AN: Apologies, still hate this story...can't help it. Short's better than nothing though, right?


Why is she doing this? Playing with my feelings like they didn't exist.

She's pushed me away so many times, she told me to the face that she will never feel anything beyond attraction for me and now she has the impudence of asking me out. Like it wasn't hard enough for me to get over her – and she has to know that.

But that is Catherine, everybody. Selfishly chasing after the things she wants and toying around until she tires of them. I wonder what made her turn back to a dropped toy now all of a sudden. Well, maybe she's not done with me yet.

So much for "let's be friends". But not with me, Willows. This time, if somebody gets hurt it'll be you. Not that I could ever hurt this woman. God, I'm so pathetic.

I need to calm down before I'm doing something stupid.

Great, now she comes back into the room with a smile on her face. As if she didn't just mess with my mind, as if I didn't just tell her to fuck off.

"Fibers were a match, I guess that means the blood will come back the victim's too. You took it to analysis didn't you?"
"Dropped it off with DNA a good hour ago." I inform her.

"Great. We'll just wait for the results then. I'll call Brass."

She's all business, like nothing happened at all between us. It's an act she plays all too well. In all honesty, that ability is something I envy her for. I wish I could just put on a mask and be indifferent.

But I am not. I have feelings, I am hurt. I can mask it behind anger, I can lash out or ignore her but inside, inside it's still nagging at my heart.

I've tried so many times to be civil with her but every now and then I just snap. It's not healthy and I know that I promised myself to get over her, it almost worked. Until she invaded my dreams again, invaded my every thought. I'm so damn hopeless, it's tragic.

"They're working on it." Catherine informs me as she snaps her phone shut and I nod.

She looks at me as if there's something else she wants to get off her chest and I meet her stare with a raised brow. Her mouth closes, lips tight, as she forces a half smile and takes a step back.

"I'll be in my office," She tells me and then she's gone again.

It occurs to me that she left me with all the evidence left to put away and I didn't even protest. I wonder how it's possible to love and hate a person that much at the same time. She can piss me off to no ends but I always end up letting her get away with it.

With a big sigh I start storing away the evidence, my mind never straying to far from it's favorite subject. Why does she have to be so damn irresistible? Why can't she just be like any other crush I've had, forgettable?

Most of all, why does she have to be such a bitch about it? Pushing me away again and again until I'm ready to move on and then ask me out! I still can't wrap my head around that. What is she trying to achieve?

I'm not her personal entertainer for crying out loud. I wish she would just leave me alone.