This takes place about a week after the episode "Nightmares", so there are obvious spoilers up until that point. And now for the words we all know and loathe...I do not own Sam and/or Dean Winchester, their car, their dad, or the thoughts in their heads...although I do my best to borrow them and have them back at curfew."


Sam Winchester winced as the car's right front wheel found another pothole. Glancing over at his sleeping brother, he breathed a sigh of relief when Dean didn't stir. Sam could pretty much recite Dean's "the car is special" speech word for word; he wasn't ready to hear it again.

Sam took a hand off the wheel and wearily ran it over his face, as if to wipe the fatigue away. That last job had really taken its toll on him. Having to deal with horrible nightmares and debilitating visions were bad enough, but seeing Max take his own life like that…Sam pushed the memory away. His head knew Max's death wasn't his fault, but his conscience was telling him another story. Trying not to dwell on the events of the past week, Sam turned the music up a bit. He would never admit it to his older brother, but he was starting to enjoy the mullet-rock bands that Dean insisted they listen to.

A mumble from his right drew his attention from the road as Dean stirred in the passenger seat. Sam secretly willed Dean to wake up, but after a bit a maneuvering Dean hunkered lower in the seat and was still. Dean needed the rest after driving all day and night in an effort to get his little brother as far away from Michigan as possible. Sam grinned as he remembered watching Dean's inner struggle between possibly falling asleep behind the wheel, or handing his beloved over to Sam, who had gotten in a few fitful hours of rest before they crossed the Ohio state line. Dean's own tiredness won out, and now, 6 hours later, Sam needed a break. He was even willing to try and sleep a little, if it meant getting rid of the nagging headache that had begun 15 billboards back. Sam's grin faded as he slowly rubbed his hand across his forehead. What if it wasn't a regular headache, but the beginnings of a vision? He was a ticking time bomb with his new ability; a blinding vision at the wrong time could mean death to him and Dean during a job, and certain disaster while driving.

Pulling the car over to the side of the road, Sam pulled out the map. A small town was only about half an hour away. Perfect. Sam took a big gulp from the water bottle he got from the backseat. After halfway screwing the top back on, he glanced again at his brother. Remembering all the times in their youth when Sam had been so rudely awakened in one way or another by Dean, Sam unscrewed the top and splashed a considerable amount of water at Dean's face.

Sputtering and bolting upright in his seat, Dean opened his eyes and looked around wildly. "What the…" A fit of laughter caught his attention and he turned to glare at his brother. "Bastard."

Sam tried to get his amusement under control. "Sorry man, muscle spasm. Besides, we're about to enter the beautiful town of Sunny Springs, Pennsylvania."

"And what is so damn special about Sunny Springs, Sam?" Dean growled.

"Well, I'm assuming they have a motel with a nice warm bed. I'm tired, man, I need a break." Sam answered.

Dean wiped off his face with the bottom of his shirt. "Hey, you being tired isn't my fault!"

Sam's grin faded as he remembered Dean's words as they left the motel in Saginaw, "This is not your fault." Dean sighed as he watched Sam stare down at his hands. "Fine, Sam, Sunny Springs it is. But first we gotta find food…I had my beauty sleep, now I need some serious grub!"

Sam looked over at his brother a second before rolling his eyes. With the hint of a smile on his face, Sam put the car into gear and headed down the road.

Sam stared at the person sitting in the booth across from him. "Who the hell are you?"

Dean looked up mid-chew. "What?"

Sam shook his head. "You eat like a four year old at a fair. Sometimes I don't know how we're related."

Dean swallowed his mouthful of hamburger before grinning at his brother. "Gotta eat it before the juices run." Dean took a big sloppy mouthful of his burger to emphasize that point.

Sam smiled despite himself and grabbed a french fry. "So, do you want to hit the internet, or do you want the papers?"

Dean looked confused. "What are you talking about?"

"To look for our next gig. You know, the stuff we've been doing for the last 6 months?" Sam said slowly.

Dean shook his head. "Uh huh. We're on vacation, Sammy boy."

"What? We don't get vacations, Dean. We've gotta find…"

"Gotta find Dad, yeah, Sam, I know." Dean interrupted. "Listen, we went through a lot in Michigan. We need time to regroup. A little rest and hopefully a little fun is what we need right now, not killing some big bad."

"Dean," Sam began. Dean held up a hand, silencing him.

"No. We're going to have at least two or three demon-free days. You're the one always begging for a normal life. Well, here it is. We're going to kick back, relax, and," Dean looked up at the blonde leggy waitress who was walking towards a large man seated across the diner, "take in some of the local sights."

Sam looked at his older brother. Dean met his gaze with a steely stare. After a few tense moments Sam looked away. "Fine. You win. Dean. Dean?" Sam looked over his shoulder to see what was going on.

Dean clenched his jaw as he watched the man make another half-assed swipe at the waitress. She raised a slightly shaky hand to brush a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes as she tried in vain to take the guy's order. Without averting his gaze Dean slid out of the booth. "Excuse me, Sammy, I need to stretch my legs."

Dean felt his heart start to accelerate in anticipation. It'd been way to long since he had something to hit. He couldn't find his dad, couldn't save his brother from the nightmares and painful visions that now plagued his life, but he could damn well save this girl.