GLE - hi all you lovely people! I am still computerless, as I have been for the past month, but my roommate has generously let me use hers to get this chapter to you. Furthermore, I must credit her with help in writing this chapter (especially the accents, since she is a linguistics major) and with help fleshing out the small details I struggled with that are important to the plot. She has an account on here under name Esme Kali Phantom (you should check her out, her stuff is genius, insane, and hilarious).

This is an idea I've had for a while now, and because of the upcoming episode possibly negating this idea, I'd like to get it out to you. I hope you enjoy it in all its complexity. Oh, and as usual, I don't actually own Danny Phantom; I just like to borrow the characters once in a while.


Do Superheroes Exist?

Headline News

"G'day maites! I'm heah in Amity Pahrk, a small citey in the USA wheah just yestadai a phenomenon was revealed that threatens to chainge the wai we view the world forevah." The Australian reporter flashed a smile into the camera, proud to be announcing such a juicy story. "For the pahst ten months this citey has been plagued with ghost attacks."

"Ye-es, ghost attacks!" said an excited Asian. He was standing among reporters and news crews from around the world in the main park in the city. Everyone talking into microphones hurried to get the news out to their respective countries. "Ova dese mont de city has bos been protected and destroyed by ghost who take folm of teenage boy. Ahnd now we know where he come from. Here is footage of yesterday's attack."

"It turns out zat ze ghost known as Danny Phantom is also one of ze local high school students, Danny Fenton," confirmed a blond woman. She had a proud stance and fixed gaze on the camera. "He is ze son of world-renowned ghost hunters Jack and Maddie Fenton. How he became half-ghost is still a mystery, but we will be getting to ze bottom of it soon. Here is what his family had to say."

In front of FentonWorks stood Maddie, Jack, and Jazz, all visibly shaken by the event and current crowd of people outside their home. None were smiling, and the usually outgoing Jack was the furthest from the light, hovering on the threshold of the front door.

"We just found out yesterday," Maddie said in response to a question. "Our research doesn't indicate that such a thing is possible. We will have to review it."

She had said more than that, but as news crews always do, they cut much of it down to a couple of lines for their audiences to chew on.

"My brother's a good kid," Jazz argued, wanting to convince the world of it and to convey her sentiments. "He's always trying to save people without taking credit for it."

After this, the news clips editors were kind enough to include one final statement from Maddie, "We love our son."

"Mr. Fenton declaned comment," stated a reporter from the BBC. "So-u who is Danny Fenton? We go-u to the local hai school to find aut."

Ghost World! Danny Fenton is the ghost boy? That was Mr. Lancer's initial response to the discovery. A student in my class is Danny Phantom? Upon further reflection he began to understand a lot of the actions that young Mr. Fenton had been unable to explain over the year. And now he was faced with an onslaught of questions by the British interviewer.

"Here is vice-principal William Lahncer. Mr. Lahncer, could you tell us aba-ut Daniel Fenton?"

The balding teacher shifted his weight and cleared his throat, preparing to give as accurate of a description as he could. "Well, he's not the smartest boy. He's shy and clumsy and he's often getting into trouble for being late or missing class, but I suppose that makes sense now. I wouldn't have ever suspected his connection to Phantom."

"And what do you think of Danny Phantom?" the reporter pressed.

"They're quite similar now that I think about it," Lancer answered honestly, realizing it as he spoke. "Phantom's always destroying things, but he seems to have a good heart."

A man with a maple leaf tie spoke into his CBC labelled microphone, "We followed up that interview with questions directed towards Danny's classmates."

"Danny let himself get shoved into lockers, and he has ghost powers?" said Mikey, an expression of awe on his face. The nerd held his hands in the air to emphasize his surprise.

"I don't really care about ghosts," replied Star. "They like tend to like attack wherever I am. Fenton is one of the school losers and if he is Danny Phantom that still doesn't make much of a difference to me."

"Also adding to the disorder, there are a number of crimes on Danny Phantom's head," continued the Canadian. "Will Danny Fenton now take the blame? The list of crimes includes bank and museum robberies, the Christmas Incident, and the kidnapping of the city mayor, most of which have been caught on video."

A CNN reporter appeared on the screen with microphone extended. "Mr. Mayor, tell us about your kidnapping."

Amity Park's mayor stood awkwardly on the steps to City Hall. "It's sort of a blur, really," he began, attempting to remember everyting that had occurred. "I think the ghost was possessing me. I do know that afterwards it was clear that Danny Phantom had been the mastermind behind the assault. Now that we know who he is, we can punish him accordingly."

"And punish him they will, as soon as he is found," announced the CNN reporter dramatically. "Since late yesterday afternoon the boy has been missing. Even his parents are unaware of his location. We conducted a survey of the general public."

A guy in his early twenties, wearing baggy pants, tight t-shirt, a tattoo on his left forearm, and spiked purple hair, burst out, "He's a freak!"

"Poor child," said a plump woman with a bag of groceries in her arms. "His parents must have been neglectful for him to have turned out this way."

"I think he's highly qualified as a ghost hunter," speculated a man in a suit and tie, coming out of an office building. "He has access to all of his parents' gear and he has the powers to match ghosts."

"I don't want him coming anywhere near my children," exclaimed an outraged male in his mid-forties.

A guy behind the counter of a comic book shop said reverently, "He's a real-life superhero!"

"And there you have it, folks!" A blond man with a microphone graced the local tv screens. "This is Lance Thunder, Action News. Tiffany?"

"So as we wait for the ghost boy to be found, we can only ask what he's thinking," picked up the redhead on cue. She sat at her desk in the central news room of Amity Park's tv station. "Town saviour or villain? I guess it's good for us to wonder, do superheroes exist?"