This is the last chapter. I just really want to get this out of the way. Let's call this chapter The Epilogue.

"We're home." announced Luke as he passed the sign saying 'Stars Hollow Next Stop'.

Lorelai looked at him and smiled. "I noticed." she said, happily. "Rory said she's gonna be at the diner."

"Ok, we'll go there." Luke drove into the direction towards the diner. They got off the truck and went inside and found Rory behind the cash register counting receipts, also having a cap on, which was turned sideways.

"Boy, she's beginning to be more like you everyday." mumbled Lorelai, with an amused smile.

Rory looked up and grinned. "Mom! Dad!." she yelled. Running up to them and giving them a big hug. "I missed you guys." she said.

"We missed you too kid." smiled Luke.

"How was it? I wanna hear all about it" she demanded, as they walked over to the counter.

"ALL of it?" asked Lorelai. Luke rolled his eyes.

"Well, save me from the gory details please." she giggled."But how was it though?"

"It was perfect." said Lorelai.

"That's so sweet."shesaid at awe."I'm glad you guys had a good time on your honeymoon. So, how is it being Mr. And Mrs. Danes?"

"Amazing." smiled Luke.

"Yeah. I'm finally a Danes now." gushed Lorelai.

"Which reminds me, while you guys were gone, the adoption papers came. All it needs is your signatures and I'm all set to be a Danes as well." Rory said excitedly.

"That's great hon. We'll get right on that once we get home." said Luke, beaming happily.

"Ok. I'm so excited. It's finally official!" cried Rory. The three just beamed.

"Hey dad?" said Rory entering the living room. She sat down next to Luke on the couch, who was watching something on TV.

"Yeah?" he said, lowering the volume and looked at his daughter.

"Um, when…remember after Liz's wedding, when you walked mom home?" she asked, trying to find the right words.

"Yeah?" he seriously didn't know where she was going with this.

"Well, remember when you asked mom to go to that movie with you afterwards?"

"Um, yeah."

"Well, did you mean it as a date?"

Now curious "Ok, why are you asking me this?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to know." Luke raised his brow and looked at her. Rory sighed. "Alright, fine, Marty asked me to go to a dinner and a movie with him and I just wanted to know if he meant he wanted to go on a date with me or it was just a friendly dinner and a movie."

Luke understood. "Rory-"

"I mean, he couldn't of had meant it to be a date right? Maybe it's just something between two friends. We have watched movies together before. And we have went out to eat many times before too. But never together. So maybe it is a date."


"Oh my god. It must be a date. What am I gonna do. Marty's my friend. I can't date my friend. I mean, I know you and mom were friends, but you guys were in love with each other. Marty doesn't love me. And I don't love Marty. I mean, he's nice. And I like him."


"Well, maybe I like him more than just a friend type thing. But he's still my friend. I can't think of him that way." Rory was now in a panic daze.

Luke sighed as Lorelai came down the stairs. "What's wrong with her?" she asked, sitting on the other side of Luke.

"She's just pondering on whether or not she has a date with Marty." answered Luke. Rory didn't even notice her mom had joined them.

"What? She has a date with Marty?"

"She doesn't know yet."

"What do you mean?"

"Marty asked Rory to a dinner and a movie and she doesn't know if it's a date or not."

"Oh." Lorelai giggled. "Rory, honey, you need a little clarification there?"

"Mom, do you think it's a date?"

"I don't know, depends. What did he sound like when he asked you?"

"I don't know, calm, casual."

"And have you guys ever had a dinner and a movie before?"

"yes, but separately, never both at the same time."

"Sounds like a date to me."

"But Marty's my friend. I can't be dating my friend."

"Your mom and I were friends before we went out." pointed out Luke.

"Yes. But it was obvious that you guys were in love with each other. I bet Marty doesn't even think of me that way."

"Right." said Lorelai sarcastically.

"He doesn't."

"I'm sure he doesn't hon." said Luke.

"Mom. Dad. He doesn't."

"Remember what I use to say every time you say that Luke had a crush on me?" said Lorelai.

"Yeah. You said no way in a million years that dad did not have a crush on you. You even swore on your love for coffee that he didn't"

"You said that?" asked Luke.

"Yes. I did. I was naïve and I didn't think that you did since I annoy the hell out of you. Boy, am I happy to be wrong. But, you see kid. He did have a crush on me. He was just pining away for me and waited eight whole years to ask me out."

"I was not pining." argued Luke.

"Excuse me. I believe a certain horoscope in your wallet would beg to differ."

"Mom, don't mock him. You were pining for him too." teased Rory. Lorelai glared.

Luke grinned. "Listen Rory, you may not think that Marty doesn't like you, but he does."

"How do you know?"

"I know. I've seen the way he looks at you. And he cares about you."

"Yeah he does." Rory agreed.

"And, I bet you like him too." teased Lorelai. Rory blushed. "See, you do."

"Ok, maybe I do. But still, maybe it's not a date."

"Rory. He asked you out on a movie and dinner. Please do not ponder any more than you already are. Remember what happened with mommy?"

"Oh, yeah, I remember. I had to turn off my phone because of that."

"Why, what happened?" asked Luke.

"Well," started Rory. "after you asked mom out on that movie, she didn't know if it was a date or not. So every minute, she would change her mind from it wasn't a date, to it was a date. And she would call me every single minute, even at night, so that I can help her analyze."

"You did that to her?" he asked, laughing.

"Hey. Do not mock. You did that to me."

"I told you it was a date." said Rory.

"Well I never did get to know if it was a date or not. Was it a date hon?" she asked Luke.

"It was whatever you wanted it to be." Luke shrugged.

"But I would have never got to claim it as a date since we never went on it until after you kissed me. Seven weeks after."

"Would you rather we went on that date and not have our first kiss at the Dragonfly?"

"No. I like our first kiss better. Of course, not including the Kirk part. And I loved our first date." they both smiled at each other remembering their first date.

"So," said Rory, bringing them back to reality. "You guys are saying that Marty likes me and that this is a date?"

"Yes." Luke and Lorelai said in unison.

Rory thought for a second. "Crap. Now I have to go find something to wear." said Rory. She got up from the couch and ran to her room.

Luke and Lorelai chuckled. They looked at each other and kissed passionately. "So, you really would have let me decide if it was a date or not?" asked Lorelai, in between kisses.

"Yep. Did you want it to happen that way?"

"Nope. Like I said, I loved our first date. At least that way, I had an idea of what it meant. And of what happened afterwards." she smiled, mischievously.

He grinned and kissed her again.

"Mom! I have nothing!" Rory yelled from her room.

Lorelai sighed. "Duty calls." she said, giving him one more kiss before she went to Rory's aid.

"I'm home." announced Rory as she entered the house.

"Living room." yelled Lorelai.

Rory walked in the living room and say her mom and dad snuggled together on the couch. "Hey." smiled Rory. She kissed both of them and sat down next to Luke and snuggled up with him as well.

"Hey Miss Smarty. Where's Marty. He. I rhymed." joked Lorelai, Luke rolled his eyes.

"Marty had to go finish up some more assignments. He said he's sorry he couldn't make it. He'll try next time. So, what are we gonna watch tonight?"

"What are we not gonna watch tonight. Your mother raided her old movie box this morning." said Luke.

"Oh my. This is gonna be a long night." said Rory.

"Hey!" pouted Lorelai. Luke and Rory just giggled. "Well, actually, I have something to tell you two." she said, sitting up and looking at them with a serious face.

"What is it?" asked Rory, now concerned.

"Yeah. Is everything ok?" said Luke in the same worried tone.

"Everything's fine. Actually, they're better than fine. They're fantastic." smiled Lorelai.

Luke and Rory let out a breath. "Don't scare us like that." said Luke. "Now, what is it?"

"Well, I went to the doctors this morning." she started, Luke and Rory's worried face were back. "It's nothing bad." Luke and Rory seems to relax a bit. "Well, you know that I've been in a crabby mood lately, and that I've been getting weird cravings, and that I've been vomiting more often and I keep eating apples and-"

"Oh my god!" Rory gasped. "You're not…are you?"

"What?" Luke asked.

Lorelai smiled, and nodded slowly. "Yes I am."

Rory shrieked and jumped up and down. Bringing her mother with her, hugging ever so.

"What? What's? going on." asked Luke. Rory just kept jumping. "Lorelai, mind telling me what's going on?"

"I'm pregnant Luke." she said softly. Luke didn't say anything for a moment. Then a grin slowly crept to his face. He soon got up and hugged Lorelai as well. Rory joined them.

"Are you really?" he asked.

"Yeah. I wanted to wait until Rory's here so I could tell you guys all together." she said, ears rolling down her cheeks.

"This is amazing." said Luke.

"I'm gonna be a big sister." said Rory. They all smiled and joined once again into a hug.

There's the last chapter. I hope you liked it. And thank you guys for reading and for your reviews.