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Phil looked up only when Tommy and Chukie entered the room, then looked back down at the magazine he was holding in his hands. "I'm not going." He said, burying himself deeper into the pillows and holding the magazine closer to his face. He didn't want to see the disappointment he knew would appear on his friends' faces.

"But Phil-" Tommy started. Phil cut him off.

"But nothing, Tommy. Don't you remember the last time we tried to go camping? I almost drowned! You almost drowned! Isn't that enough evidence to say that camping and us don't mix?" Phil turned back to his comic.

"Phil, c'mon, that was two years ago!" Tommy argued with his pal, though he knew the situation was hopeless. Phil wouldn't change his mind. Unless…

"Okay, you don't have to come, but you'll miss out on the prizes the YMCA is giving out to the first people done with the trail." Tommy saw Phil's ears perk up. He knew he had him interested. "Yup, all those good things gone to waste. What was the grand prize, Chuckie?" Tommy looked casually over at his friend and winked.

"I heard that the grand prize was the new whatchamacallit-that Play Station 4.0 thing."

That hooked Phil. He jumped off the bed, ignoring the book that now fluttered to the floor. "Okay, you got me. But how are three fifteen-year-olds going to win that thing?"

Tommy had an answer. "We start early. Four o' clock on Saturday. Four in the morning, Phil!" He punctuated the last words. Phil was notorious for sleeping in.

Phil nodded. He looked at Chuckie. "How'd you get the Chuckster to go?"

Tommy shrugged. "Same way I always do. I tell him he gets to see you goof up again."

Tommy bolted out of the room with Phil on his heals, leaving Chuckie collapsed on the bed, dying from laughter.

Hey, how do you like my little teaser? The other chapters will be longer, I swear.