GLE – I'm finished term 2! (which was mostly sound editing). I start term 3 on Monday! (which is mostly recording). I'm really having fun! Anyways…

A lot of planning went into this story, and there were things that didn't quite make it into the writing (mostly stuff that didn't fit or you didn't need to know, and at least one thing that I forgot to include). I decided around the time I was writing chapter 7 or 8… or maybe a little earlier than that… that I would do an extra chapter to include some fun facts about the OC's I created for this story as well as any other details I'd like to mention. So, consider this some bonus material! And as always, enjoy!


Stuff you never knew you wanted to know about DSE

Table of Contents

1 – Timeline Outlined
2 – Chapter Titles
3 – Loose Threads
4 – Minor OC's
5 – OC's with Back-Story
6 – Experimentation Schedule of the GiW
7 – Deleted Scenes
8 – Concept for DSE

1. Timeline Outlined

Let's start off with the timeline. Overall, the story spanned a week and two days, sort of.

The first chapter, with all the news crews and interviews from around the world occurred on Tuesday, the day after the incident that revealed Danny's identity.

Chapters 2, 3, and 4, all cover Wednesday, with flashbacks to Monday and Tuesday. If you remember, those chapters included: Danny hanging out with Dani then leaving for the Ghost Zone, the FBI investigation at the Fenton's, Jazz moving in with Valerie, flashbacks to Val's reaction of Danny's identity and to the incident that revealed him, and at the very end of the day, Jack and Maddie receiving a phone call telling them to move out of their house.

Chapter 5 happened on Thursday, which was Sam's, Tucker's, Jazz's, and Valerie's first day back to school since Monday that week. Vlad is finally introduced into the story. Danny spends some time in the Ghost Zone, then visits Vlad, and finishes the day by traveling to Amity Park.

Chapter 6 occurred on Friday. Damon meets with Operatives O and K who rush off when Danny Phantom appears on their radars. Danny fights with the mermaid ghost, and tries to hold off the Guys in White at the same time. There are flashbacks to the FBI investigation that occurred on Wednesday. The day ends with an alliance forming between Jazz and Valerie, and with Vlad watching the news. Danny wakes up the next day and screams, to end the chapter on a nice little cliffie.

Chapters 7 and 8 encompass Saturday. We get a glimpse of the real power in charge of the experimentation on Danny, and get to meet Dr. T and see his torture push Danny to the point of unleashing a ghostly wail. Meanwhile, there's a protest going on in Amity Park that gets broken up by a massive ghost attack. Jazz leads Team Phantom plus Valerie and Dani in an elaborate plan to save her brother that fails.

Chapter 9 happens mostly on Sunday, ending with Monday morning. Originally, I was going to skip Sunday since nothing much was going to happen, but I moved things, like the kids interacting with their parents and Maddie's conversation with the invisible Plasmius, from the end of Saturday to Sunday, 'cause it made more sense to have the break-Danny-out-of-there plan take place at night and not in the afternoon (silly to put it then, like I initially thought). I originally also had Danny go way angstier, but I felt that was a bit too OOC, so I spent some time developing his descent into anger towards the government.

Chapters 10 and 11 happen on Monday, with the second half of Chapter 11 on Tuesday-ish. Danny refuses to save the world at the request of the government. Vlad shows up and they fight while destroying the lab. The Fright Knight puts Danny into a nightmare while the world is overrun by ghosts. Danny realizes that he was heading down the path towards becoming his dark alter-ego and decides that he really does want to save the world. All the ghost hunters put in their best efforts to fight the ghosts, but it's Danny with the Fenton Bazooka and a super-powered jetpack who saves the day. The media is thrilled to announce this. We see Danny's reintegration into school-life on Tuesday. There are events beyond Tuesday that are discussed (such as what happens to the Guys in White). It ends with a news report that is presumably sometime after Tuesday (a couple weeks? A month or two?).

2. Chapter Titles

Each chapter title was supposed to have double meanings. I'm not sure that I achieved that with all the chapter titles, but for most of them, I think I succeeded. I particularly like the title "Of Being Half Ghost".

3. Loose Threads

I'm not really sure why I created this section. I guess it's here just to add a couple of things that don't belong to any of the other sections.

First of all, 917 Maple Street:This is the exact address of Mr. Lancer's "haunted house" from the Halloween episode with Fright Knight's first appearance. Dani refers to the "creepy house on Maple Street" in Chapter 10. The Fright Knight must've gained an affinity for it to have repositioned himself there.

Hmm, I was planning on explaining the White-Ceiver and Fly-Tell technology, but I'm not sure that even I know exactly how they work. I'm gonna say though, that the White-Ceiver only blocks attacks that are directly made on it, and does not prevent low-powered ectoplasm from being within its radius (ectoblasts are more high-powered). The White-Ceiver was the device that Damon Gray placed on his fridge to protect his apartment and everyone within it. Dani flew into the apartment with Sam, and used other ghost powers while there, like invisibility. But by that point in the story, the Guys in White were generally ignoring any warning signals of ectoplasmic presence as they focused all of their attention on the experimentation of the Ghost Boy.

The Fly-Tell is supposed to repel high-powered ectoplasm (aka ectoblasts). This did not occur in the fight between Team Phantom and the Guys in White during the rescue mission due to the fact that ectoblasts never came close enough to the one that Valerie was unknowingly carrying. Yes, she did get fired at, but she was using her hoverboard as a shield which ended up preventing the high-powered ectoplasm from reaching the Fly-Tell device.

Heh, clearly these devices ended up being fairly useless in the end. Well, the Guys in White are going to be revamping their entire program, so hopefully they'll also improve on the naming of their weapons! Oh, and speaking of, I called it "Fly-Tell" in tribute to the image of a fly-on-the-wall. Flies on the wall, like Uncle Sam looking over your shoulder, the Guys in White most definitely were trying to achieve this when they handed out the devices to parents of Casper High students.

Ghosts, post-fic. I did my best to sum everything up in the last chapter, but I didn't quite get the ghosts in there. I have no idea how the ghosts are taking the change with regards to the humans' acceptance of Danny. Guess they can't blackmail him with revealing his secret anymore? But will they still attack? Most certainly!

Well, that concludes this random section of arbitrary information. Onto the next!

4. Minor OC's

I loved creating new characters. And boy, did I create a lot of them! Most of them were pretty minor – so minor, in fact, that I decided not to bore you with the details (though I did make a list of them for myself). The following list is of the 'cool' minor characters (or those that had a little back-story):

From Chapter 1 and appearing again in Chapter 10

-Male Australian reporter
-Male Asian reporter
-Female German reporter
-Male BBC (British Broadcasting Company) reporter
-Male CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) reporter
-Male CNN (Cable News Network) reporter

From Chapter 3

-Mr. Stevens, a jogger, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts (also mentioned in Chapters 4 and 5 since he witnessed the incident that revealed Danny and appeared on the news in an interview to talk about it)
-Ellen, the social worker who helps to move Jazz. Originally, I had named her Lydia, but after Reality Trip aired and a ghost was given that name, I renamed her.

From Chapter 4

-Gryphon ghost (I wanted a cool creature. Heh my original mental images of that battle had Danny in hand-to-hand combat at one point, but when this creature came to mind, I knew I was going with it)

From Chapter 6

-Mermaid ghost (mermaids are my favourite mythical creatures)

From Chapter 7

-Operatives S and P. I like to think of them as "Salt and Pepper".
-Channel 7 camera guy – he flirts with the Student Cinematographer after she's become an intern to Channel 4.

5. OC's with back-story

The Insight Crew

Disembodied male voice
Emily Marden
Anna Cox
Lauren Costanza
Susan Benjamin

I named the cast with first names first, though Cox was always going to be one of the last names, derived from some great-great-grandmother-or-something of mine (Anna was taken from a rare nickname of mine that only my grandmother calls me followed immediately by my name). I had a classmate back in high school with the last name Costanza. Marden and Benjamin just popped into my head.

Lauren is the analytic one. She doesn't talk unless she has a question or a thought she feels is worth investigating, prompting the opinions of the others.

Anna is also somewhat quiet. She is an empathetic person and likes to be fair to everyone (if possible). When discussing topics involving children or young people, she usually takes on a motherly standpoint.

Emily and Susan are by far the most talkative during the show and lead the discussions. Susan is a bit more opinionated than Emily. They often take on opposing sides of a debate, even if they believe in the same thing (one will play devil's advocate).

Gang of kids – particularly, the leader and the youngest one

These were the kids who were mocking Danny while he fought Aragon back in Chapter 3: Inner Conflict. They aren't that much younger than Danny, and being part of a gang structure, they felt threatened by his presence. The leader in particular was trying to make himself feel better and more powerful than Danny by putting him down and having his gang members follow his lead. The youngest one hasn't been part of the gang for very long and wasn't as good at hiding the reverence he had for the heroic Danny Phantom.

College Film Students

Student Director (male)
Student Cinematographer (female) who gets an internship with Channel 4 News
Student Actor (male)
Student Sound Designer (female)

As I had said at the end of the chapter in which they appeared, this was based on a student film production that I did for one of my university courses. I was the editor, whose job it was to edit the film in post-production, but during production, to capture sound. The movie we made was a short 6 minute film about a guy locking his keys in the car and spending the rest of the day trying to break into it only to find out that the passenger-side door was unlocked. He has a little run-in with a security guard who exhausts most of the day trying to arrest him for attempting to steal the car.

My group had planned the shoot two weeks in advance, and when the day finally came, my director threw us off schedule an hour into shooting. I sat on the curb for over an hour waiting until he finally figured out the artistic angle or whatever the heck he was trying to do. I felt terrible for our actors, the main two having stayed with us the entire day from 7:00am until 10:30pm. One of them didn't get into a scene until afternoon. And neither of them was paid properly by our director who had promised them a meal (he didn't want to buy them Pita Pit, which is what they wanted at the end of the day. He wanted to buy them each a piece of pizza or something cheaper).

My director hung over my shoulder the entire time I was editing and made it very hard for me to cut unnecessary things from the film. Anyways, I modeled the crazy director in this fic after him and the other film students after me and my classmates. The cinematographer in this fic was a bit different from the cinematographer in my group (the girl in my group was actually a creative writing major).

The Government Trio

CIA liason, Elizabeth Medley – I created her name from the swimming term "individual medley" or "medley relay", which refers to a race that has all four competitive strokes being swum in a particular order. Just think that she has a finger in every pie.

Director of the FBI, Bob Mullen – I parodied his name from the actual name of the Director of the FBI back when I wrote the chapter in which he first appears.

National Defense, General Pierfort – anyone who can speak French can clearly see that this is derived from: "Pier"… which has the same meaning as in English, now that I think about it, and "Fort" which means "Strong". I picture him as a rock, a 'strong stone'. I think I was aiming for the French word "Pierre" which means "Rock/Stone". Well, he likes vacations on the seaside? Or he has a castle on the sea?

Their main objective in the imprisonment and experimentation of Danny Fenton a.k.a. Danny Phantom was to create an American army of half-ghosts. This army would presumably be unstoppable, and then all wars would come to an end as the United States set law and order in the world. Though, perhaps their first soldiers would just do reconnaissance and spy jobs to gain information on any enemies or terrorists.

Danny figured out that this was their goal when Dr. T told him, "Science would love to duplicate your mistake". He argued that "ghost powers affect everyone differently! What you're doing isn't just horrible, it's dangerous!", thinking of Vlad and Tucker, etc. Oh ya, and Elizabeth Medley does have a lot of authority within the CIA, but she isn't at the top of the organization, unlike Bob Mullen and General Pierfort.

FBI Agent Robert Miller and FBI Agent Collins work under Bob Mullen. I borrowed their names from some (former) teammates of mine (though my "Collins" teammate is actually female, not male).

Guys in White, Operative B and Dr. T

Operative B, from Chapter 9, wouldn't have a name except that Bradley keeps popping into my head, which leads me to "Sadly-I'm-Bradley" from the Canadian movie, Waydowntown, a hilarious drug trip of a film set in Calgary where four office workers make a bet to see who stays indoors the longest. With the downtown core connected by tunnels and overpasses, one could stay inside for a very long time without setting a foot outdoors. The main character's desk-neighbour is a sad guy by the name of Bradley. At one point in the film, the main character is on the phone with who he thinks is one of his friends, and is chatting about "Sadly-I'm-Bradley" when Bradley replies, "Sadly, I am Bradley". My sister and I recommend this film. Anyways, next character…

Dr. Tobias Umbrov (aka Dr. T) did his undergrad as a double major in psychology and biology. He wrote his master's thesis on a dissected ghost bunny (The Skeletal and Muscular Structure of a Paranormal Rabbit) and got his doctorate in a more traditional way. He was recruited by the Guys in White for his research on paranormal beings as well as his general interest in ghosts.

He had met Elizabeth Medley in college during his undergrad (they sat next to each other in a couple of psychology courses), but they were nothing more than acquaintances (they'd been study buddies for the courses they took together but it didn't really develop beyond that). One of Elizabeth Medley's men made contact with him shortly after Danny's identity was revealed and she reconnected with him a few days before he brought her to speak to Danny. Dr. T agreed with her way of thinking and wanted to help as best he could. Plus, a small bonus of cash couldn't hurt either.

6. Experimentation Schedule of the Guys in White

The Experimentation Schedule is the main reason that chapter 7 took me a year to update. Before even writing the chapter, I wanted to figure out, in detail, what the heck the Guys in White were planning to do to Danny. So, I had to get into their heads and plan out everything that they'd want to test him on, imagining that they'd have him for an unlimited amount of time, and not just two and a half days. This is what I came up with:

-note that for every one of these Ability Tests, they are always testing for "the biology of it", which refers to how his body is processing; how does he do an ability at the molecular level, what hormones are being set off, what's his heart rate at, his brainwaves, his breathing, etc, etc.

-note also that all of these Ability Tests were to be performed in his human and his ghost forms, to get readings for both

-note that these were the only abilities that the Guys in White were aware of when they created this schedule for testing (for example, they didn't consider Ghost Sense to be much of a power, and they didn't know about the Ghostly Wail until after Danny did one)

Ability Tests

Flyingfastest speed

Ectoblastsrate (how fast can he fire them consecutively), power (how strong can he make a single blast)

Intangibilitysubstances (what substances can he pass through, are there any that he can't?), body parts (a focus on making specific body parts intangible while leaving the rest tangible, how small can he go, can he single out any one part on impulse, can he do this under pressure)

Invisibilitybody parts (pretty much the same as for intangibility)

Ectoshieldspower (how strong can he make them), distance (how far can he throw a shield like as to protect someone else within it), area (how wide can he make one around himself and at what distance does a serious dip in integrity occur), thickness (slightly different from power, how thick can he make the shield, how thin can he make one that is still effective)

Strengthpower hold (how much can he hold or how much weight can he sustain), power break (how much power can he put into a punch or a kick or any physical attack like this, to break through metal, etc), note: this is the only test he completely fails at in human form

These ability tests need to be repeated over a long period of time to get more accurate results.

Structure Tests

-physical reaction of transformation
-midmorph DNA
-brain activity
-bone density/muscles/structural differences?
Test to be repeated a few times and completed within a week.

Why didn't he die?
-analyze cell structure
-test effect of ectoplasmic electricity on normal cells
Danny doesn't need to be present for this test. Only his cells do, which they take samples of from him the first time he's in the Medical Center. They get the normal cells from someone else, or several someones else.

Brainwaves and vitals during sleep
-as ghost
-as human
Extreme heat and cold
-as ghost
-as human
These tests require a month long of research each. So do "How long without food" and "How long without sleep" (both as human and as ghost), which were planned for much later. These last two might affect his ability test results, so a slightly altered "lighter" schedule would be applied which include much less ability testing, but still enough stuff to occupy Danny all day.

X-rays, CAT scans, etc, etc, would all fall under this category as well and be tested in there somewhere.

Interview Questions

I got in all the interview questions into the fic that I wanted to ask, so I'm not doing a section on that here, but you get the basic idea; they wanted to ask him about everything he knew about ghosts or relating to ghosts.

Daily Schedule

The First Day looked something like this:
8:00 – wake, chat with Dr. T
8:30 – vitals/structure tests
9:30 – ability tests run-through
12:00 – questioned by Dr. T
12:30 – lunch
13:00 – ability tests
15:20 – ghostly wail
Sometime close to midnight – Team Phantom fails to rescue him

The rest of the days that Danny was supposed to be there were supposed to look like this:
7:00 – breakfast (except when doing the starvation test later on down the road, same goes for other meals)
7:30 – transformation testing (first week), other structure tests
8:30 – ability tests
12:00 – lunch
12:30 – ability tests
15:00 – nap ('cause he'd need it, except during the 'how long can he stay awake' testing period), structure tests
16:00 – interview questions
18:00 – dinner
18:30 – ability tests
21:00 – structure tests
22:00 – sleep (except during 'how long can he stay awake' testing period)

Can you tell why Team Phantom freaked out about reading through this? I wouldn't want to imagine my friend going through anything like this. I'm happy Danny got out!

7. Deleted Scenes

This section exists mainly due to "Deleted Scene 8". Immediately after I wrote the scene, I knew I couldn't use it (it was far too upbeat for the tense/downcast mood I was trying to convey). Since I was already planning a bonus chapter by that point, I decided to add Deleted Scenes to the menu. Most of the other deleted scenes are lines that either didn't fit into the story or conveyed characters going way out of character. Or they were just funny thoughts that came about late at night when I was too tired to think properly.

Deleted Scene 1Set during Chapter 6: Redemption or Ricochet, as Danny's train of thought when landing on the steps outside the school.

Danny decided it was time to face the music. He returned to school since he felt that, as a student, this was where he should be. He knew that he probably wouldn't get to stay here very long and hoped that wherever he was going to be taken to, everything would be ok. He was tired of running, in any case.

Deleted Scene 2Set during Chapter 7: Breaking Point, as part of Danny's psychology during experimentation. This occurs during the first round of ability tests.

He started to become a bit jittery during the process, and twitch at the slightest sound since they kept attacking him to get him to use his powers. Sometimes they'd catch him by surprise, especially when he thought they were taking a break.

Deleted Scene 3Set during Chapter 7: Breaking Point. This is one scene I forgot to add. Dash makes the argument that even if it was a school day, he'd be at City Hall to protest Danny's incarceration. The exact words were:

"I'd be more than happy to skip school for this protest!"

I would have loved to have made it a school day, but it was more important to have Danny's identity revealed on a school day (the previous Monday), so that Tucker and Sam were in detention.

Deleted Scene 4Set during Chapter 9: Nightmare World. It's just a pretty line that was too sophisticated for Tiffany Snow, so she ended up saying it differently. Plus, I wanted to leave her unbiased about Danny.

Without Danny Phantom, the ghosts felt free to come whenever they wanted; there was no more opposition.

Deleted Scene 5Set during Chapter 9: Nightmare World. Vlad's meeting with Maddie. Originally, he was going to reveal his double identity to her.

"People… change," said Vlad hesitantly. "Maddie, there's something you must know… I've been a fool to keep it from you… I've been a fool for too long…"

Real sappy. Really OOC. So, instead of Maddie finding out about him, Valerie did. Heh, probably not the trade most of you were looking for, however, that's the way it spawned out of my head and onto my computer.

Deleted Scene 6Set during Chapter 10: To Be a Hero. Vlad talking to Danny in the Medical Center, following Vlad's lines, "Whether these people realize it or not, they want you to watch over them, no matter how much you pester the rest of us, no matter how much they fear you. They worship you too!"

"The world works in contradictions, and a lot of it is gray, not black or white," Vlad continued. "We're the gray, Danny, but most especially you are. And you deserve to find your place among the rest. You belong here more than I do…"

"Gray. WTF are you on?" asked Danny incredulously.

Actually, I didn't have Danny say that. Those are my current thoughts. This was one of the older scenes that I wrote.

Deleted Scene 7Set during Chapter 10: To Be a Hero.

Now it's Vlad's turn to look at Danny and say, "And you made fun of me for attempting to be poetic."
Danny: "But srsly, gray?"
Vlad: "Just look at the OOCness of your next lines."

After Danny comes out of his nightmare, I had originally written this passage for his thoughts:

"I'm not afraid of the world. I don't care what they think of me. The worst hasn't happened because the worst would be me losing myself to chaos – to a dark temptation that would obliterate everything I care about and fight for, and I am never going to let that happen. I will fight, with or without humans by my side, because that is my purpose."

moving on…

Deleted Scene 8Set during Chapter 10: To Be a Hero. After the international news reporters had their say.

Lance Thunder, however, was happy for the first time in his broadcasting career to be haunted by a ghost. The Box Ghost was rather harmless after all. Lance was thrilled to be more irritated than anything. He clung to the belief that, as long as he was the Box Ghost's prey, no other ghost would bother with him. In this sense, he felt safe.

"Beware!" cried the Box Ghost, circling Lance's head.

"Yes, yes," replied Lance, waving his hand as if to brush him off. He was trying to read a report in preparation for the news at noon. "Ahh!" he stated in monotone, pretending to scream. "A ghost!"

Yes. Lance Thunder was happy. And so was the Box Ghost.

Deleted Scene 9Set during Chapter 11: Reintegration, following Tucker's line: "Oh and I bet you'll be let into the movies for free! Dude, you could probably even get front row seats at concerts if you asked!"

"Tucker!" exclaimed Sam. "I have my own movie theater. He'll always get front row seats there!"

You can thank Fey for that one.

Deleted Scene 10Set post-fic in response to his excitement on the field during the final paragraph of the fic. What Lance Thunder gets up to in the future:

Lance has given up on being the weatherman, demanded a salary raise for being a full-time endangered field reporter, and has developed a reputation as the number one Danny Phantom correspondent. W00T! Go Lance!

8. Concept for DSE

I wanted to make this story as realistic as possible in terms of character interaction and thoughts. I tried to keep the characters in-character while allowing the event of change to take place because of the incident that revealed Danny. Writing the fight scenes was an interesting challenge to me, and I hope I did justice to them. I know I made some references to lines from the show or to things that happened in the show after the point in time when this fic was set (which was pre-Reality Trip). The only things I really changed from my original outline for this fic and the way it turned out in the end were parts when I had any character go noticeably OOC, such as Vlad confessing to Maddie his true identity.

Way back, before I started writing this fic, I was planning the order of events by character or groups of characters. The first character I planned was, of course, Danny. The second character was the group labeled "media/press". This included all the news reporters, the Insight women, the college film students, etc, etc. I ended up planning 12 characters/groups (3. Jack & Maddie, 4. Jazz, 5. Sam & Tucker, 6. Val, 7. Damon, 8. Guys in White, 9. FBI/government, 10. Dani, 11. Vlad, 12. Danny's Classmates/People in the Community… the other ghosts didn't really get a group, only Fright Knight's jot notes were written under Vlad's heading).

This is significant because to me, the media was a very important character in this entire fic. You could almost say that it was a story from the media's point of view. I tried to include some form of media in every chapter. The question, "Do Superheroes Exist?", was asked by a news reporter in the first chapter and reiterated as an answer by a news reporter in the last chapter, "The Ghost Boy has arrived! This ghoul stands no chance against our superhero". There is a big conflict of opinion in the media as well as between characters throughout the story, which is particularly noted in the first Insight talk show scene. And it all comes down to whether or not people want to trust Danny, to trust a half-ghost, and let a superhero exist.


Well, that's it for all this "bonus material" (aka my extra notes on the fic, the After-words, or Stuff you never knew you wanted to know about DSE). I hope that you enjoyed reading everything (I have a feeling that a lot of you really liked this story, if the number of reviews, alerts, and faves I got on this have anything to say about it). Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and particularly THANK YOU to anyone who reviewed. I appreciate all the feedback that I got on this (and am especially thrilled to have made it to and beyond 200 reviews!). I'm glad that we took this journey together, and it's great to have made it to the end!

At present, I have no new Danny Phantom stories on the horizon. I am still planning to complete one Hey Arnold fanfic that is seven chapters/short stories long, for which I still need to write chapters/stories 3, 4, and 7, and edit the rest. Also for Hey Arnold, Fey Phantom and I wrote a fic several years ago that needs to be edited. We still find it funny and we will be posting it from our combined stories account, pen-name: Eternal Angels. With any luck, we'll do that this year! Uh, next summer!

Fey and I also have several futile ideas for other combined fics in different fandoms that we most likely will not get around to doing. But it's fun to daydream! In any case, I don't expect to have much free time from now until June 26th, 2009, and hopefully beyond that ('cause I'm loving my career path and I hope that I will get to work as soon as possible once I graduate!).

Thank you all once again for enjoying this fic. Good luck in all that you do!

Yours sincerely,

-)Golden Lunar Eclipse(-