Boy or Girl?

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.: Boy or Girl:.

:. hEaRtLeSs bReAkEr .:


1 year after… The twins' birthday celebrated together with Sakura's birthday

A year had passed since the birth of the two new Uchiha's. And a month after them, a new Nara came. All of these events made four individuals, when combined, two couples, the happiest ones living in the world.

Uchiha Seisuke or Sei for short, the first born of the twins, had more on the looks of his father. Dark raven hair, that is also spiked, partnered with onyx orbs which are truly a signature for Uchiha's. But even though he's a father's boy, his personality reflects his mother very much. He is always smiling, friendly, a bit annoying, and a happy-go-lucky kid. Definitely like Sakura, that's why Sasuke likes Sei so much.

Uchiha Raku, the second of the twins, definitely is a carbon copy of Sakura. Her shining emerald jewels shine in the morning sun, but her hair was somewhat contrasted with black because of the dark pink color. Her personality reflects much more on Sasuke, always alone, quiet and most of the time, serious in her actions. Sakura sees Sasuke in Raku, that's why she loves her so much.

Now, a long year had passed, the twins made the two Uchiha's happy, promising each other to be there with each other to take care of their children, giving each other commitments for each of their children, representing a mother and father for both.

"Raku-chan?" Sakura called out as she stepped out of the back door that led to the garden, calling the youngest who played with her brother and Nara Imaro in the Uchiha garden. "Sei-kun?" She called for her son this time. "Imaro-kun?" Now she called for Shikamaru and Ino's child. They were missing since that morning and it was time for the twins to blow their birthday cake.

Receiving no response from any of the children, she began to panic, thinking that some archenemy got the children. "Raku-chan! Sei-kun! Imaro-kun!" She called out again, running towards the large open space. "Raku-chan! Sei-kun! Imaro-kun!" She called out again, looking under the swing, in the bushes, everywhere! But alas! No pink hair, raven hair, nor blonde came out.

She began to panic more. She slumped down to her knees, feeling a bit helpless, her 12 year old self coming out again. "SASUKE-KUNNNN!!!" She called to her husband who came out, rushing, fearing his wife's rage. As he reached the garden, he ran faster, seeing her on her knees.

"What happened?" He asked as he grasped her arms and pulled her up, her head hung low. Sakura looked up, tears welling up in her eyes, readying to cry her heart out. "The kids are missing." She whispered softly, her voice shaking. "WHAT!" This time, the rest of the gang already came out to the garden, listening to the commotion of the two Uchiha's.

"NANI?!" Ino screamed when she heard Sakura's words even though she only whispered it. Shikamaru came rushing towards Ino, clumping his hand in her mouth to lessen the noise. She started to pry off from Shikamaru's grasp, but to no avail, Shikamaru was as strong as Sasuke now for they belong in the same ANBU team.

"How troublesome." Shikamaru muttered and rolled his eyes, making Ino stop struggling and glare at him. "Where are they?" Tenten asked and started to look around the whole place. Neji and Hinata activated their Byaakugan, as well as Sasuke, who activated his Sharingan. Sakura then cried out loud when she saw Hinata and Neji deactivated their Byaakugan, looking down in the grass, a look of failure in their faces. Sasuke followed suit, going back inside their house, drawing everybody's attention.

A few minutes after, they heard the front door close, indicating that someone came out. Using the side path, Sakura immediately ran and went to the front of the house, thinking that it was the children. But her eyes saddened again when she saw nothing. 'Sasuke-kun must've teleported and reported it to Tsunade for her to send out a search party.' Sakura thought and went back to the garden, but the regretted it. Everybody was gone. Not even a trace of their shadow was left. She started to panic, and held onto her stomach, feeling a small lump on it.

Yes, she's pregnant again with her third child. She immediately ran inside the house, and saw that the lights were turned off, including the garden, giving it a creepy atmosphere. "Sasuke-kun?" She called out, leaving the door ajar for the moonlight to flood inside since the house was so damn dark. "Ino-chan? Hinata-chan? Tenten-chan?" She called almost everybody but no reply. She tried opening every switch of light near her, but still, nothing.

Suddenly, something run past her from behind, together with the backdoor closing with a loud thud. Jumping, she looked back only to see crimson two crimson eyes, glowing from afar. She shivered from it, since the eyes were just plain red and nothing more, nothing like the Sharingan or anything. The two pairs of eyes started to near her, so she did what everybody would do, she took a step back, only to be wrapped by two strong arms.

Suddenly, all the lights were turned on, making the whole place lit up. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everybody suddenly came out from nowhere, startled her. She looked around to where she saw the two pairs of eyes and saw none other than her twins, having their Sharingan activated in a very young age.

The twins went near their mother and gave her their gift, which was a card with color smudges everywhere. Sasuke started to teach them how to write and helped them in writing in the card, which was cute in her opinion, knowing that two barely one year olds made the card.

She bent down and accepted the card, and hugged both her children tightly, her eyes again forming tears. "Thank you." She whispered to her children, the two, especially Sei, squealed. "I love you both and I'm proud of you." She whispered again. Sasuke bent over, and he too, joined the small family hug, making them all fall in the process, him below and the three hovering him.

"Don't leave me!" He said playfully and gave Sakura a chaste kiss, and everybody laughed.

"Sakura," Sasuke whispered to his wife, who tucked Raku beneath the warmth of the bed sheets. She looked at her daughter, and then to Seisuke, who was hugging a stuffed bear, which Sakura gave when they turned nine months old. "Goodnight my babies." She whispered to her children and stepped out of the room, leaving the door slightly open so that if there was an emergency, there would be easy access.

As they entered their own room, Sasuke suddenly carried her, bridal style, startling her for the nth time that day. "You need to rest, Sakura." He said and tucked her under the covers. "I don't want you to be in a dangerous pregnancy again." They both smiled. "I know you wouldn't want that." She whispered and pulled herself up, to give him a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Goodnight." He whispered.

"Goodnight. Aishiteru." She too whispered and closed her eyes, immediately dozing off because of exhaustion.

He smiled. "Aishiteru." He then stroked her hair downwards and laid down beside her, in her side of the bed and soon, sleep was able to catch up with him.


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