Full metal therapy


A/N: Well, our favorite therapist is back in action! Lets see how he feels about the Full metal gang.

Gluttony burped. Yuki's arm was very tasty but Yuki's leg tasted like Envy's hair gel. He left the One-legged man near by a automail shop and walked off. Mr. Yuki was found by Winry, who gave in automail in exchange for talking to her friend, Ed and his other friends. Yuki agreed. He needed some limbs and he still had to support his son, who was living with his mother in law while he was getting Automail.

So Mr. Yuki sat in his office, waiting for Ed. Winry promised that Ed was a nice guy and Yuki had some new methods for therapy. His ink blots were ready. Since Winry told him that Ed was only 15, he had barbies dolls to portray how Ed feels about his family.

He looked up to see a short young boy walk in with a red coat on even though it was summer.

"Please sit down." He said to the boy. Ed scoffed and sat on the couch as requested. Winry stood in the doorway, making sure Ed sat down. When he looked at her, she showed him a wrench with an evil smile on her face. Ed looked nervous as she closed the door. "Well then, Tell me about yourself."

"Well, I'm a state alchemist who was visiting his friend and is forced here." He said. Yuki nodded and pulled out the ink blots. "I'm going to show you some ink blots and you're going to tell me what you see." He said, holding up one. Ed studied it.

"Ink blot" He said. Yuki sighed. This kid would be hard. "Okay kid, what does the ink blot look like?" "An Ink blot." Ed answered. Yuki groaned. "Yes, I know it looks like an ink blot. Okay then, what does this ink blot look like. And don't say ink blot." He said, showing Ed a new ink blot.

"It looks like me stabbing that damn colonel over and over again." Ed said, smiling. "You don't like this man?" Yuki asked. Ed's facial expressions changed. "That colonel is always such a smart ass to me. 'Ed, did you find the stone yet? Your so short. Oh, where's Ed? Oh there you are. Your so damn short I couldn't tell where you were.'" Ed mocked.

"Well then I have some Barbie dolls. I want you to take them and act out a conversation with this colonel." Yuki said, handing Ed the dolls.

"'Ed, did you find the stone yet?' 'No, I didn't' 'Well your never find it cause your so damn short' WHOS SO SHORT THEY ARE THE SIZE OF A BEAN!" Ed said, throwing the Barbie dolls in rage Yuki blocked himself with the notepad. Ed left in a violent rage. Yuki sighed. In an hour he had to talk to Ed's brother, Al.