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Two Weeks Later

"So, doc, is there anything you can do about my eyes?" John asked, looking around the room. He could still see with the blue, blurry vision he had, but he wished he could see everything again.

"Sorry, son. But I don't think there is anything I can do short of surgically removing those webs from your eyes, and I don't think that will even help. It might even make it worse," Carson reported, smiling sadly. John sighed, looking at the floor.

"Right. Well, thanks anyway, doc. Can I go?"

"Aye. I want to see Nickolai back in here in about a week again."

"Yep. I'll make sure he gets here," John said, jumping off the bed. He walked out of the infirmary, walking along the halls. He didn't even know where he was going. He was just walking.

Two weeks ago, when he had gotten home, Carson had removed the tracking device from his back and they had destroyed it. In the two weeks since that had been home, everything had gotten back to normal. He and Teyla had had long stays in the infirmary, because of their injuries, but Teyla had been released a week ago, whereas John had to stay an extra week. Nickolai was doing fine, too. He had decided he wanted to stay in Atlantis, and had even taken to calling John Dad, because John had informed everyone that he wanted to adopt Nickolai.

John soon found himself out on the balcony he had visited often when he wanted to be alone, or simply wanted to think something over.

He smiled as he walked over to the railing, gripping it with both hands and looking over, the setting sun lighting up his features. The little light left from the sun was cast on the water, making it sparkle; the waves looked beautiful. John sighed happily, smiling as another wave hit the side of the tower.


John slowly turned at the soft voice. It was so quiet, he barely heard it. He smiled when he saw Teyla. She was standing at the door of the balcony, her eyes questioning as to whether John wanted to be alone or not.

"Hey, Teyla," John said softly. He nodded his head, motioning Teyla to come over. She did.

"I did not expect to find you here," Teyla said, her voice almost a whisper. She didn't meet his eyes when he looked at her, but instead stared at the ocean. The sun was sinking below the horizon, casting pink and red into the sky.

"You come here a lot?"

"Yes. Since we came home. I find it easy to think when I am here," Teyla replied, finally turning her head to meet his eyes. He smiled softly, his blue eyes reflecting the sun.

"It's hard to believe we're finally home,"

"I know."

They were both silent for a moment, neither speaking, only gazing into the others eyes. Finally, John broke the silence, reaching out and pulling Teyla into a hug.

"I was so scared I was going to lose you while Ronon had you," he whispered, his warm breath on her neck.

"I'm here now, and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon," Teyla reassured him, pulling back slightly from the hug. Her brown eyes bore into John's, backing up what she was saying. John didn't break the gaze, only staring deeper into her eyes. He still couldn't see right, but he could see her eyes clearly, just as he always could.

"I love you, Teyla."

She sucked in a deep breath, not daring to speak for a few seconds. She finally regained her voice.

"I love you, too, John."

He smiled. A true smile, something Teyla hadn't seen in a long time.

"You don't know how long I have been waiting for you to say that," John said, wrapping her in another hug. He might not be able to see physically, but he could see the important things in life.

Teyla sighed happily, not pulling back from the embrace. John placed his chin on her forehead, staring out into the ocean.

He was really, truly home.

—Three Years Later—

Nickolai jumped off of the infirmary bed and ran out of the room, his arms spread like an airplane. He was grinning, his eyes glowing with happiness. He had just got done with his routine check-up, and the doctor had let him go. Laughing, he continued to run through the halls, finally coming to a stop outside of John's quarters. He opened the door and flew inside, flopping onto his bed. He heard the water running in the bathroom, and realized that John, his adoptive dad, must be in the shower. Sighing, he looked out of the window beside his bed. He could see the ocean below.


He spun around at the sound of the voice, smiling.

"Hi, Danielle," Nickolai said, smiling as the toddler lifted herself from the floor and stood shakily on her feet. She began babbling nonsense as she hobbled over to Nickolai. When she reached him, she collapsed on his lap, her chest on his knees. Using her hands, she grabbed onto his own, kicking her feet in the air.

"Ni-ki!" she said again, smiling to show off her two teeth. Nickolai smiled and ruffled her brown hair. She frowned, reaching up to see what he had done, sticking her tongue out in-between her two teeth. Nickolai smiled, laughing softly.

Danielle finally gave up, falling back onto her diapered butt and smiling, pulling the string of her bright pink overalls and sticking it in her mouth. She flapped her arms, grinning when the string got caught in between her teeth. Underneath her overalls she wore a long-sleeved turtleneck that was striped pink and blue. Her feet were bare, and her little toes were wiggling back and forth.

"Danielle, Nickolai?"

Nickolai looked up, his grin growing. Danielle turned her head, pulling the string out of her mouth and began flapping her arms again.


Pulling herself to her feet, Danielle toddled over to Teyla, gripping her leg.

"Hey, Danielle. Where's daddy?"


Teyla smiled, walking over to Nickolai.

"Nickolai, where is your father?"

"I think he is taking a shower. Hey, mom?" Nickolai asked, pulling himself up off the floor and sitting up on his bed. "Can I have a bee-bee gun?"

Teyla sighed and shook her head. Nickolai pouted, sticking out his bottom lip. Teyla walked over to the baby's crib and lay Danielle inside, pulling up the railing before dropping onto her own bed, smiling as Nickolai carried on a one-sided conversation with the baby.

Yup. She this was home.