Title: Experimental Touch

Rating: R, whatever.

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Summary: Rogue finds out the truth to her power and how it is controlled; now the question is what will she do with it? L/R

P.S. I haven't read all the X-men fics in the world so I'm sorry if this is like anyone else's, I swear it's not intentional.

Side rant: I hate when I go back and reread my work and find spelling mistakes. I can recheck my stuff a hundred times, but it doesn't seem to make a difference, argh!

Chapter Eight

Her thoughts seemed so heavy, so much effort these days. Wouldn't it just be easier to leave things up to that Rogue girl? She should stop trying so hard and just relax, let someone else take the reins for a while. Besides there was nothing good outside these walls, my friends.

(((Logan's POV)))

Logan gently stroked Marie's hand patiently waiting for Xavier to return. As the minutes passed though his resolve began to wane. Logan was contemplating the consequences of shaking him when Xavier returned. He slowly sat up, removing his hand from Marie's face and blinked several times before looking down at Marie sadly.

"Well?" Growled Logan, eager for news.

"Well she's alive, still there, but she's been under attack for quite a while. She won't return to us anytime soon Logan, I'm sorry." Logan's growl grew stronger and Xavier paused and let him finished before speaking.

"I have an idea, an experiment if you will. I can't promise anything, but we might be able to help speed the process along." Logan stood up, leaning over Marie, gripping her sheets tightly.

"Well what is it old man?" Xavier ignored him, turning to face the group that had been observing silently.

"I'm sorry, but I think from this point on it this should just be covered by Beast, Logan and I. I will let you know how her recovery goes from here." Scott and Jean looked apprehensive at Marie's still formed, but nodded and silently left the room. They trusted Xavier's judgment; it was up to him now. Xavier turned and faced Logan once more.

"Marie's scared, she will not return with so many people up there. We are going to have to draw them out one by one, literally forcing them into just a memory and not an active participant in her mind. We can't' remove them, it's too late for that, but we can block them off, fade their existence if you will." Logan raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"But how?" Xavier sighed and let his gaze fall back to Marie's battered face.

"In order to know how to help her we'll need to know what happened to her. I can use my ability to display what I see into a monitor. We are going to have to watch her memories, every last one. When we can identify and corner off each individual I can enter her mind and place them into memory chambers."

"Memory chambers?" Logan sat back down, confusion still winning the best of him.

"It's hard to explain, the easiest way would be to show you what I'm talking about." Xavier closed his eyes and broadcasted what he wanted to describe to Logan. Logan jumped, but quickly focused trying to understand. Xavier imagined taking an image of Magneto and walking him into a giant life-size tube basically. Once inside it locked and a screen appeared above it. On the screen broadcasted a memory of Mari e on top of the Liberty Statue. With a press of a button the screen flicked off and Magneto could not get out. With the image gone, Logan blinked, shaking his head as to help rid the vision.

"Understand?" Logan nodded lightly.

"You're going to do this with every single person inside Marie's head? "

"Yes, that's the idea." Logan was silent for a moment, before replying.

"Alright, what do you need me to do?" Xavier smiled lightly.

"I need you to identify the culprits of course. If these are the same people that made your claws then you would know them best. And besides…" Xavier placed a hand on Marie's gently. "You're the closet thing she has to family; she's going to need you Logan. She's going to need you to be there, to be strong for her. And whether she's going to like it or not, you are going to need to know what happened to her, to help her." Logan nodded, his face grim. He wasn't sure he was going to able to be that person for her, but damnit, he'd try.

"Well now that's worked out, I need you too to move. I need to run some tests and clean her up. Give me an hour tops." Said Beast, suddenly appearing behind Logan. Logan took one last look at Marie. Quickly he leaned down and kissing her head lightly, before walking out of the room. Xavier's wheelchair followed quietly behind him. With a stretch Logan began his descent to the kitchen, might as well get refreshed while he could; this was going to be a long night.


A little short I know, but the experiment begins next chapter!