Detective Conan – The Truth Reveal

By ichigoxrukia

Chapter 2 – Antidote and uh oh,

Disclaimer: if I own dc I will kill Shiratori off.

Few minutes of walking, both of them reach Agasa Hakase house. Ran presses the bell few times and waits. Meanwhile the little detective just smile from Mouri Agency until they reach Agasa's house. He was too happy because in few minutes later, he can transform into his true self again. If he be Shinichi, Ran won't be worried about Shinichi or he anymore and he can tell her about his true feelings. He can't wait to take the antidote.

Agasa open the front gate and let them in. Inside, Ran put Conan's beg beside the couch that they were sitting on. Agasa make some tea for them. Then he placed the tea on the coffee table. Ran took one and said thank you. Agasa and Ran have some conversation while Conan was downstairs looking for Haibara.

He found her sitting in front of a computer in the lab.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Conan asks

"Nothing much. Just tidy up some files. I think you better go to you house and pick a shirt and a pant. The antidote is ready already." Haibara says without looking at the little detective.

"Yeah" he says. Then he heard Agasa Hakase calling his name. He rushes upstairs. He could not help but to smiling all over the time. HE IS FINALLY GOING TO BE SHINICHI!

"Conan-kun, come here" Ran says when he sees Conan.

Conan walks to her. Ran suddenly embraces him, tightly. Conan blushed. He can feel that his was burning.

"Oh Conan-kun. I'm really going to miss you. Promise you won't forget me, okay?" Ran says and finally she let go of him.

"I promise I won't forget you nee-san" he says. Ran then kiss the little detective on his check made him blush even more.

Ran sweeps her tears then she says that she has to leave right now. She got some karate class to attend.

Now Ran was not here, Conan ran to his house and got his shirt and pant. He still smiles not knowing something going to happen after he turns to his true self. He rushes back to Agasa house. When he reached there, Haibara hands him two pills. Wait duh. He needed to change first! He changes his cloth and he took the pills from her.

While they were downstairs in the lab, someone was on the living room. It was Ran. She turns back to Agasa House when she found Conan's Detective Badge was with here. She needs to give it back to Conan. She didn't see anyone. So she walks towards the lab stairs. When she on the stairs she heard Conan's, Agasa's and Haibara's voices. She heard Conan says about 'turning his self to his trues self'.

Ran shocked. Can it be that Conan true self is…Shinichi? Ran asks herself. She waits there to see what happen. From the stairs, she can see Conan, Agasa and Haibara activities. She saw Haibara hands Conan two pills after Conan change his cloth to cloth that she knew a lot, Shinichi's. She keep watch what they doing next.

Conan and Haibara take the pills and they feel something burning their fleshes, bones and they both faint. They can't help it. To turns to their own body, it is painful than turning to a kid. Ran shocked. Why they look so painful after take the pills? She asks herself.

20 minutes have past. Both of them still unconscious. Then Haibara open her eyes. Her sights blur. She tries to get up, but her whole body still tired from the transform to her true self. Agasa help her to get up. She is much taller than Agasa when she stands up.

Ran was shocked, again. She knew that girl. She looks like Haibara. Well she is. Then she wonders what happen to Conan. Her question was answered few seconds later after she saw someone try to stand up. Well it not someone. It was Shinichi! He was standing with his back facing Ran. But Ran knew it was Shinichi because she had been his friend since they were still kid.

Ran so angry with him right now, but in the same time she feels so happy because he was back also sad because he didn't tell her the truth. Her anger had control herself. She hates him now more than she loved him. (A/n: People are always right this when they are angry) She goes down to the lab with her feet stomped on the stairs.

Agasa, Haibara or now as Sherry and Shinichi a bit shock hearing someone stomping on the stairs. They turn their faces to the stairs. Ran appeared. Shinichi was shocked and happy of course.

"Ran!" he said

"…" she says nothing.

Now they were facing each other. Ran still angry but he didn't know that. Shinichi now a bit confused about Ran. Well she didn't looks like this before.

"Ran, are you okay?" he asks curiously. Of course he cared about her.

She said nothing. He tries to touch her head to check whether she had fever or something. She avoid his hand for touch her forehead.

"Oi. What are doing?" he asks, still curious to know if she is okay.

SLAP! She slap him face, hard. Now his face was red because of her slap. Shinichi, Haibara and Agasa shocked. They don't know why she slaps him.

Tears coming out those beautiful eyes of Ran.

"Why you lied to me! I don't want to see you again!" she shouts and slaps him once more. After that she runs out from the house.

"Hey, Ran! Wait!" he says and he chased her upstairs. He manages to capture her before she leave.

"I'm sorry I don't tell you the truth. I don't …" before he finished his sentence, Ran manages to run free. She shouts again

"I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! I HATE YOU!" she shouts and ran away.

This time Shinichi didn't chase her. He didn't want to make Ran angrier. He just stands there watching his love ran away. Agasa and Haibara ask him why he didn't chase her. He says that she will calm down, then he talk to her. He sighs. He never knew that this will happen after he turns to his true self.

He walks to his house ignoring Agasa's and Haibara's calling. He locks him self inside his bedroom. He didn't want to see anyone in the nearest time. He tries to call her, but she rejects all his call. He still thinking the best words to tell her why he didn't tell her the truth in the first place, but he can't. Too much thinking made his brain tired, he asleep after few minutes.

After reached her home, she locks herself inside her bedroom. She rejects all the phone calls from her friends and 'him'. Why he didn't tell her the truth? All the times that they spend together, when she says that she loved him the most to 'Conan'. Why he didn't tell her the truth? She kept asking herself with the same question. Half an hour had past, now she asleep.

Shinichi and Ran still tired of today event. They both heart broken. One hurts because the other lied to her, while the other hurts because she didn't let him to tell her the truth.

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