Title: Experimental Touch

Rating: R, whatever.

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men.

Summary: Rogue finds out the truth to her power and how it is controlled; now the question is what will she do with it.

P.S. I haven't read all the X-men fics in the world so I'm sorry if this is like anyone else's, I swear it's not intentional.L/M

Chapter one

Rogue stared at her hands in shock. Her eyes were wide and shimmery with unshed tears. She'd done this to herself. She'd hurt some many because she had been afraid. How stupid was she?

After that first kiss with the boy from her hometown her parents had feared her and shunned her. They closed themselves off from her and prepared to get rid of her. She had caught them. That horrid night she had discovered what she was. She had been an abnormality, a pure accident. She had been the creation of the breeders, the breeders of mutant. Much like the men who had changed Logan, she too had been changed. They had taken her as a baby and insert the X-gene into her blood, transforming her. No one knew what would happen, that was half the reason for the experiment. They had delivered her pale baby body to an orphanage and adopted like a normal child. Her adopted parents had no idea. When she heard them yelling at the orphanage, then agreeing to keep her for another night before they came for her. They would take her back, back to the men who changed her.

How did she know this? She overheard it, the father had repeated everything to his wife. So Rogue ran. She ran up the stairs and tossed some small belongings into a bag, slipped out the window, then ran. She always wanted to go North, now was the time. She took every back alley and side street she knew till she was out of town. Slowly she managed to hitchhike her way. She fended off advances from the men often having to get out and walk several miles when they realized she would continue to refuse.

Finally she had reached it, Laughlin City. Her destination. She allowed herself a moment to relax before preparing herself to walk into the bar. She was far from home; she was safer among strangers than friends. Besides she didn't have anything better to do. She figured she might be able to sneak a coupled of bucks from the tip jar to get some food. Since her travels began she had the distinct disadvantage of scrounging for food.

The placed had been busier than she had expected, but it warm and nobody paid her any attention. Slowly she maneuvered around the people and headed towards the bar. She paused a moment to stare up at a huge cage in front of her. That explained why it was so busy. Shaking her head Rogue forced herself to look away from the half-naked man in front of her. Another man had entered the cage, a challenge. Rogue watched them fight for a while till the other man hit the half-naked guy in the nuts. She watched him pound the enemy away. He was like her, a freak, a mutant. No man could fight like that without a bruise. Then the fight was over and he had won. Smiling slightly Rogue turned away and headed for the bar. Spying the tip jar she slowly slid on to the nearby bar stool. She'd have to wait until the bartender looked away. But the bartender seemed to have caught on and moved it away from her. She resisted the urge to glare at him.

Looking around she tried to form a new plan for food. She never expected to see him sitting there. They traded glances, then turned away as though they both didn't know how to being a proper greeting. Then the man from the cage was back and angry. They had traded heated words for a moment. Then she had saved his life. Well really she hadn't done much, just yelled at him to look out, he had done the rest. He had exposed his claws to both the man and the bartender. He had destroyed the gun the bartender held with a flick of a wrist. After a moment the man released his prisoners and stomped out the door. He was deadly, he was dangerous, he was alive. Grabbing her bag Rogue leapt off the chair and fled after him. He could help her, he could get her food, he did owe her after all. He was leaving, she had to hurry. Jumping over the side of his trailer she sighed with relief. She had made it.

Then after a while of driving she had to move, he leg was cramping and he had heard her. He found her kicked her out, then took her back. She had asked for food and he had given her some, she had asked for warmth and he provided it. He helped her. He gave her what she needed. They had traded names, his Logan. She had offered advice, wear your seatbelt. He had argued, they had a wreck. Saber tooth had attacked them, they had been saved. Then the rest had been a blur. The school, Bobby, Logan attacking her, the train ride, Magneto, The statue of liberty. More action than her whole lifetime combined. Then he had left. Searching, wanting, waiting, and she was on her own again. But the truth had never been revealed before, she had never known. It was her fault. It had always been her fault.

Chapter one done. I figure this will be a short story for me so keep an eye out for updates.