As most of you probably noticed, I dropped little references to movies that the actors from Newsies were in and stuffs like that. If you didn't notice, Mr. or Ms. Oblivious, here's a list of all things I included into the story:

1. "My birthday is on January 30th"
Christian Bale, the actor who plays Jack, was born on January 30th.

2. "His real name is Gabriel, but we call him Spot because…I don't really know."
The actor who played Spot Conlon in 'Newsies' is named Gabriel Damon.

3. "David is now watching some stupid Disney Channel movie on TV. It is called High School Musical. It seems gay. The director is some guy named Kenny Ortega."
Kenny Ortega did direct 'High School Musical', but he also directed 'Newsies'.

4. "Batman boxers."
Christian Bale starred in 'Batman Begins'.

5. "(Mrs. Platt's sixth period class, general education)"
'Platt' was the last name of Christian Bale's character in 'All The Little Animals'

6. "We talked for a bit about how graduation was coming up soon, then we watched a movie called Captain Corelli's Mandolin."
'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' was a film that Christian Bale was in.

7. Jack: "I never said thank you." Sarah: "And you'll never have to."
Not only was that whole conversation about Batman Begins, the last two smidgetts of dialogue were the last two lines from Batman Begins.

8. "So is that one about the paperboys…What's it called again?"
Obviously I was referring to 'Newsies'.

9. "This movie called 'Big'."
David Moscow, the actor who played David, was in a movie called 'Big'.

10. "More stupid and idiotic than Blink and Mush when they tried to feed that kitten to an ATM last year."
In 'American Psycho', a film starring Christian Bale, his character, Patrick Bateman, claims that an ATM has been telling him to feed it stray cats.

Well, now that the list is done, it's time for announcements. I'd like to thank a couple of people. First of all, Disney, for making the characters and everything. Next, I gotta thank everyone who left reviews. You guys encouraged me to keep writing this to the end. Finally, I gotta thank my friends who read this. Erin (Les), Emily (Spot), and occasionally Alice (Blink). So um yeah. There is a sequel to this, because there is still so much stuff that hasn't been resolved…like poor Spottie's problem and how Sarah/David feel towards Jack.

Erm…what else is there to say…Oh, oh yeah. My friend's and I might be turning this into a 20 minute movie this year…maybe. Check youtube for it.

Mkay, some more final comments.

When I wrote the first chapter of "Paper Clips" I had no idea it would turn into slash. It wasn't supposed to be, and it just happened. Also, a couple suggestions you all left in the reviews changed what was going to happen (Spot and Sarah were never supposed to go out) And uh…yeah. Okay. As Jack would say:

Exit Banisters.