Really, it didn't make any sense at all.

Frankly, there was simply no plausible reason, no specific point in time, no particular moment that she could think of that told her exactly why she had gotten so attached to that perverted monk.

She wasn't sure how it started- at first, naturally, she thought he was a pervert.

And she was correct about that on all counts.

But he was more than just a "skirt chasing lecher who thought more with his libido than his brain", as Kagome put it so eloquently. Behind that con man smile and all of his attempts to either gain money or get into a woman's dress, he was smart.

Almost scarily so.

It was almost routine.

He'd make an off-hand comment that was absurdly insightful and she'd feel this tiny little race in her heart. But that was natural, wasn't it? After all, her father had taught her to respect the man who could act like a complete fool but still outsmart generals.

"Be careful of the false fool, Sango," he had warned me. "Underestimating someone who wears a jester's mask is perhaps the most foolish mistake someone can make."

He played the fool, but when it came down to it, it was he who was the most adept at talking strategy into Inuyasha's half-baked plans, the person whom the rest of the group often looked to for advice.

So she became close to him- so what? They were traveling together, that should have been natural.

But it wasn't like the comfortable sisterhood she shared with Kagome or the aunt/nephew relationship with Shippo, nor the warrior's comradery with Inuyasha. It was like a mix of all three, and something more.

Frankly, it scared her. She didn't really want to talk to Kagome about it- not that she felt she couldn't trust Kagome, but she just felt that if anyone should know, it should be Miroku first.

Of course, telling him was the real problem... any time she got to be alone with him, just when she felt ready to say... whatever, his hand would find its way to her bottom.

How could someone who seemed so simple be so deep?

"Sango? Sango?" Kagome's face was terse with worry. "Are you okay?"

She smiled slightly, flushing at her moment of weakness. "Oh, sorry Kagome. I must have been daydreaming."

Kagome smiled back, an odd look coming across her face. "Was it about Miroku?"

Sango choked, her face flushing deep crimson. "No! Why would I be thinking about that lecher!"

"That hurts, Sango." Miroku said, mock hurt as he looked back at the two girls, smiling.

"The truth is the truth." Inuyasha commented off-handedly.

"I resent that, Inuyasha. Really, I thought you knew me better than that."

"I do! And I know for a fact that you're a no good lecher!"

"Now, now. False accusations are the road to distrust, Inuyasha." Miroku smiled carelessly, and caught her eye for a moment.

"Wouldn't you say so, dear Sango?" he winked and the smile seemed to brighten in the sunlight.

Sango ducked her head and avoided his gaze, giggling silently to herself.

Maybe she'd tell him later...

Much later.