Detective Conan – The Truth Reveal

By ichigoxrukia / detective at soul society

Disclaimer: none of the character belongs to me… wish one of them are mine…

7 am, Saturday at Mouri Detective Agency.

It's still early to wake up in the weekend morning. But Ran already awake. She doesn't like to sleep after 7 am. She used to wake up on 6.30 sharp, even she sleep late last night. She already wear her normal cloth, a blue pants and a nice pink t-shirt. She walks towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for his dad and little detective, Conan.

She heard a small snores when she in the living room. She searched where the snores come from. She then saw Conan sleeping on the couch and make some snores. She smiled. Ran then goes to the couch and kneel beside it. She then sweep that little boy head, slowly and gently.

"Oh. It's you. Why you sleep outside, Conan-kun?" she whisper to Conan's ear.

She knew that Conan may not here it. She just asked her self. She gave a like-a-sister-kiss-to-brother to Conan. She then pick up the sleeping Conan and brought him to her bedroom. She put him on her bed and covered him with a blanket. She gave him another kiss and went out to prepare breakfast.

"Maybe he so tired, that's why he sleeps on the couch. But I thought that he sleep in dad's room last night. When did he come out anyway?" she asked herself. She kept thinking about Conan, not knowing that her pancakes almost

9 am, Saturday at Mouri Detective Agency.

The little detective rolled like maniac until… BUMP! He fell from bed. Hard enough to make his head swell and for Ran to hear it.

"Conan-kun, are you alright? I hear that someone fall from the bed. Is it you Conan-kun?" Ran asked.

"Ouch! It hurt. I think my head is swelling." He said while he rub his swelling head.

Ran giggled. It's funny to see him to fell from bed. He never fell from bed before.

"Why are you giggling at me?" he asked when he saw she giggle at him.

"Nothing, Conan-kun. It's just, you never fell from bed before. What did you dream about? Okay. Now go take your bath. It's already 9 a.m. in the morning." Ran says.

"I don't dream about anything. It just maybe I'm to tired." He replied and walk to his room. He takes his towel and walk to the bathroom. He doesn't tell Ran the truth because he doesn't want she now what he dreamed about.

In the Bathroom.

He takes his toothbrush and toothpaste and begins to brush his small tooth. He remembered back what he just dreamed about.

In His Dream

He was no where he knows. The placed was too dark to see anything. He can't even see his own hand. He walked but he bump to something that taller than him as a kid. Suddenly a voice spoke, "Welcome, famous detective of east, Shinichi Kudo!" He shocked. He knew that voice. It was Gin. In the world most cold blood killer and villain.

"Who? I'm not Shinichi. You must mistaken me with someone else" he reply. He tried to act cool but he was trembled a lot and he was sweat.

"Don't try to deny it, famous detective. I know who you are." Gin reply and his pull something-or-someone beside him. He pointed a gun on the upper right of the thing-someone. The thing gave a scream but not too loud.

Now Conan knew what Gin hold was right now. It was Ran. Oh! Damn it!

"What are you trying to do with her?" he asked furiously.

"Well, I'm going to kill her of course. If you don't want her to be corpse, then tell me where Sherry or should I called as Haibara, is and give me your life!" Gin replied with an evil grin.

"Haibara? You mean that little girl with blonde hair?" Ran says. She knows that girl. She always saw her when she goes to Agasa's house.

"Yes! That blonde girl! You know where is she?" Gin replied. He pushed the gun on Ran's head. "Tell me, if you want to live with your boyfriend!" Gin says more.

"No! I won't tell her! And I don't want to sacrifice his life for me!" Ran replied.

Then, were the two gun shot and Ran laid dead.

Then Conan fell from bed, and that was end for his nightmare. He wished that what ever he dreamed won't be true. He doesn't want Ran to be dead. He would sacrifice his life for the woman that he loved the most.

He sighs. The flashback of his dreamed made him forgot that he was in the toilet. The water that he open few minutes ago, has flow out from the sink. He quickly shut the water pipe. Then he walked to shower place and get some warm shower to make his body get some energy.

He had finished his bath and ready in his casual shirt with a short. He walked to the kitchen. Ran and Kogoro were sitting on the table, eating some pancakes that Ran made earlier.

"Hi Conan-kun. So are you feeling okay right now? Your head swelling right?" Ran says after put some pan cakes for him.

"Hi. I'm okay right now. Don't worry. My head is already better" he replied and put some pan cake and munch it happily.

They were having breakfast together. Kogoro as usual reading the news about horse racing. After that, Conan and Kogoro went to the living room. Kogoro was sitting on his chair behind a mess desk. The desk full of can beers and cigarette butts. Conan meanwhile was sitting on the couch watching TV. Then the phone ring. Ran pick up the phone as she is near it.

"Hello" Ran says to the caller.

"Hi, Ran. It's me, Agasa Hakase. Is Conan there? I liked to say a word to him" Agasa Hakase replied.

"Yeah. Sure, wait, I'll call him" Ran replied back. Then Ran called Conan.

"Hello, Agasa Hakase. What do you want?" Conan said after received the receiver from Ran.

"Shinichi I got good news here. Haibara just discovered the antidote for APTX 4869. Come here and let me talk to Ran. I want to say that your parents will take you to New York. Or she'll know your true identity." Agasa replied back.

"Wow. It means that I'm going to turn to my old self back! YEAH!" he replied and calls Ran.

"Why you are so happy Conan-kun?" Ran said before took the receiver from him.

"Agasa Hakase will tell you!" he replied and rush to his bedroom.

He packs his entire thing. Shirts, shorts, his gadgets, comics and his school books. He won't have to study this kid's book. He will study his own age subjects. When he was packing, Ran entered his room with sad face on.

"So you'll be in New York after this, right?" Ran said.

Conan knew that Ran was sad that he going to leave them. But if he is gone then Shinichi will be back. He knew that Ran love him as Shinichi and Conan. He comforts her.

"Yeah. Don't worry Ran nee-chan. I won't forget you." He replied back.

Then Ran help him packs his entire stuff. They went to Agasa's together. Ran helps that little boy with his stuff. The bag fill with his stuff was much bigger than himself.

End for this chapter. Let me know if you guys liked it or not. This is my first fan fiction. I made it earlier than the Death Pain and Happiness, but I really forgot 'bout this one.

Sorry for some English mistakes. I'm not really good at it and don't have time to check!