One Last Chance

By Lord Giovanni

I know it isn't good,

these feelings deep inside.

But I knew I had to tell you,

Before I went and cried.

These feelings arn't of friendship,

no they're more than that.

They are of deep passion,

Of my best friend Matt.

How will he react?

We had made the pact:

Tell each other everything,

leave nothing behind.

Look in deep inside ourselves,

tell each other what we find.

Why did I find what I did?

Did I do somethin' wrong?

I didn't know how to tell you,

So I broke into a song.

What do you think of me now?

The path is yours to plow.

We can beat the differences,

as long as you want to.

Or you can just not tell me,

or tell me that we're through.

Decide my fate now,

the choice is yours to make,

You can heal my heart,

or cause it to break.

You can come and get me,

and we can eat your favorite pie.

Or just come and see me so I can say:

"I love you and Goodbye".

- Lord Giovanni

This is a poem from Tai to Matt Please leave comments (and flames). For it will encourage this BAD behavior in the future! -Lord Giovanni