Tengoku Tenshi and his Genin team chapter 1

Written by: Kin-Ryu Chikara

I don't own anything from the manga/anime Naruto. It is Masashi Kishimoto that owns Naruto. This is a fan fiction based on Masashi Kishimoto's manga and anime: Naruto.

"Ordinary conversation"


"Wolf speech"

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Uzumaki Naruto sat in his seat in the class room. Today he was going to get his Genin team and Jounin sensei. It had been one day since the traitor Mizuki had told him that he was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and Iruka-sensei had saved his life, telling him he was really only the demon's container. Naruto had passed the exam by beating Mizuki with the new jutsu he had learned, Kage Bunshin. Now he sat, grinning like a madman, and waited for the teams to be called. Iruka-sensei held up a clipboard and started reading the names. Naruto didn't care much as long as he wasn't on Sasuke-bastard's team.

"Team 7: Uzumaki Naruto, Harona Sakura" at this Naruto cheered and Sakura hung her head

"And Yamanaka Ino! Team 8: Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino! Team 9…(A/N: Unimportant and won't be named), Team 10: Uchiha Sasuke, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Chouji! These are the Genin teams. Everyone wait here for your Jounin sensei, except Team 7. You three follow me." Iruka said and left, three confused Genin trailing behind him.


"Iruka-sensei, why must I be on a team with Ino-pig and dead-last Naruto? Why can't I be on team with Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, loudly. Iruka sighed and rubbed his head.

"Because, Hokage-sama thinks it is best. Now come on, you three have an appointment with him." Iruka said and headed towards the Hokage tower. The three Genin exchanged glances before hurrying after the Chuunin.


When they arrived, they saw several Jounin walk out of the Hokage's office before disappearing in smoke. Iruka lead the three Genin inside the office and they stood to attention in front of the Hokage, well except Naruto who looked bored and had his hands behind his head.

"Team 7 Hokage-sama." Iruka said and Sandaime Hokage nodded.

"Yes, thank you Iruka. I suspect you want to stick around to hear this as well?" he asked and Iruka nodded.

"Very well." Sandaime said before clearing his throat.

"You three are lucky. You will be trained by Konoha's strongest Jounin. You were hand-picked to be trained by him, and I suspect that under his training, you will become great ninjas." Sandaime said smilingly. Naruto, Sakura and Ino looked at each other and was about to say something but Sandaime interrupted.

"We can take questions later. Your sensei isn't here yet, since he is out on a mission, but he should be back soon. In the meantime I have to ask you something Naruto."

"Huh? What is it old man?" Naruto asked, before getting bonked on the head by Iruka. Naruto's whining was interrupted when Sandaime chuckled before becoming serious again.

"Naruto, you sensei asked me to ask you if you want to tell your team-mates about your secret." Sandaime said and Naruto and Iruka's eyes widened. Sakura and Ino looked at each other before looking at Naruto.

"What secret?" Sakura asked but Naruto was focusing on Sandaime.

"Won't that make them hate me?" he asked and Sandaime looked thoughtful.

"Your sensei doesn't think so. I agree with him, if you and I tell them the whole story." He said. Naruto thought for a while before looking dejected.

"Alright, but can you tell them?" he said and Sandaime nodded.

"Hokage-sama, is this wise?" Iruka asked and Sandaime looked at him.

"If White Wolf is right, then it will build a strong sense of trust inside the team." Sandaime said and Iruka nodded.

"White Wolf?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"Yes, that is the nickname your sensei has. You remember him, don't you Naruto?" Sandaime asked and the boy nodded.

"I remember a little bit about him" Naruto replied

"Can someone please tell us what is happening?" Ino asked irritated.

"Yes, now that Naruto has given me permission I will tell you." Sandaime said and drank a little water from a glass that was on his desk.

"I will tell you the true story about what happened twelve years ago. You know that the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konoha and killed a lot of ninjas. Right?" he asked and Sakura and Ino nodded.

"The demon was very strong and Yondaime-sama saw only one way to stop it. The history books say that he killed the demon with the cost of his own life. That is not true. The truth is that the demon was too strong. So Yondaime-sama and his adoptive son, your sensei, started preparing a special jutsu while the Kyuubi was held off. Your sensei was seven at the time, but already very powerful and skilled. He helped Yondaime-sama with the jutsu before heading out and helping to delay the demon as well. During that fight, he got his nickname, the White Wolf. He showed huge power that day, actually managing to destroy one of Kyuubi's legs. The Kyuubi regenerated the leg and almost killed your sensei, but Yondaime-sama came before the demon could. He engaged the demon in battle on top of Gamabunta but he didn't have time to use his jutsu. Your sensei saw this and called out his attack again. Kyuubi heard that and turned his attention on your sensei, not wanting to be hit with that jutsu again. But it was a false call, since White Wolf was out of chakra. But that moment of distraction was enough for Yondaime-sama, who used his jutsu and sealed the Kyuubi's spirit into a newborn baby. He knew the only way to kill Kyuubi was to make him mortal, and the only way to do that was to seal him into a newborn baby, since the baby's chakra coils wasn't fully developed yet. Yondaime-sama sealed the Kyuubi into a boy, and died because of it. The seal was so strong, the Kyuubi would never escape. That boy was Uzumaki Naruto." Sandaime said. Sakura and Ino gasped and looked at Naruto, who looked down at the ground.

"Yondaime-sama wanted Naruto to be seen as a hero who saved Konoha, but instead he was seen as the demon he is the prison of. Let me make this clear: Naruto is not Kyuubi. Almost everyone in Konoha that was there at the attack knows of the sealing. I passed a law saying that no one was to speak of that. But Konoha didn't believe me when I said that the sealing didn't turn Naruto into Kyuubi. They see Naruto as the demon. But it is not true, Naruto is the demon's prison, and will be its executioner. From what I know of the seal, it started to bind Kyuubi to Naruto's soul when it was sealed. That means that if Naruto dies, Kyuubi dies. Yondaime could have ordered Naruto killed, but he put in a second function to the seal as well. Soon, Naruto will begin to absorb the Kyuubi. What that means it that Naruto will slowly kill the demon, and take its chakra as his own. That was Yondaime-sama's ultimate punishment for Kyuubi. The demon is fully aware of what happens around it, but can't do anything. When Naruto starts to absorb the Kyuubi, he will use its power in Konoha's service. That means that Kyuubi's power will be used to help the village it tried to destroy. Naruto is the protector of Konoha, holding the Kyuubi back. Sadly that is also why he is hated." Sandaime said sadly. Sakura looked puzzled.

"Hated? Why?" she asked. When Naruto looked at her in disbelief Ino continued.

"Yeah, why would the adults hate the boy that saved them?" she asked. Naruto stared at them both.

"You…you…don't hate me?" he asked hesitantly. Sakura and Ino grinned at each other.

"Well, you are annoying, loud and stupid." Sakura began

"But no demon. Anyone should be able to see that." Ino continued.

"And besides, from what Hokage-sama said, that thing was sealed inside you and isn't you. You are Naruto, Kyuubi is Kyuubi. That's all there is to it." Sakura said. Naruto couldn't do anything except stare at them, a couple of tears rolling down his face. That confused the girls.

"Why are you crying Naruto?" Ino asked.

"Naruto has been hated all his life." Iruka said. Sandaime nodded.

"Yes. Instead of being seen as the hero he is, Naruto has been seen as the demon all his life. From the moment Kyuubi was sealed into Naruto, he has been hated. He was an orphan, and at the orphanage he was constantly abused by his caretakers. So I had no choice but to buy an apartment for him, and assign someone to help him, but even then he was abused. Glares, words of hate, physical abuse, death threats and assassination attempts are only a little bit of what Konoha has done to Naruto. You wonder why he wears an orange jump suit. That is because the only clothing store in Konoha that will let him in, will only sell him its poorest clothes. The reason Naruto loves ramen? He can't get anything else. You have called him dead last. The reason he is that is because Kyuubi makes his chakra control bad and no one wants to teach him. Even Iruka hated Naruto for a long time." Sandaime said. Sakura and Ino stared in disbelief at Naruto before turning to Iruka with angry glares. Iruka looked ashamed.

"Kyuubi killed my parents, and I was so sure Naruto was Kyuubi. So I hated him, but over time I saw that he was just a ordinary boy with a huge burden. Hokage-sama explained to me that Naruto wasn't the demon, but I wouldn't listen. Then I remembered a day about two weeks after the Kyuubi was sealed." Iruka said.

"What happened, Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto was almost executed." Sandaime said and the three Genin whipped around and stared at him.

"The council had been trying to overpower me about Naruto for two weeks. Yondaime-sama left a will saying that Naruto was to be treated like any regular boy, and be raised as a ninja. But the council didn't want that. They wanted the Kyuubi killed. Normally the council can't overpower me, but they got all the clans in Konoha to agree and even without my consent, Naruto's execution was arranged. Your sensei and his team mates, Hatake Kakashi and Haruno Rin, (A/N: In this story, Sakura's mom is Rin, one of the students of the Yondaime Hokage), were just in time to stop the execution. The three of them were the first ones to know that Naruto wouldn't be the demon. Kakashi and Rin had been released from the hospital the day before and had went back to get your sensei, since he was the only one that the council would listen to. I will never forget that day."



A huge crowd was gathered around a podium in the centre of Konoha. On the podium, a group of important people stood, the Sandaime Hokage, the council and the elders and heads of every clan in Konoha. In front of them a baby boy lay in a simple cradle, crying. The council had just finished announcing that they would kill the Kyuubi once and for all. A hooded man stepped forward and raised his sword. The executioner waited for his signal and got it from the council. He swung the sword downwards, preparing to kill the baby. A clang and his sword were stopped. In front of him three people stood. A brown haired girl was holding the Kyuubi boy, a silver haired boy with his Konoha hita-ate (spelled right?) tilted over his right eye stood next to the girl. The two of them looked about eighteen or nineteen. (A/N: I don't care about their real age. Here they are 18 years older than Naruto) But the one that had stopped the sword was the one the executioner and the council focused on. Brown hair with golden streaks in it, brown eyes with a black ring framing the brown and an innocent face. The seven year old White Wolf. He shouldn't be able to move yet, his right leg had been crushed and six of his ribs had been broken in the fight against Kyuubi. Numerous other wounds had been inflicted also; most noticeable were three claw marks down his right cheek. He had stopped the sword with his bare hand, and was now emitting a killer intent so strong, the executioner would have collapsed had not the boy held his sword up. With a movement of his hand, the boy had shattered the sword. The executioner fell to the floor and passed out. The boy looked at the council and spat before turning to Sandaime.

"Hokage-sama, why is there only idiots and imbeciles in the council and as heads of the clans?" he asked loud enough that the crowd could hear. They had fallen completely silent when the trio had shown up. Those three were supposed to hate the demon brat as well, since their teacher had been killed by it. Instead they were protecting it.

"I do not know Wolf, but I suspect they didn't listen to my explanation about the seal and the boy." Sandaime replied. The boy sighed and walked up his team mates. The boy stroked Naruto's cheek and the boy gurgled a little, grinning happily up at the one who had saved him.

"This boy is the Kyuubi's prison, not the Kyuubi itself. The seal I and Yondaime-sama created is designed to make it so that this boy will be able to kill Kyuubi when he is old enough. But that can't happen yet, and the seal hasn't had enough time to become complete yet. If Naruto dies now, Kyuubi is released. If Naruto lives, he can use the Kyuubi's power to protect Konoha, thus make up for what the demon did to us. I will give you fair warning. Hokage-sama has passed a law, saying that anyone who speaks about Naruto and Kyuubi without Naruto's consent will be severely punished. Also, anyone that tries to kill him will be punished as well. If the ANBU find the ones breaking these rules, the ones who broke the rules will be put in jail. If I find the ones who broke the rules, I will kill them. No trial. It won't matter who it is, be it a ordinary villager, or a Hyuuga. That doesn't matter. The ones who try to hurt this boy, the boy chosen by Yondaime Hokage-sama to be our hero, will face the consequences. You have been warned." The White Wolf roared to the crowd, his killer intent making even the ANBU feel uneasy. Kakashi and Rin didn't say anything, instead they tried to calm Naruto down.

End Flashback


"That day was the day that ensured Naruto's survival. Most of the clans had been hesitant to help the council, since they didn't know if Naruto was the Kyuubi or not. Wolf's speech told them that Naruto was indeed a innocent boy and most of the clans backed away, some even promised to protect the boy, like the Hatake and Haruno clans. But others, like the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans still didn't believe it. The council didn't either, but understood that at the very least; Kyuubi's power would not be able to hurt Konoha. But the villagers still hated Naruto, and treated him like crap. Kakashi, Rin and Wolf tried to help Naruto as much as they could, but Rin had her own daughter to take care of, Kakashi was busy with being Jounin, and Wolf was busy training and learning everything Yondaime-sama wanted him to. So I had to move Naruto to his apartment, and that is when the assassination attempts started. I had originally ordered some babysitters to take care of Naruto, but they would just help the assassins, so I had to get ninjas who believed what Wolf said to take care of you. Most of them were Genin, so I also had to have ANBU protect you. Wolf would make as much time for you as he could and stopped more assassins than he cared to count. He got tired of not knowing who hired the assassins and got the leader of the ANBU interrogation squad to teach him how to break even the best ninjas. So Wolf started a very effective strategy. He would stop the assassin from killing Naruto, learn who hired the assassin, kill the assassin or sometimes just arrest him, and pay the client a visit. Those visits could be heard all over Konoha from the screams of the client. That campaign got Wolf hated by Konoha as well, but he didn't care. And as he said, it didn't matter who it was that tried to kill Naruto. If it was a Uchiha, Wolf would kill him, take the Uchiha's eyes and send them to the client before the visit. If it was a Hyuuga, Wolf would send the bloody Hyuuga crest to the client before his visit. All of this earned Wolf a second nickname, the blood wolf. Then one day, the Uchiha stopped trying to kill Naruto. They had tried for three years and had lost a lot of assassins. They made a sort of a peace treaty with Wolf, promising to stop trying to kill Naruto as long as Wolf didn't kill any other Uchiha. But the Hyuuga continued and Wolf got tired of it. He saw that it was mostly Hyuugas from the branch family that was sent as assassins. They Hyuuga is divided into two families, the main and branch. The main is the founders and leaders, the branch are there to protect the main. The main use a special seal to keep the branch family in line, called the caged bird seal. That seal destroys the Hyuuga blood line after the Hyuuga with the seal is dead, but can also be used to inflict terrible pain. Wolf asked one of the assassins from the Hyuuga branch family why he was trying to kill Naruto. The reply was that a man from the council of the main family forced him, saying they would activate the seal on his wife and daughter if he didn't comply. I still remember the howl Wolf emitted then. As I said, when ever he fights to his full potential, he wears a wolf mask. He also sounds like a wolf. That day, he took Naruto to Rin, and brought the assassin to me. I was puzzled as to why the assassin still was alive, when Wolf explained. The assassin didn't really want to kill Naruto; the branch Hyuuga family generally believed Wolf and saw Naruto as Naruto. So Wolf took the assassin and me to the Hyuuga compound, reunited the assassin with his wife and daughter before dragging the main family member that had ordered the assassination and flung him on the ground in front of the Hyuugas main building. Just about every member of the Hyuuga families came and saw what happened next." Sandaime said, huffing for breath after that long speech



"This man, this scum of a man, has just ordered a family man to kill Uzumaki Naruto, knowing full well that I would most likely kill him. Why did he do it? Because he hates Naruto, and the branch family. Two birds with one stone, right?" Wolf said, glaring at the Hyuuga he was standing in front of. The head of the Hyuugas, Hyuuga Hiashi, walked over to Sandaime.

"What is Wolf-san going to do?" he asked. Sandaime looked at Hiashi. He knew that Hiashi didn't see Naruto as Kyuubi, but didn't like the boy anyway. Instead Hiashi disliked the boy because he was of a unknown clan, and to Hyuuga Hiashi that spoke weak and useless. But at least Hiashi didn't hate the boy because of the Kyuubi.

"I don't know, but I think he is going to show your council that he is tired of the state of affairs." Sandaime replied. The two of them focused back on the boy when he started making seals. Everyone recognised the seals. Suddenly a green seal was on the forehead of the Hyuuga in front of Wolf. The caged bird seal.

"I will show everyone what will happen if the Hyuuga still try to kill Naruto." Wolf said and activated the seal on the scared Hyuuga's forehead. He screamed in pain and started writing on the ground. The screaming continued for about five minutes but right before the Hyuuga was about to die, Wolf stopped. He turned to the council of Hyuuga elders.

"Some might think this is a little much, but think about the fact that this man has ordered someone to kill a three year old boy. When the man refused to do what this bastard ordered, he threatened to use this seal on the poor mans wife and child. Is that fair? I think this bastard has deserved all he got. Just as a warning, every main family member that orders Uzumaki Naruto killed will receive the same treatment from me that this man has." Wolf said in a loud voice. A murmur went trough the main family.

"He is just a kid…."

"Horrible power…"

And similar things were heard. Wolf ignored it, turned to the Hyuuga under him and asked him.

"Do you have kids?"

The Hyuuga refused to reply, or he intended but when he looked at Wolf, the brown eyes of the boy had changed. Instead they were glowing, the brown had been replaced by light blue, bordering on white with a black ring around and the black pupil in the middle. After seeing that eye, the Hyuuga realised he was shaking his head, indicating that he didn't have any children, which was true.

"Well then, I hope you will have sufficient time to think about your crimes in the after life." Wolf said and was about to kill the man, but Sandaime stopped him.

"Don't. This man is to be arrested and not even the Hyuuga council can get him out." Sandaime said. Wolf looked at him and nodded, returning his eyes to their normal brown with the black ring.

End flashback


"After that, the Hyuuga stopped trying to kill Naruto." Sandaime finished and sat back in his chair. Sakura and Ino looked at Naruto and saw his look of disbelief. Sakura, Ino and Iruka was surprised as well. They would never have believed that so much could happen to someone so young.

"So that's why. Okasan never said I should stay away from Naruto, instead she said I should play with him. But all the other parents said to stay away from Naruto. I understand why now." Sakura said and Ino nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, okasan and otosan never told me to stay away, but I did anyway. That was probably because Naruto was a boy though." Ino said.

"Yes Sakura, your mother, Rin, would never tell you to stay away from Naruto, since she is one of the few people to know exactly how that seal works. So now you have heard Naruto's past. I hope that Wolf was right and that this will help the team." Sandaime said and smiled. Iruka looked at the three Genin and smiled as well.

'At least Sakura and Ino don't fear Naruto. That is a start at least.' He thought. Then he noticed that Naruto was uncharacteristically silent.

"Ano, if sensei, Kakashi-san and Sakura-chan's mom took care of me when I was little, why don't I remember them much. All I remember is someone being nice to me when I was smaller. Shouldn't I remember them better?" Naruto asked.

"Well, you had a loss of your memory when you were six because of an attack from a villager, so what you remember of them is probably blurry. And before you ask the reason Wolf hasn't been a part of your life since then is because he has been on a mission. For the last six years he has been travelling the world, trying to find a relative of yours. He is returning later today, his search was sadly unsuccessful." Sandaime said and Naruto's eyes widened.

"He has travelled six years just to find me a family?" he asked and Sandaime nodded.

"Understand Naruto, Wolf cares for you like a big brother would. He wants you to be happy, and one day before your memory loss, you asked him if you had family. He told you he didn't know, but if you wanted he could go and search for them. Which he did. But now he is coming back." Sandaime said and Naruto nodded.

"When is Wolf-sensei going to be here?" Ino asked.

Sandaime looked at the clock and looked at a scroll on his desk.

"About two hours from now. If you three don't have any other questions, then you are dismissed. Only…don't tell anyone about what has been said here, at least no one other than your parents." Sandaime said and Ino and Sakura nodded.

"We won't. We will keep Naruto's secret." They both said and smiled.

"Good. I am glad Naruto has such smart team mates." Sandaime said and the two girls looked slightly embarrassed that the Hokage praised them like that.

"Um, old man, could you tell us a bit more about Wolf-sensei?" Naruto asked. Ino and Sakura also became curious at that and Sandaime shook his head while smiling.

"Alright, I will. As I said, I won't tell you his name, but I can tell you he is seven years older than you, he was an orphan that was adopted by Yondaime-sama when Wolf was two. All his life Wolf was trained, Yondaime-sama didn't often play favourite but when Wolf graduated from the academy at age five and got on his team, Yondaime-sama couldn't help but train Wolf more than the rest of the team, since Kakashi and Rin both were Jounins then, and would soon leave the team. For two years Wolf was trained by Yondaime-sama, and his growth was nothing short of spectacular. I have never seen such massive power growth but it came at a cost." Sandaime said and looked sad.

"What do you mean Hokage-sama?" Sakura asked.

"Wolf never experienced a childhood. He was constantly trained, either by Yondaime-sama, Kakashi, Rin or Obito, Kakashi and Rin's team mated that was killed on a mission. Wolf never played much with other children, and he graduated at a younger age than most begin the academy now. Of course, those times were different; war always is, but still. That is part of the reason the academy doesn't allow anyone younger than six to enter the academy now.

Children should be allowed to be children." Sandaime said and Iruka nodded in agreement.

"So, Wolf-sensei was trained by Yondaime-sama. But he was only trained by him for five years. That is not a long time." Sakura said and Sandaime nodded.

"I agree, but Wolf is special. He is what is known as a jutsu specialist. That means that he learns jutsus much faster than others, and with his hard work and dedication, he learned a lot from Yondaime-sama, who knew he had a dangerous job and he wanted Wolf to be able to grow even without him. So Yondaime-sama made several scrolls, I don't know how many, but he made at least one scroll each week from he adopted Wolf to he died. Those scrolls were full of jutsus, training schedules, ninja theory, and all kinds of things. In short, Yondaime-sama has trained Wolf long after he died." Sandaime explained and picked up the forbidden scroll of seals that Naruto had stolen the day before.

"This is the forbidden scroll of seals. Mizuki tricked Naruto into stealing it the day before yesterday, and Naruto learned a jutsu from it. I don't know if you looked further into the scroll, but these jutsus are Jounin level at least. Wolf knows all these, including the last one, which is the sealing jutsu that Yondaime-sama used on Kyuubi. Even I don't know how many jutsus Wolf knows, but it is close to as many as I do, which is a lot." Sandaime said and put away the scroll again. While he did that, Ino and Sakura glared at Naruto.

"What?" he asked and Sakura bonked him on the head.

"Stupid. Stealing a forbidden scroll." She said and Ino joined in with a bonk of her own.

"Stop it you two. Naruto was tricked by Mizuki, who tried to kill me. Naruto saved me and protected the scroll. There is no reason to bonk him, I already did." Iruka said and Sakura and Ino nodded. Sandaime chuckled at the exchange. Naruto hurriedly asked the next question that pooped into his mind.

"You said he fights with a mask on when he goes all out. Why?" he asked. Sandaime thought for a bit. A bit turned into a while. A while turned into a long while.

"I don't know exactly. I think it has something to do with his bloodline. His bloodline is, along with his natural jutsu mind, hard work and dedication, responsible for his power growth. I don't know much about it, but I know that when he is normal, his eyes are brown with a black ring around them. But when he fights, the brown in his eyes change to pale glowing blue. And when he is fighting at his full power, or is in great need, a white mask comes out of his face. The mask is different than what the ANBU wears. It is made out of bone, and looks like a wolf. It even has the teeth of a wolf. It truly makes him look frightening. Also his chakra is different. When he is normal, it is like us, the blue fire. But when he has his eyes changed or his mask out, his chakra is different. It flows around him in the same colour his eyes are. He shines like a blue sun when he isn't hiding it. The sight is actually very calming and comforting, as long as you aren't his opponent." Sandaime finally said and the three Genin looked at each other.

"If you still wonder, why don't you ask him to show you when he gets here. Now, I have some work to do. I'll see you later." Sandaime said. The three Genin and one Chuunin nodded and left.


(A/N: Okay, I will try and help you see how Wolf's bloodline is active. It looks like how Ichigo from Bleach looks like when he is fighting the Captain from the 11 division and he is borrowing Zangetsu's power. There, now you know.)


Naruto, Sakura and Ino said goodbye to Iruka and walked towards Sakura's house. When they arrived Naruto waved goodbye and was about to leave when Sakura grabbed his jacket.

"Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked, turning to face his team mate.

"Okasan said that my team mates were welcome for dinner, so come on. One of those that saved your ass twelve years ago is making dinner. Why are you complaining?" Sakura asked and Ino grinned at Naruto.

"She's a really good cook as well." Ino said. Naruto nodded and the three of them went into the house.


"I'm home!" Sakura yelled when she and her two team mates entered the house.

"Good honey, I'm in the kitchen!" Rin yelled back. Sakura, Naruto and Ino went into the kitchen and Naruto had to suppress a gasp. He immediately recognised the brown haired woman who was currently busy making dinner. From the woman's brown hair, to the two rectangular stripes on her cheeks and her kind manner. He was sure that when she turned around, he would recognise her brown cheerful eyes as well. This was a woman that had took care of him before, and he could clearly remember things she and a silver haired man had done along with him, taking him out for ramen, letting him ride on their backs. Suddenly he also remembered a brown haired boy along with the two. Naruto didn't know why, but just seeing Rin again, had brought back some of the memories he had forgotten.

"Okasan, this is my team, Yamanaka Ino and Uzumaki Naruto!" Sakura said and grinned when her mom dropped the knife she had been using to cut the vegetables. Rin spun around and looked at the three amused kids. Ino smiled and bowed.

"Hello Haruno-san." She said. Naruto bowed as well.

"Hello" he said and Rin smiled at them.

"Hello Ino-chan, Naruto-kun. Glad to see you again." Rin said before walking over to Naruto and giving him a hug. His eyes widened before hugging her back. Ino and Sakura looked at each other before smiling at the display.

"Okasan, is it true that you saved Naruto's life when he was about to be executed?" Sakura asked. Rin's eyes widened.

"How did you know that?" she asked, letting go of Naruto, who was rather reluctant to end the hug.

"Hokage-sama told us, after he told us about Kyuubi. So, is it true?" Ino said and Rin nodded.

"Wow, I really had people that cared when I was smaller." Naruto said and Rin laughed.

"Of course we cared. Why wouldn't we?" Rin asked, laughing slightly. Naruto didn't respond, instead he just looked happy. Real happy.


"Who's your sensei?" Rin asked Sakura, when the four of them had sat down with the finished dinner. Sakura, Ino and Naruto grinned at each other.

"Oh, you are going to love this. But you will have to guess." Sakura said playfully. Rin thought for a bit.

"Kakashi? I know he said he was teaching this year." She asked but Sakura shook her head.

"Eh, I don't know. Can you give me a hint?" Rin asked and Sakura thought for a bit.

"He knows about me and Kyuubi." Naruto said slyly.

"That doesn…oh…you mean he knows that you and Kyuubi are two different beings?" Rin asked and Naruto nodded.

Rin lapsed into another thoughtful silence.

"Oh, I give up. I was never any good at guessing anyway. Who is it?" Rin said, looking dejected.

"Oh alright. We don't know his real name though." Sakura said and Rin's eyes widened in disbelief.

"No, not him. He is on a mission." She said and Sakura grinned.

"If you are talking about the White Wolf, then he is coming back today. Just to be our sensei." Sakura said and Rin blinked a few times.

"Wow, my daughter taught by him. Cheesh, you'll be stronger than me in no time." she said playfully faking annoyance.

"Is Wolf-sensei that good?" Ino asked and Rin nodded.

"Yeah, he is. I assume Hokage-sama told you he fought against Kyuubi?" Rin asked and the three kids nodded.

"Yeah, he was able to hold of Kyuubi." Naruto said.

"You make it sound as if he was able to do it alone. There were about a hundred ninjas helping him hold the Kyuubi of. True, his most powerful jutsu, heaven light, was able to rip off Kyuubi's leg, but it left him completely drained and Kyuubi had by then already been damaged for a long time. I think the stories are a bit overexhagerated, but still, for a seven year old that is unheard of." Rin said. They then ate in silence, Ino and Sakura were amazed that that Naruto showed table manners instead of being a slob.


Naruto, Sakura, Ino and Rin sat in the living room at the Haruno home, Rin telling stories about Wolf.

"So he turned to me and said: "I don't think Kakashi will get up again. Perhaps you should heal him?"

I just shook my head and said:

"That's what he gets from reading that perverted book in front of me.""

The four of them laughed at that, thinking of how the famous copy-nin had almost died because he read some stupid book in front of Rin.

"I didn't think the famous copy-nin Kakashi was such a…stupid pervert." Ino said

"Oh, he's not stupid, just a pervert. Not as much as Jiraiya though, thank god, or else it would have been hell to be his team mate." Rin said and Naruto was about to ask who Jiraiya was when Rin stiffened before she grinned widely.

"Well then, it seems your sensei is back in town." She said and the three Genin instantly sat to attention.

"You can feel his chakra?" Sakura asked and Rin nodded slowly.

"Well, I did when he let me just now, but now he has hid it again. But he is here, I suggest we go to the Hokage and wait there. He will be sure to head home first, then report in." she said and Naruto jumped into the air.

"Let's go!" he yelled, pumped a hand into the air and rushed towards the door.

"He's exited about meeting his sensei…" Rin said smilingly while following the blonde bundle of energy.


"Hey old man. Rin-nee-san said Wolf-sensei is back in Konoha!" Naruto yelled at the poor Hokage, who jumped in his seat. Behind Naruto, his team looked at Rin curiously.

"Why is Naruto calling you that?" Sakura asked her mother, who chuckled at the question.

"It seems Naruto-kun is remembering a little from when he was younger. That was his nickname for me back then." Rin replied and Ino and Sakura looked at Naruto, who were now speaking happily with Sandaime. What about the two girls didn't know, but both Naruto and Sandaime were smiling while Naruto described something while waving his hands in the air. The three girls felt strangely out of place, seeing Naruto and Sandaime interact like that, and knowing that Naruto only had been able to talk like this with very few people.


Then suddenly a knock came on the door. Instantly the room was silent, even Naruto shut up.

"Enter!" Sandaime commanded and the door opened. In stepped a tall man, brown and golden hair, warm brown eyes, three scars on his cheek, a handsome face and a muscular build that could make many jealous. He wore the standard Jounin uniform, the only exception was that he had a katana on his back and a shorter sword on his hip. Kunai and shuriken holders on each thigh, and two weapon pouches in his belt. The White Wolf had arrived.

He looked around the room, smiled at Rin, Sakura, Ino and Naruto while he bowed at Sandaime. He started walking towards the Hokage's desk, but Rin hugged him first.

"Good to see you!" she told him

"Likewise." The reply came while he hugged her back. Wolf then took the rest of the steps towards the desk and placed a scroll there.

"Mission failure Hokage-sama." He said and Sandaime nodded in understanding.

"I see. Very well. Welcome back, I assume you recognise your team?" he said and Wolf nodded before turning to the three Genin.

"Yes, hello Naruto, Sakura, Ino. It's good to meet you. I hope the four of us can work well together." He said. Naruto was about to say something when Sakura interrupted him.

"Uncle Tenshi?" she asked in disbelief and he nodded.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Tengoku Tenshi; also known as the White Wolf or uncle Tenshi. I also remember Naruto call me…" Tenshi began but Naruto interrupted

"Tenshi-ossan." He said happily and Tenshi nodded while smiling slightly.

(A/N: ossan can mean either "old man" or "uncle". Which one he means is probably old man)

"Well, I'm glad you remember a little bit. How are you two?" Tenshi asked. Sakura grinned at him before she glomped him.

"I missed you uncle Tenshi" she said while hugging him tightly. Tenshi laughed and lifted Sakura into the air before him, looking her over.

"You've grown kid. But your chakra is low. Are you training right?" he asked and Sakura blushed a little. Tenshi sat her down and picked up Naruto instead. Naruto tried to squirm out of the grip but Tenshi didn't let go.

"My, you have a lot of energy, don't you? That's good, use that in training and you'll do just fine. But change those clothes. Why are you wearing a orange jumpsuit?" Tenshi asked and Naruto pouted.

"It was all the shopkeeper would give me. All the others just kicks me out." Naruto explained. Tenshi looked sad before placing Naruto back down. He then turned to Ino, who backed away a little. But Tenshi didn't try to pick her up, instead he held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you Yamanaka Ino." He said and Ino shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you sensei." She replied, giving him a smile. Tenshi gave her a gentle smile back before turning to Sandaime.

"Have you done as I suggested?" Tenshi asked and Sandaime nodded.

"Yes, they now know about Naruto and Kyuubi. I think they know some things about you as well now, like your glowing battle eyes." Sandaime said and smiled broadly when Tenshi looked a little surprised at that. He turned to his students and gave a mock glare.

"What do you know about me, hmm?" he asked and the three Genin grinned. Ino took a step forward and entered lecture mode. 'Lecture' mode being she placing her hands on her hips and leaning slightly towards Tenshi.

"We know that you are seven years older than us, that you are an orphan adopted by Yondaime Hokage-sama, that you have been trained all life, that you helped Yondaime-sama when he prepared his sealing jutsu and that you fought Kyuubi when it attacked. We know that your growth was unheard of, that you became so skilled so fast that you never had time to be a kid." Ino said, took a step backwards and Naruto stepped forward and mimicked Ino's lecture mode.

"We know that you were one of the first people to see me as Naruto and not Kyuubi. We know that you saved my life even when you were supposed to be in the hospital, that you were the one to give the clans that doubted the execution, strength and courage to stand against the council, the Uchiha and the Hyuuga. We know that you stopped more assassination attempts on me than any other in Konoha, and that you have killed more assassins than the ANBU have arrested, and that you have killed and tortured more of the Hyuuga clan than any other Konoha citizen." Naruto said, took a step back and Sakura stepped forward, she also in the lecture mode.

"We know that you were on the same team as okasan and Hatake Kakashi, even though they were much older than you. We know that you care much for those close to you, and are one of the best at piggy back ride. You were the first to teach me a chakra exercise.

We also know that you are the strongest Jounin in Konoha." Sakura said and to empathise the piggy back ride part, Rin jumped up on Tenshi's back, grinning widely. Tenshi stumbled a little but regained his balance fast.

"I also know that you turned down the offer to become the Godaime Hokage." Sandaime said and Tenshi nodded.

"I have no intention to become Hokage, since I don't want to protect all of Konoha." He said and Naruto looked at him with big eyes.

"Why not? You are a Jounin right? Why won't you protect Konoha?" he asked and Tenshi looked at him with serious eyes.

"I protect those that I feel deserve it and my precious people. People who treat others with respect and don't hurt others without a good reason are worthy in my book. That is why I wanted Sandaime to tell Sakura and Ino about Kyuubi. If they saw you as Kyuubi, then they wouldn't be worthy of my protection, even though I look at Sakura as my niece. Most people in Konoha aren't worthy in my book, but some are. That is why I won't become Hokage. I would be the first Hokage to not protect his people." Tenshi said and Naruto nodded slowly.

"Well then, I suppose I should take these kids to our training grounds and give them their Genin test." Tenshi said and Rin hopped of his back.

"Um, uncle Tenshi. We already passed the Genin test." Sakura said. The three Genin were really confused when Sandaime and Rin grinned at each other and Tenshi became serious.

"You passed the test that showed you have the potential to become Genin, but now you have to convince me that I want to spend my time training you three. This test has a failure rate of 66 per cent which means there will be a maximum of 9 new Genin this year. Now you three run home, get your ninja equipment and meet me at training area 7 in half an hour. Move!" Tenshi said and the three Genin scrambled from the Hokage's office.

"You are evil sometimes. They clearly showed enough teamwork to pass, even though they haven't trained together at all." Rin said and Tenshi chuckled.

"I know, I just want to know what I have to work on here. See you two later." Tenshi said and was about to leave when Rin stopped him.

"Come to dinner tomorrow, okay?" she asked and Tenshi nodded before vanishing in a blur.


Tenshi reappeared in the training area designated to team 7. He saw that another Jounin was there and recognised him as Kakashi. The man stood by the memorial statue for the fallen Konoha shinobi. Tenshi walked up to him and just stood by his side in silence.

A few minutes went by before Kakashi spoke.

"I knew you were back. Felt your chakra. Have you meet your team yet?" he asked and Tenshi nodded.

"Hai. They live up to my expectations. They already passed the test before coming here. Sakura and Ino both accepted Naruto even though they now know about Kyuubi." Tenshi said and Kakashi chuckled a little.

"I see. Its going to be interesting to see their progress." He said before turning to Tenshi.

"I have a proposition." He said and instantly had Tenshi's attention.

"Shot." He replied

"We train our teams together some times. Naruto and Sasuke are sort of rivals and will just push each other harder. Sakura and Ino both fight over Sasuke, and with him there they will work harder. Shikamaru and Chouji are at least familiar with Ino and will probably be…forced by the girl to work harder. And besides, two teachers are better than one." Kakashi said and Tenshi laughed.

"Kakashi, you are constantly late. I would end up teaching those kids alone. But you are right, sort of, so I accept. One day a week we will train the kids together. If both teams have time that is. But on those days, you have to be on time, or else…" Tenshi said, the last bit threatening and Kakashi shivered a bit before nodding.

"Deal. When is best that we train together then?" Kakashi asked

"Saturdays. That's the days least likely we have any inter village missions, so that would be most convenient. So, you passed your team then?" Tenshi asked and Kakashi shook his head.

"No, not yet. I am supposed to meet them one and half hours ago, but I have a feeling they will be a worthy enough team. Have you seen Rin?" he asked and Tenshi nodded.

"Yeah, she helped Sakura empathise that I give good piggy back rides. I was invited to dinner tomorrow, but didn't get to speak much with her. How is she?" Tenshi asked and Kakashi saddened a little.

"Well, after you left she and Sakura did okay, but it was a bit much for Rin. First she looses her husband against some missing nin and then her 'little brother' has to go on a several year long mission. But I suppose she has handled everything well, although she feels bad about not caring more for Naruto. After you left, we kind of left him to himself." Kakashi said and rubbed his head in an embarrassed way. Tenshi glared at him before sighing.

"I can't really blame you either. Rin has Sakura, and the council refused to let her adopt Naruto. You have your missions. I guess we all left him to himself. I just have to make it up to him by training him to become the best ninja he can be." Tenshi said and Kakashi nodded.

"Well, I'm off to see my team. I'll be seeing you on Saturday." Kakashi said and poofed out. Tenshi turned to the stone and stood there, waiting for his team.


The three Genin found their sensei still staring at the memorial stone. When he sensed them behind him, he bowed to the stone before turning around and addressing them.

"This is the stone which the names of the heroes of Konoha is remembered." Tenshi said and Naruto got a excited look on his face. Literally bouncing he proclaimed:

"Alright, I am going to be on that stone some day!" he said confidently. That confidence fell right trough him like a cold shower when he saw Tenshi's look. Sakura and Ino also saw the look and felt uneasy by it. Tenshi turned and lay a hand on the stone before speaking in a low, but very clear tone:

"This stone is to honour those that lost their lives in the service of Konoha. These people, these ninjas, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers, gave their lives for Konoha and their precious people."

Naruto, Sakura and Ino looked surprised at that, and Naruto had an additional look of horror over his face. Then Tenshi turned around with five bells in his hand.

"This is my bell test. It is different from the others. You have five hours. In those five hours you are to try and grab one of these bells. Those of you that don't get a bell when the time is up, gets tied to one of those logs" Tenshi said and pointed to the three vertical logs behind the Genin.

"The one that gets tied to the log won't get food and will be sent back to the academy. But there is a catch. Every hour I am going to destroy one of the bells. That means that in three hours, one of you will go to the log. Now I suggest you come at me with killer intent in order to do this." Tenshi finished his explanation and Naruto suddenly grabbed two shuriken and threw towards Tenshi. Who were behind Naruto with the two shuriken in his left hand against Naruto's neck.

"Now, now. I didn't say 'begin' did I? But at least you tried to kill me." Tenshi said and Naruto, Sakura and Ino gulped at the speed he moved.

'I couldn't even see him.' The three of them thought

"Now begin!" Tenshi said and the three Genin were off.


Sakura took of and ran in a wide circle around Tenshi, and hid on the other side of the clearing in a cluster of trees. She then gawked when she saw that Tenshi was meditation in the middle of the training area, an aura of calmness practically radiation from him. She saw the five bells gleam in his belt and began to think.

'Why five bells? Why five hours? Why destroy one bell each hour? Wait, with his speed, he can evade any attack we throw at him. He plans to dodge us for three hours so that we will become desperate to get a bell. This is all just a plot to set us against each other. I have to find Ino and Naruto.' With that Sakura left her hiding place and began searching for her team mates. She found Naruto, uncharacteristically sitting still, observing Tenshi.

'Huh? Naruto is quiet. What happened?' Sakura thought and approached Naruto.

"Naruto, what happened? You're quiet and calm. Is something wrong?" Sakura asked and Naruto shook his head.

"I have got my memory back." he just said. Sakura winced.

'That's got to involve some very painful memories.' She thought

"And I remembered when Tenshi-ossan and Rin-nee-san and Ero-Kakashi were playing with me. They taught me, under the disguise of a game, how to be stealthy. When we played tag, they taught me how to observe my opponent before striking. I remember it all now, seeing Tenshi-ossan talk in front of that stone must have triggered the memories or something." Naruto said and looked at Sakura. Sakura winced again at his eyes, they looked happy but horrified at the same time.

"Sakura-chan, I remember so much hate, and so much care. Konoha hates me, Tenshi-ossan, Rin-nee-san, Ero-Kakashi, Iruka-sensei, the people at Ichiraku ramen and old man Hokage cares about me. Its so strange, before it seemed everything before Tenshi-ossan left was blank, but now I remember everything, I think." Naruto said, his tone very serious. Sakura smiled at him.

"Well then, if that is good then I am happy for you Naruto. Also I think I and Ino care about you as well. As team mates and perhaps friends." Sakura said and chuckled at Naruto's uplifted look.

"Really?" he asked and Sakura nodded.

"Wow, thank you Sakura-chan. I…what is Ino doing?" Naruto said. Sakura whirled around to see Ino rushing towards Tenshi.

"Shit, she doesn't understand the meaning of this." Sakura cursed and Naruto looked at her.

"The meaning?" he asked and Sakura nodded.

"The reason there is five bells and five hours is to make us sweat and become desperate to get a bell. When three hours is gone, one of us goes to the log. Neither of us wants that, so we have to get a bell. What the true purpose is to get us to work together and get three bells that way. Its all a trick to fool us." Sakura explained and Naruto was tempted to praise her loudly before he remembered they were supposed to hide.

"Wow Sakura-chan, you really are smart. I would never have figured that out." Naruto said with awe in his voice, making Sakura blush slightly.

"Well, we have to help Ino. Come on!" she commanded and they headed towards their now struggling team mate.


Ino had also hid in some trees, watching her sensei. But unlike Sakura, she didn't think too much about what Tenshi had said. All she knew was that she needed to get a bell and she wanted it fast. If she didn't then she would go back to the academy and Sasuke would never proclaim his love for her. So she did the only thing she could think of. She rushed towards Tenshi as silently as she could. The trouble was that when she reached him, Tenshi was gone. She looked around for any sign of him, but saw none. Then suddenly she was grabbed around her legs and pulled under ground so that only her head remained over ground.

"Doton: inner decapitation no jutsu" Tenshi said as he reappeared in front of Ino. Crouching down he looked her in the eye and sighed.

"I don't think you understood the meaning of this exercise." He said and Ino glared at him.

"What do you mean?" she asked angrily. Tenshi smirked.

"Not telling you." He said smugly and Ino glared before she pouted and refused to look at him.

Shaking his head, Tenshi stood up and vanished. Just as he did, Naruto and Sakura came to the rescue.

"Ino, we have to work together to do this." Sakura said and while she and Naruto helped Ino out and explained everything to her, including Naruto's resent memory return, Tenshi was right next to them, undetected and under a invisibility jutsu.

He smiled when he heard that Sakura had understood the meaning right away, almost chuckled when Naruto told them about his games with the three caretakers of his when he was younger. The three caretakers being Tenshi, Rin and Kakashi, or as Naruto called him: Ero-Kakashi. (Pervert Kakashi(A/N: I think…))

'Well, this will be interesting. Let's see how they take this.' Tenshi thought, unsheathed his katana and dropped the jutsu.

"I've got you now!" he yelled. The three Genin whirled around to see him with raised katana, ready to strike. Naruto and Sakura froze, but Ino reacted instinctively and threw three shuriken at Tenshi. They hit him and a cloud of smoke and a poof later they saw he had used kawarimi.

"Damn, he scared me." Sakura said silently and Naruto nodded. He looked at his hand and shook it.

"Didn't think I would freeze like that on my first encounter with a dangerous situation." He said and the girls could hear he was angry at himself. Ino laid a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Naruto, if you want to be helpful, you have to promise yourself not to freeze like that again. Or else I am going to kick your ass." She said and Naruto looked at her with fear in his eyes.

'Damn, she's scary.' He thought before nodding.

"I won't freeze like that again." He said and Ino nodded, grinning broadly.

"Now let's get those bells." Sakura said and the three of them nodded at each other.


Meanwhile, Tenshi was watching his students closely, again. This time he was in a tree, uncamouflaged and was just waiting to be found. After a while of watching the kids plan, he looked up at the sky, or rather, the sun and calculated that one hour had went past.

'Time flies and all that. I guess that's one bell down then.' He thought, took out one of the bells and crushed it silently. No need to tell the kids that they had four hours left. Let them figure it out themselves.

It was then he noticed he that something was of with Naruto, Sakura and Ino. They looked tense. His eyes widened when he felt movement bellow him.

"Oh shit!" he said and jumped from the tree. When he landed, the tree was engulfed in a explosion, probably from exploding tags. He looked around, but didn't see either of his students.

"Now where did they go?" he said to himself and looked around again.


Sakura had gotten an idea after seeing Tenshi in a tree. She made Naruto prepare to use Kage bunshin and Henge when Tenshi looked away. It took a while, but finally Tenshi looked up to the sky and Naruto went into action. Three puffs of smoke later and the fake Naruto, Sakura and Ino stood there, and the real ones rushed around the tree Tenshi sat in. They placed exploding tags on the tree and rushed away. They heard an "Oh shit!" and the explosion went of. They hid in some bushes after that, looking at their sensei, who looked a little singed.

"We have to do this fast. Tenshi-ossan isn't serious yet, but he will be soon. We have to get those bells now." Naruto whispered and Sakura nodded.

"Hai, I agree. Uncle's eyes aren't even blue yet. Any ideas?" Sakura asked but Naruto shook his head. Ino grinned and turned to the other two.

"Heh, I have one. Naruto and forehead girl, you two occupy Tenshi-sensei while I prepare my Shintenshin no jutsu. If I get him with that, I can give you two the bells and we will pass." Ino said excitedly. Sakura glared at the nickname, but nodded anyway.

"Okay, let's go!" Naruto said and he and Sakura moved towards Tenshi.


Tenshi was still looking around. Suddenly he found two of his students. Naruto and Sakura were rushing towards him, both were using either kage bunshin (Naruto) or bunshin (Sakura). Five Narutos and five Sakuras, Naruto slightly in front of Sakura. Tenshi decided to see what they had planed, and blocked Naruto's attacks. The five Narutos came in waves after each other, two of them landing punches and kicks on Tenshi. He was about to block another of Naruto's attacks when he saw Sakura. All five of her had her fist raised and right before she reached him, four of the Sakuras poofed away and a rather painful hit was landed. Tenshi flew back a little, while wondering when Sakura became so strong. He got up and was about to ask something when he felt something enter his body and he discovered he didn't have any control over his body. He soon figured what happened when Ino's voice came out of his mouth.

"Success. Take that forehead girl. Now Sasuke-kun will have to recognise my greatness!" Ino cheered and Tenshi mentally rolled his eyes. Sakura just huffed and held out her hand.

"Just give us the bells so we can pass this ting Ino-pig." She said and Ino glared before handing over the remaining four bells to Sakura. After that she left Tenshi's body and returned to her own. Tenshi groaned as he regained control of his body before he looked at his students. All of them wore huge grins and one bell each. Well, Sakura had two. Tenshi smiled before beginning to clap.

"Very good. Excellent team work. To trap me like that, really excellent. I expect the same kind of team work from the three of you on missions as well." Tenshi said and the three Genin beamed with pride.

"Now if you excuse me, I have to report to Hokage-sama about how everything went. See you!" Tenshi said and faded out like a mirage. The three Genin stared a bit at where he had been moments before, until they turned around and started walking back to the village. Suddenly Tenshi reappeared in front of Ino, making said girl jump with a squeak.

"I forgot to tell you to meet me at this training ground at 8 in the morning. See you!" Tenshi said and vanished again, completely ignoring Ino, who was clutching her chest, gasping for breath while Sakura and Naruto howled with laughter at Ino's expression. Her response was to pout and walk away, wowing to get back at her sensei.


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