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Summary: Somethings got to give them those butterflies. Gabriella and Troy are nervous around eachother, but soon they have to fess up with their feelings. What happens when they are too nervous to admit how they really feel? It's not the perfect first kiss, or the 'i love you', but true highschool drama.
AuthorsNote: I swear, I have writers ADD. Haha. Tell me if I should continue. I wanted a highschool fic, since most of mine are older Troyella. You know, the spice of life. Haha. Read and Review.

And with no further adieu.

An awkward silence fell over the teenagers as they sat in the back of the theater, waiting for their parents to pick them up from practice. "Well. That was something I never thought I would do." Troy said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "No kidding." Gabriella replied, looking down at her shoes. Things had been awkward between them ever since the triple win. Both thought eachother had a rush of defeat after the win, but they knew that they wanted to kiss themselves. Doubts ran through their minds as they sat in the theater seats. "Who would have thought." Gabriella said, finally looking up, "Troy the basketball guy being such a star." She chuckled as Troy joined her. "Well, Ms. Braniac. Did you ever think you would be on a stage singing in front of a good portion of the school?" She took a deep breath, "Never." Troy threw his head back, "Basketball is over." Gabriella just laughed, "Happy?" He closed his eyes, "Estatic."

A car pulled up just as Jack Bolton came through the doors. Perfect timing. "Ms. Montez." He said as he waved, "Congratulations." She smiled, "Thank you Coach." She turned to Troy, "I'll talk to you later. See ya Troy." Troy's heart dropped, "Wait. I'll call you." He said as he gestured with his hands. "Sounds good." "Bye Gabriella." She turned around and waved at him. His face was red. "So, my son has a crush?" Troy rolled his eyes and stampeded to the car. "That was a question." Jack replied with a chuckle. Troy turned around, his face still beat red. "And that was an answer." Troy said as he got in the car. So, everyone knew Troy liked Gabriella but Gabriella. Smooth Troy Bolton. You are the suavest thing on two feet. But ofcourse, Gabriella had the same deal going on. The boy she was obsessing over didn't like her. Or so she thought. Teenagers are so oblivious these days. Sheesh.

Troy threw his bookbag on his bed as he pulled out Algebra II homework. 'What the Hell?' Troy mumbled to himself as he flipped through pages, trying to figure out what he was doing. "Screw it." He said as he closed his notebook. Everyone else seemed to get logs, but him. He picked up the phone and called Gabriella.

"Hey." Gabriella answered, knowing it was Troy. "Hey. What are you up to?" Troy rummaged through his bookbag trying to find notes from Algebra II, but then remembered that he slept through it. "Just got done with homework, and I am completely bored. You?" Troy laughed, "Well see, some people aren't as smart as you, so they are still working, well attempting, on their homework." He heard Gabriella giggle on the other end. His heart melted as he smiled, 'I made her laugh' he thought over and over in his head. "Do you need help?" She asked. "That would be greatly appreciated." He said. Maybe homework wasn't so bad after all. "Well, I know about where you live, so do you want to wait outside or something, and I'll come over?" The biggest smile spread over both faces, "Sure. I'll meet you at the corner." "See you in a few minutes." "See ya."

Troy jumped off his feet and threw back on shoes. Before leaving, he looked around his room, making sure everything was in decent order, and then in the bathroom mirror. He flipped his hair, and then winked in the mirror. Jack laughed as he watched his son. "Hot date?" Troy froze in the bathroom, his face red. "Gabriella is coming over to help me with my homework." Jack grinned, "Do you actually need help, or do you just want to see her?" Troy rolled his eyes, "It's math dad. Do you honestly think that I get it." He headed out the door, 'But it doesn't hurt to spend time with her' he added in his head. He ran outside and to the corner just in time for Gabriella.

"Hey!" Gabriella said excitedly. Troy just kind of stared at her, "Hey." They walked to his house and up to his room. She sat on the edge of his bed, grabbing his book and setting it on her lap. "What page was it?" Gabriella asked him as she flipped through the book, trying to find the most familiar work. "Uh. 668." Troy said as he nervously grabbed his notebook. He laid on his stomach next to where Gabriella was sitting. She stood up and then laid on the bed next to him, but there was distance between the two. "Okay. Log of 4, base 2 equals 2." She said as she wrote it down, numbering it number one on his paper. "The base is going to be your main number when you rewrite it." She said, using few technical words, trying not to confuse him. "So, it would be 2 to the what equals 4." "To the second?" She nodded. "Oh, so the number on the other side of the equals sign is the little upper thing." Gabriella laughed, "An exponent." Troy just mouthed 'oh'. "So, if log of eight, base 2, equals what?" "Let's see." Troy thought, drawing numbers in the air with his pencil, "Two to the what equals eight. Uhm, three?" Gabi laughed, "There you go." "But what about these?" He said as he pointed to problems further down. "Natural law? Troy, don't get ahead of yourself now. Let's do number three before thirty four." Troy just laughed.

By six thirty, Troy knew everything about the chapter. He was relieved. There was a knock on the door as Jack came in, "Gabriella, would you like to stay for dinner?" Gabriella looked at Troy, who nodded his head. "Sure. Thank you." "No problem Miss Montez. It will be done in a half an hour or so." With that he closed the door again. Troy sat up and close the book and his notebook. "Thank you soo much Gabi." 'He called me Gabi', Gabriella thought as she smiled. "Glad I could help." She said with a smile. "So, how about Sharpay lately?" Troy asked as he jammed the book in his bookbag. "She can be so evil. I just want to tell her that there is no way that I am dropping out of the musical, so she can just forget it." Troy laughed, "Too bad she didn't turn out more like Ryan. He just doesn't talk." Gabi laughed.

"Want to go outside?" Troy asked as she nodded and stood up. They went outside and began to shoot hoops. "I thought you were tired of basketball." Troy shrugged, "Basketball on a team and outside of it is different." He shot it and it went in, and Gabriella followed, mimicking the same shot. "One on one, Bolton?" "You're on Montez." He said as he watched Gabriella dribble down the court. She shot it and it went in. Troy took it and went to the line. "He lines it up, he shoots." He annouched as the ball slid off the rim, "And then Gabriella got it, "And Montez gets the rebound and goes back to the line, laying up and it goes in." Troy just chased her, ignoring the ball. He wrapped his arms around her and started tickling her. "Troy, you better not be losing." Jack called out grinning at his son, who was majorly flirting with Gabriella. "Time for dinner you two." They got up and straightened themselves up and went inside and washed their hands. When Troy was done, he flicked water at her with his hands. "No fair." Gabriella said as she poked him in the side. He squirmed and laughed.

The family got to know Gabriella during dinner, and suprisingly after recent events, they got along great. Soon it was seven thirty. "Uhm, I better get going." Gabriella said after dinner, "Thank you so much for having me over." "You are welcomed over here at any time." Mrs. Bolton said. She got her purse, "Thanks once again." "WAIT!" Troy said, running towards the door, "I'll walk with you." Kelly (mrs. bolton) and Jack stared at eachother and grinned. Gabriella smiled at Troy. "Thanks." "Least I can do, for you helping me with my work." She smiled as they walked out. They chitchatted about random things on their walks, and finally they got to Gabriella's house.

The porchlights shined on the two as they sat there in awkward silence. Not knowing what to do, Troy took his hands out of his pockets and sat there. He wasn't sure whether to kiss her or what. Then he sang in his head 'What you waiting for? Kiss her, Kiss her.' But then he stopped. He looked at her and leaned in. He gently placed his lips on hers as the nervous energy took over. Whoever said the first kiss is the best kiss? They lied. Sure it means alot, but it is just plain awkward. It wasn't a bad kiss, but the two were nervous. They pulled away and smiled at eachother. "I'll see you tomorrow." Troy said as he walked away. "Bye Troy." "Bye Gabi." And with that she went inside her house and sat on the couch.

"You know, I would be pissed off Gabi. But I don't want to ruin your fantastic night." Shoot, she forgot to call. "Sorry." Gabi's mom gave her a warm smile, "Forget about it, but don't let it happen again. Tell me if you are staying for dinner and whatnot." Gabi nodded. "So, what happened with you and Troy." Gabriella blushed and leaned against the door, "Are you two an item?" She laughed, "Not sure." Mrs. Montez just smiled, "Well, did you have a good time?" Gabi nodded and headed upstairs. "Buenos noches, Mija." Gabi rolled her eyes at her mothers spanish, "Night mom." She flopped on her bed.

Fifteen minutes later, she called Troy. "Hey!" He said in a nervous and excited voice. "Uhm, I just wanted to make sure you got home alright, and noone kidnapped you." Troy just laughed, "I'm fine, but thanks for caring." How could she not care? She had true feelings for Troy, she thought. She didn't know much about love, but oh well. "Hey, tomorrow before school, do you want to meet me at the secret spot?" "I'd like that." Gabi said, smiling. "Well, I better get going." She added. "I'll talk to you tomorrow then." "Sounds good." "Goodnight." "Goodnight Troy." With that she hung up the phone and let out a loud and dramatic sigh. She heard her mother laugh from in the hallway, but she didn't care. She was having a great day, and nothing could stop that.