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Gabriella woke up, and for the first time in a while, she was excited to be up. She took a shower and blowdried her hair, leaving it down and in curls. She searched her closet high and low for the perfect outfit, and after five attempts, she finally came out in a pair of blue jeans, a brown abercrombie polo with pearls. She slipped on her Steve Madden flats and entered the bathroom, taking out makeup. She put on mascara and some blush and Pink Lemonade lipbalm. She finnished getting ready and headed down the stairs. She ate breakfast, a bagel with cream cheese, and headed upstairs to brush her teeth. She loaded up her bag and got in her mothers car.

Meanwhile, Troy was also in panic at the Bolton's residence. He slid on a pair of jeans that were ripped at the knee and a Hollister track jacket. He flipped his hair in the mirror, and smiled. It was going to be a good day, he could feel it. He rushed down the stairs and grabbed a protein bar. He then rushed upstairs to brush his teeth. "Troy, get down here. You said you wanted to get there early. So hurry!" Troy slipped on a pair of tan diesels and slung his backpack over his shoulder and ran outside to his Dad's car.

Troy got there before Gabriella did, and was relieved. He didn't want her to sit up here waiting, thinking he forgot about her. He looked around the secluded hideout, admiring the tulips that grew overhead, capturing the sun in the most perfect way. He heard feel run upstairs, "Hey you!" He heard Gabriella shout. He looked over the ledge and down to the stairs, "Good morning!" Gabriella looked around, "This place gets even better every time I come here." Troy grinned and leaned over onto the ledge, looking out towards the skyline of New Mexico. Gabriella stood next to him, but closer than usual. Troy, very hesitantly, put his hand over Gabriella's. He looked over at her for any sign of emotion, and smiled when she flipped her hand over and enlaced it with his. She looked over and smiled, but both of their faces were red.

'Out with it, Bolton' Troy thought as he looked around. He sighed, gripping a peice of paper in his fist and unfolded it, handing it to Gabriella. She stood there staring at the light pink paper. 'Valentines Day Semi-Formal' she read in her head and smiled as Troy began to speak. "I was wondering if you wanted to go with me." He said, looking over at her. She smiled up at Troy, kissing him lightly on the cheek, "I'd love to." Troy stood there shocked. "And well, I was wondering if-" He paused, looking for the perfect words, but his thoughts were scrambled as the warning bell rang, "We should get going." He looked at Gabriella and she nodded. He wished he would have said it, he wished that he didn't pause, but things don't always go so well.

They ran down the stairs, and didn't stop until they got to Darbus' classroom. Gabriella crept into the seat next to Taylor, "Hey girl! Where have you been?" The final bell rang as Gabriella zoned out, staring at Troy, who turned around and smiled at her. "Gabriella?" She shook out of it as she watched Taylors hand wave in front of her face, "Oh, uhm... Nothing." Taylor chuckled, "Yeah right, Montez. You got a little drool on your chin." Gabriella blushed, then as Taylor turned around, she wiped off her chin, just to be sure. Gabriella then laughed at herself for how stupid she was being.

"Troyyy!" Chad said, ruffling his hand playfully through Troy's hair. "Stop it man!" Troy said, shaking his head and let the hair fall in normal position. "What have you been up to?" Troy just smiled, "Nothing." Chad rolled the basketball around on his desk, "Bullshit, man. Spill, now." Then Darbus walked into the room, whistling. All eyes gazed upon Darbus. Sharpay poked Troy with a peice of paper folded up into a tiny square. He looked at his name that was written in cursive on the front, with hearts surrounding it. This wasn't Gabriella's handwriting, but Sharpay's penmenship. Troy rolled his eyes at Gabriella, who laughed and he unwrapped it.

Hey Troy! I was wondering if you found a date yet for the dance? Tootles Sharpay

Troy grabbed his pencil and scribbled down the word Yes. He tossed it back to her. Then it was returned to Troy. He was getting fusterated. She asked who.

I'm going with Gabriella.

He tossed it back to her, her eyes buldged out of her eye sockets, looking over at Troy, who was smiling in defeat. She mouthed the word 'Why?' as Troy looked back at Gabriella who seemed to be amused in the conversation. He mouthed back to Sharpay, "It's because I like her." Gabriella looked away and turned to Taylor, smiling. She grabbed a pink pen and paper and began to write.

Okay Tay, here it is.
Troy asked me to go to the dance w/ him this morning. How exciting! I went over his house to help him
with homework yesterday. I stayed over for dinner. It was really fun. He kissed me Taylor. Can you
believe it? He kissed me! And he just told Sharpay that he liked me! Life in New Mexico is good. Haha.
Love Gabs

She passed it to Taylor, who blurted out an 'aww' in the middle of Darbus' lecture on how The Phantom Of The Opera on stage is much better than the movie, which is true. Everyone turned around and stared at Taylor. "Isn't that the truth!" She said, acting like she was talking about whatever on Earth Mrs. Darbus was talking about. She smiled at Gabriella, who reached into her purse looking at her phone.

One New Text Message : TROY
Do you want to come over today after school? We can walk
home after rehersal.

She looked over across the class room to Troy and smiled. Then the bell rang and the kids hurried out to the hall. Troy bumped into her on purpose, "So, about tonight." Troy said, looking for an answer. Gabriella just nodded, "Sounds great." They enlaced their hands and walked down the hall. Chad walked up to Taylor, "Did we miss something?" Taylor just laughed, "No, just you." He rolled his eyes and walked away, then turned around to face Taylor, but she was gone. He sighed and went to Geometry.

The day finally came to an end, and Troy rushed over to Gabriella's locker. She closed it as they walked out in silence. After five minutes, Troy started to talk, "So." Gabriella swung her arms, and Troy caught the closest hand and held on to it. "Gabi, incase you are completely oblivious, I really like you." This caused a grin to creep up on Gabriella's face, "I like you too Troy." Troy stopped walking, stopping Gabriella with him, "So, what's this mean?" Gabriella just giggled under her breath, looking around at the trees, then her eyes set on Troy's, "What do you call two people who like eachother, and such?" Troy rolled his eyes, "Either boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife. But see, I like to not rush into marriage." Troy teased, grinning. "So, boyfriend and girlfriend it is?" Gabriella asked as she fished around for an answer. He just nodded, kissing her on the cheek, "Nothing has ever sounded better in my life." They relaced hands and continued to walk.

Troy's phone rang as he picked it up. "I'm digging this whole, telling your best friend about your girlfriend deal." Troy rolled his eyes, "I'll call you later okay? I'm with Gabi." "Whatever dude, but I want answers later." Troy laughed, "See ya man." And he hung up the phone. "It's been official for 30 seconds and Chad already calls. I think he's stalking me or something." Troy joked as they approached Troy's house. He opened the door for Gabriella who thanked him. They sat on the couch and watched music videos on MTV. They either criticized the odd dance moves, or sang along with the song. They sat awkwardly on the couch. Gabriella scooched over towards Troy. He looked over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He looked for anything to know what to do next, but Gabriella just laid her head on his shoulder. They sat there for a half an hour, until Mr. Bolton came through the front door. They both jumped apart and sat with their hands at their sides. They could be husband and wife, and still feel awkward together when around Jack.

After Gabriella had left, Troy called Chad. "Answers. I want answers." Chad blurted out. He could hear Taylor's voice in the back. The two had formed an odd friendship over the past month. "Hello to you too?" Troy laughed. "What happened." "We hung out. I kissed her. I asked her to the dance. We hung out. & We're boyfriend and girlfriend." He said in one breath, "And now, anything else, or can I go eat?" Troy mummbled as he searched the fridge. "So you are happy?" Troy rolled his eyes, "You have no idea." He heard Chad laugh at the other end, "You really like her don't you." Troy took in a deep sigh as he threw a microwavable burritto on the plate and slammed the microwave door shut, "I do Chad. I really do. I've never felt this way about a girl." Chad aww'd then stopped, "But you felt this way about a boy?" The alarm buzzed as he opened the door, and got out the burritto, "Shut the fuck up, man. I'm gonna go eat. I'll talk to you later." "Later."

Troy looked at the date on the calandar. Now there is one day he will never forget.

The dance was in two weeks and Gabriella didn't have a dress yet. Her and her mother decided on a bright pink, but changed their minds after finding a lace tea party dress in white, with black on the waist at Jessica McClintock. They immediatly bought it, and matching shoes and jewlrey. They got home and Gabriella fell asleep on the couch. She woke up with many text messages from Chad and Taylor congratulating her. She rolled her eyes and laughed as she flipped to the last one, "He's crazy about you." And that one was from Chad. She deleted all of them except for that one. She smiled as she read it over and over. It was the same vice versa too.