Boy or Girl?

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Summary: Uchiha Haruno Sakura was pregnant with their first child. Sasuke likes it to be a boy, but Sakura likes it to be a girl. Feeling a little excitement, Sasuke thinks up of a bet. If the baby is a boy, Sakura would be under Sasuke's command for a month. But if the baby is a girl, Sasuke would not eat any tomato for a whole month.

But, like they say, expect the unexpected… they had twins! Not only twins… but FRATERNAL ones! What will happen to their bet? How could Sasuke handle her mood swings and food cravings? How will he handle a raging pregnant? But on top of all questions… who will win the bet?

.: Boy or Girl:.

:. saisei-bara renee-chan14 .:

Chapter 1:

The Breaking News!

"Mou… Tsunade-sama…" A 20 year old, pink haired woman said as she rubbed her temples. She opened her eyes and saw that she was lying down on a hospital bed. She had fainted after she had heard the breaking news that occurred. The blond woman just gave her student a warm motherly smile and nodded. "It's true Sakura, it's true."

"Mou… How could I tell Sasu-kun?"

After being dismissed and had her shift finished, she went straight home from the hospital. Just a while ago, she was feeling dizzy and sort. She almost puked on her way back home, but it's good that she had stopped it.

She opened the gates that protected the Uchiha mansion from any strangers and evil beings and locked it. She walked on the long path that goes directly to the main door of the mansion. She opened the large, well carved mahogany door that leads to the house. She removed her shoes, laid down her things and proceeded to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

It has been two months now ever since she was named as Uchiha and it was her responsibility to cook food for herself and her husband. 'By the way, where is he? I know he doesn't have any missions today and sort. Where the hell is he?' Sakura thought.

She started to cut tomatoes for Sasuke to eat before he collapses in the news she would break later that night. She made some onigiri, sushi, sashimi, tempura and curry rice. Yeah, she always cooks a lot. Sasuke is always tired from his meetings, trainings and stuff so she needs to feed him more to regain his energy.

While she was slicing the other ingredients needed for the dishes, she felt warm, big and strong arms wrap around her waist. She knew very well who it was, of course, who would bother to embrace THE Uchiha Sasuke's wife will end… no… would definitely end in the hospital.

She suddenly felt a warm breath drawing on her neck and also felt his trail of wet kisses in it. She paused her cutting and turned around to face him. When onyx met emerald, they both smiled. He leaned closer to her and kissed her like what other couples do when they see each other again after work.

"Do you want you tomatoes now?" Sakura asked as they broke up the very short distance they had earlier and looked up at him, since he was at least a head and a half taller than her, she needs to look up to see his face.

"Sure." Was the only thing he said and gave her a peck on the lips and sat down on his chair in the dining room that was adjacent to the kitchen. He stared a couple of seconds in space before Sakura laid down the plate that held the tomatoes. She then followed suit and sat on his right, that was diagonal (am I right?) from his chair. Written in her face was nervousness and Sasuke couldn't help but notice it.

"Sakura." He started, she looked up at him. "Is there something wrong?" He asked as her reached out his and to cup her face and stroke it gently. Sakura gave a sad smile then breathed deeply. When she was ready, she released the hot air that she breathed, and started to open her mouth.

"Sasu-kun…" She turned her gaze down to his arm that was still stretched out to her face. "I have something to tell you." Sasuke became aware and excited. But why was she nervous? He asked himself.

Again, she breathed in silently and looked at him. "I'll warn you Sasuke, don't be too absorbed in what I will say." He nodded. She closed her eyes and opened them again after a couple of seconds.

"I'm… I'm…"

"You're what?"

"I'm… I'm pregnant, Sasu-kun."

"Oh is that it?" He stated bluntly as he started to eat his slice tomatoes. Then he stopped the tomato halfway inside his mouth. He looked at her deeply into her eyes, shock evident for his wide; I mean very wide eyes showed it. It took him a minute or two to react.

"WHAT!" And all went black.

He woke up when something cold went past his skin. He squinted open his eyes to reveal his onyx orbs. His vision was a bit blurry but he can make out the colors of pink and green. He knew it was his wife. He tried to remember everything that had happen earlier.

"I'm… I'm pregnant, Sasu-kun."

He bolted up from where he was lying down and nearly bumped into the now normal sized forehead of his wife. It's good her reflex actions were fast and was able to dodge his forehead. He looked and surveyed the surroundings and found out that he was in the couch.

He suddenly felt a stinging pain at the back of his head and instantly rubbed it with his calloused hand. It felt a bit cold on what Sakura applied on it a while ago, but I felt something else… There was a huge lump on it.

"What happened?" He asked as he wince from the pain the big lump is giving him. Sakura giggled and placed the bag of ice again in his head. 'That's why it was cold.' He thought as he looked at Sakura.

"You fainted; Sasu-kun and you fell from the chair. That's why you have that lump on your head. I was able to catch you but I used my strength on you body and I didn't notice that your head was hanging limply on my hand. The impact was hard and your head hit the floor." She, again giggled and removed his hand that was blocking the lump.

He eyed her while she was treating his lump; a smile quickly crept on his lips. She was pregnant with his child, him as the father. He was happy that his family would be complete in a matter of months. He then pulled his now pregnant wife in his arms which startled her.

"Arigatou, Sakura… Arigatou for helping me revive my clan." He said dramatically as he held her tighter. She smile and hugged him back. "C'mon Sasu-kun, the food will get cold." She then broke the hug and smiled at him. He stood up and helped her on her feet.


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