyborg.

"Cyborg, are you alright?" I tried to call.

When we got to the massive crater, we saw that Cyborg was ok down at the very bottom. Well, sort of ok. He was conscious, at least.

"Phew, he's alright." Robin sighed.

"Alright?.! What do you mean, 'he's alright.'? The blow from the impact totally crushed my arms and legs! They're in a billion pieces! Do you have any idea how long it takes to build a new pair of arms and legs?.!" Cyborg argued from way-down below.

"Cyborg, we all know you have at least twenty pairs of arms and legs stored away in your shop." Robin continued.

"That's not the point!" Cyborg pouted. "Can one of you just get down here already and help me go back to the Tower so I can go and reassemble myself?"

"Right, Starfire, go down and escort Cyborg to the Tower." Robin gave the order.

"Yes." Starfire said.

"Ugh! I am so kicking your ass when I get back, Beastboy!" Cyborg cursed as his body was carried off by Starfire.

The Beast tried to attack Starfire to prevent her from carrying off Cyborg by curling himself into a ball and launching himself into the air, but Robin had intercepted his attack by smashing The Beast back down with a mighty swing of his staff.

"You're not going anywhere!" Robin warned. "Raven, we'll have to deal with him by ourselves for now."

"Right." I replied.

The Beast curled into a ball again and was ready to launch another attack. I have been watching his attacks very closely; his most devastating attacks are when he is in ball form and it is also when he is most invincible because of the sheer power and speed he gains. He is vulnerable when he exhausts his energy while in ball form; when he does this, he has to return to normal beast form in order to restore his lost energy, and when he finally does restore his energy, he goes back to ball form. I've figured out The Beast's attack pattern.

Robin charged recklessly at The Beast. "Robin, don't!" But it was too late, Robin leaped up in the air and was ready to swing down his staff to attack The Beast from above. However, as Robin moved in closer, The Beast suddenly leaped up in his ball form and struck Robin hard, sending him flying back with tremendous force.

He landed on the ground, I rushed to his side.

"Robin! Robin are you ok?.!"

He didn't reply, he was out cold. I cursed to myself. I'd have to fight The Beast myself.

I turned back to look at The Beast. He stood there in the distance, he began to walk towards me. He walked, then once got just a few feet from me, he stopped.

I grew afraid of him, I wanted to run away. However, I couldn't. I looked at him. He was breathing hard. I looked up into his eyes, they were filled with anger, hatred, and rage. I looked deeper, and saw something else… sadness, loneliness, and pain.

That's right, I shouldn't be afraid of him, I can't run away form him. Somewhere deep inside The Beast, Beastboy is still there. I began to feel sadness as well: all the pain that Beastboy went through ever since Terra died.

"Raven...I love you."

He loved me back. The affection I had for him, he had for me. We are different, yet we are so much alike. I will love Beastboy with all my heart, unconditionally. I know he would do the same.

I continued to stare at The Beast. He is still Beastboy. I became overwhelmed with emotion, tears began to swell in my eyes. I started to walk closer and closer to The Beast, my eyes, never leaving his.

"Oh, Beastboy." I began.

The Beast snarled, but I continued to advance towards him. 'I won't run away from him. I won't abandon the one I love!' I said to myself.

"Beastboy, no more. No more anger, no more hatred, no more rage. This isn't you, Beastboy, I know it isn't. The Beastboy I know would never harm his friends!"

The Beast just snarled again, I got closer and closer, until I was within arms reach of him.

"The Beastboy I love…would never do such a thing." I stared up at him, tear falling from my face.

The Beast just stared back down at me, baring his teeth. But the, his expression softened. At the second, I knew that Beastboy was there. Suddenly, The Beast growled in pain. He was brought to his knees, his claws were clenching his head. Beastboy was trying to fight for control of The Beast.

"Beastboy!" I began to worry.

"R-Raven! P-Please, g-get out of here! I-I don't want to hurt you anymore! I-I'll never forgive myself if I do!" Beastboy said through his pain as he temporarily had control over The Beast.

"But Beastboy, I love you, with all my heart!"

"-And I love you, Rae! But please, I can't control him much longer, if he regains control, I-I might kill you!" He pleaded.

Tears continued to fall down my face.

Beastboy growled in pain again, he was losing control of The Beast.

'No, Beastboy!'

Without hesitating any longer, I knelt down and embraced The Beast. I clung to his waist, with all my might.

"I won't abandon the one I love most in this world! I love you, Beastboy."

The Beast began to shake violently, I was scared, my eyes were closed shut, but I never loosened my grip. I promised to never abandon him. The Beast growled again. Suddenly, The Beast started to shrink in size, his waist was getting smaller, I could no longer feel hair, but skin.

I opened my eyes, and saw that I was clinging to an exhausted Beastboy. When I released my grip, he collapsed, but I had caught him just before he land on the ground.

"Beastboy!" I yelled with excitement and surprise. "You're ok!"

I sat there on the ground, he was leaning up against my body, I embraced him once more.

"R-Raven…" Beastboy began.

"Shh…don't talk anymore, you need to rest." I soothed.


"…live a long and happy life; a life with no regrets, and filled with endless love."

I smiled at that. 'Thanks, Terra."

I continued to lay in Raven's lap, I can feel her warmth and love. I smiled again, "I love you so much, Rae."

"I love you too, BB." She said as she smiled. It was the first time in a very long time since I've seen Raven genuinely smile. She leaned down, and kissed me. I tensed from the sudden action, but then, I kissed back. Her lips were just as soft, and oh-so-kissable as I first imagined them to be. We shared our first kiss. I have never been more happier in my entire life.

"Ahem!" We heard someone from behind us.

It was Robin, Cyborg and Starfire, giggling like crazy.

"Well, I think everything is ok here." Robin said.

"Right, so is everyone happy now?" Cyborg questioned.

"How wonderful! Friend Raven and Friend Beastboy have finally started the ritual of mating!" Starfire said with great glee.

We both blushed at our friends' comments. But we couldn't care less, we are happy and while we are together, we will forever be happy.

The End

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