Summary: Takes place right after Runner. What happens when the hunted becomes the hunter? The runner becomes the seeker? Ronon runs from Atlantis after taking vital information about the city's weakness. John and Teyla run after him, but they follow him to a dense, dark planet that they do not know. John and Teyla hunt Ronon to stop him. Ronon hunts John and Teyla to kill them. On this planet, rain comes only once every year. The hard, blinding rain crashes down on them as they try to find their way, Ronon, and their lives.
Pairing: I doubt any, but IF there are any, it will be SHEYLA!
Rating: 13+ or T
Spoilers: Runner, Rising PT:1 and PT:2, Suspicion, The Gift. Probably more, I just don't remember.
Genres: Drama/Action/Adventure

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate Atlantis, or any of the characters involved. I own my plot line, and I own my made up characters (If any).

P.S. This has not yet been beta'd, so sorry for any and all mistakes. As you read this, keep in mind I am only 13!

Teyla ran through the thick brush, not noticing as it slapped her face, showering her in the water that there seemed to be so much of. She could barely see five feet in front of her, much less hear anything. The rain was hard, thick and loud. Trying to fight shivers from the cold, she continued to run. She couldn't afford to stop. She had to find him.

Thirty minutes ago, she had been separated from John when Ronon had caught him, tying him up and hauling himaway. She knew where they were going, but she had to get there first. Ronon had taken John to a small cave near the Stargate, which wasn't working now. The Stargate on this planet didn't work during the rain, and she didn't know why. Wincing as a branch sliced through the soft skin of her face, Teyla stopped for a brief second. The rain mixed with her blood as it flowed neatly down her face and mixed with her brown hair. Placing a hand over the cut, Teyla checked to see how badly it was bleeding. Not much. Continuing on, she stopped, finally, when she found a small overhanging from a cliff. Climbing under it, she wrapped her arms around herself in a desperate attempt to keep warm.

It was below freezing outside, and she was wearing only light clothing. Her hair hung limply around her face, framing her now pale features perfectly. Her brown eyes slowly slipped closed, her body and soul wanting peace. Suddenly, a small, still voice spoke to her.

"Don't sleep..."

Teyla knew she was hearing things, no one could possibly be speaking to her. Yet, she could hear the voice, clearly, as if the person were right next to her. The voice was soft, calming even. It made her want to fall into a deep sleep and never wake up, but she had to listen to it, she had to stay awake. She knew the cold would get the better of her, and kill her, if she fell asleep. She knew she couldn't start a fire, because of the rain, but she had to stay warm somehow. Huddling into the far corner of the small cliff, she pulled her small coat around her body tightly, trying to seal out the freezing rain and wind. It just picked up, hail starting to fall, and the wind blow small branches off of the trees.

Shivers wracking her weak body, Teyla struggled to her feet and walked outside, knowing the only thing she could do to keep awake was to run, run and never look back. Coughing, she wiped rain from her face before staring her run again. When she found John, she would feel safer. Now, she was alone, weak, and had no means of protecting herself against Ronon, or anything else for that matter.

WhenRonon had come to Atlantis, Teyla had thought she could trust him, that he could understand her life in fear of the Wraith. But he ran from Atlantis, taking with him the information that Atlantis still existed. Who would he tell? Who would he tell? The question ran through her mind as she thought about what would happen to Atlantis if that information got out. Why had she trusted Ronon? Why hadn't she guarded herself against him, like she had everyone else? There was only one other man she had let into her life so easily. Col. Sheppard. When he had shown up on her planet that night, she had immediately trusted him. She didn't know why then, and she still didn't know why now. It could have been hid kind care-free nature, or it could have been something deeper. When she had taken him to the caves, she knew that he would not harm her if she were to go alone with him.

It was like a connection. Instant, deep and meaningful. They could communicate without speaking. Small glances, often meaningless to others, often told the other what they could only say through speechless conversations, things they would never say to each others faces. When she was confronted about helping the Wraith, John was the only one that believed her. When she had nightmares, she would go to him, and he would understand. When she found out she had Wraith DNA, he understood and held nothing against her. Why couldn't Ronon be like that? She had put her trust in him, and he had broken that.

Teyla took deep, long breaths as she ran. Her body was tired, he mind was tired, and she knew she was not going to make it through the night if she didn't find some real shelter. Dropping to the ground, Teyla just looked up into the dark sky, too tired to bring herself to get up, to continue on. She was freezing, her body shaking uncontrollably. Her eyes closed, but she fought to keep the open. She had to. The voice spoke again, this time more aggressive.

"Don't sleep..."

It sounded like Ronon, but she knew better. He wanted to kill her, not keep her alive. Suddenly, a sharp pain ripped through her head. Grabbing her temples, she screamed out in pain, her face tilted toward the sky. The pain did not stop, it just kept getting worse. Finally, as Teyla was on the verge of passing out, it stopped. Breathing deeply and quickly, her face screwed up in continuing pain, Teyla shakily got to her feet. The voice was nagging in her head again. Not speaking, just being there.

The pain started again, but this time not as bad. Teyla didn't know what was causing it, but she knew her worn body couldn't take much more. Finally, a few minutes later, she collapsed to the ground, not being able to keep going.

"No! Please, stop!" John yelled, pulling against his bonds. All he managed to do was make them tighter. They dug into his wrists, cutting them as blood slowly seeped out around the thick, nylon ropes. John turned back to Ronon, tears in his eyes. "Please, stop hurting her..."

"Why?" Ronon said, dropping down beside John. "I can do it, so why shouldn't I? Turns out during all of those tests that the Wraith ran, they made me able to communicate with people...and cause or heal pain. See?" Closing his eyes, he focused all of his attention on John. Suddenly, John doubled over in pain, his stomach feeling like flames had lit up inside his body. The pain was intense, and very real. It burned, a constant, hard pain like small bombs exploding inside of him.

"Now, get some sleep. I am going to go fetch your friend so I can kill her, too."

Ronon left the cave, John still clenching his teeth with the pain. There was nothing he could do for himself, or for Teyla. They were both going to die, and he was helpless.

I know, a LOT of stuff is not clear in this chapter, but this is just the prologue. The next chapter will clear everything up. I PROMISE! Anyway, I am honestly, begging for your input on my work. I don't think this has EVER been done before, and I want to know if I should even continue it.