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"As you may or may not know, you seventh years have been getting on my last nerve," an impatient McGonagall told the seventh year Gryffindors. "To try to make you all more responsible, I am going to pair you up and give you and your partner an assignment that will count as half your grade."

Everyone groaned as they listened to McGonagall give them partners and an assignment. It seemed like she was choosing the one person they could definitely not stand.

"Lily Evans, your partner will be James Potter, here is an index card with your assignment on it."

James and Lily made their way to Professor McGonagall and received their card. It read:

You will tell stories of them moments you had together since

you met to the first year Gryffindors. You will meet once a week

for eight weeks telling them stories. Make sure you do not reveal that

you are talking about yourselves until the last story. You start

tomorrow. Good luck.

"Well, I guess we better decide what we're going to say tomorrow," James suggested to Lily after they had both read the card.

"Yeah, I guess so." She looked down at the card. "It says since we first met but does that mean that we have to tell them when we met?"

"I dunno. Maybe we should ask Professor McG," James suggested.

"McG? You know what, I don't even want to know." With that she walked over to Professor McGonagall and asked her what the directions meant. When she came back to where she and James were sitting she told James, "We just need to tell a story about us together for every year."

"I say we tell the first years about Jinxies."


"Yes, Jinxies. Remember that time in first year when I went over your house and we went to that restaurant," James reminded Lily.

"Oh yeah. Oh my gosh that was so much fun! I never realized I could have that much fun with you."

With that, the two were going over their "Jinxies" story. As they joked and laughed James couldn't help but hope that somehow their assignment would bring the two much closer together.

A/N: okay so that was really short. Don't worry they'll be longer. I just wanted to introduce the story to you a bit so you knew what was going on. Next chapter you get to know the "Jinxies" story. Lol that was the actual name of the restaurant in my dream. R&R!

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