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Breakfast the next morning was very awkward. After a while, Lily wasn't sure if James still liked her or not, so she refused to talk to him. And James, confused by Lily's actions and behavior, ignored Lily. But their friends all noticed the short glances the two kept shooting at each other.

"So Remus," Lily said not being able to handle the silence, "how's your punishment thing with Mel going?"

"Okay I guess. Mel doesn't seem so keen on talking to me though. After we're done she leaves and she barely talks to me when we're together. Is she mad at me?" Remus asked.

"No I don't think so. She hasn't been talking to anyone lately," Lily said.

"You know what I heard? I heard that she broke up with her boyfriend, Michael, yesterday," Sirius added.

"NO WAY!" Charlie screamed. Several people looked at her funny. She lowered her voice, "But why? I thought… Never mind. You know what? I couldn't care less about what Mel does."

"That's not true and you know it," Lily said sternly.

"Yeah, but she's mad at me. And she's been ignoring me. It's really annoying."

"I know exactly how you feel," James said loudly staring straight at Lily.

"Well, of course I'm going to ignore you," Lily said angrily. "You're ignoring me!"

"I'm only ignoring you because you're ignoring me!"

"But I'm only ignoring you because you're ignoring me," Lily said not entirely truthfully.

"Well stop it! I'm starting to think you don't like me anymore." James said not realizing what he had said until it was too late. "I-I mean. No I didn't mean it like that. I just-I…"

"We're finally getting somewhere with these two," Sirius whispered to Charlie who happened to be sitting next to him. If she wasn't so interested in getting James and Lily together, she would have glared at Sirius, or smacked him.

"Well," Lily said slowly. "Do you want me to like you?"


"Oh. Okay," Lily said blushing. The two didn't talk to each other but this time because they were too embarrassed.

When the group decided to head down to their first class, which was transfiguration, Lily slowed down and backed away from the rest of the group. She needed time to think. James didn't exactly let her think.

"Hey Lily."

"Hullo James."

"Sorry I got mad at you before, you were just getting on my nerves. I mean, we almost kissed last night but then you run away and didn't even look at me at breakfast. It made me think I did something wrong."

"Yeah, I wasn't planning on running but your friends came and I panicked and… you didn't do anything wrong James. You definitely didn't," Lily said shyly. James grinned.

"So… Hogsmeade is next weekend," James said glancing sideways at Lily.


"Erm. Do you have a- you know- date? If you do then you can tell me. It's okay if you do. I was just wondering because if you weren't doing anything and I wasn't doing anything than maybe we could do nothing together?"

"Like on a date," Lily asked. James nodded hopefully.

"Um. Okay, sure."


Things never went Tori's way. Every time she thought thinks were looking up, something bad happened. Nothing drastic, like another death, but something like choosing partners for a project.

Tori just started becoming friends with people, so no one in their right minds would choose her when they could partner with their best friend. Her closest friends were Adimina, who was extremely popular and had so many closer friends she could choose from, and Greg, who, like Adimina, had a lot of friends.

Adimina hated it when she had to choose her own partner. She felt like she had to choose Mallory, her best friend, but she wasn't that smart and goofed off a lot. Adimina always had trouble finding a friend that would try hard. Her eyes scanned the room for someone that was partner-less, hard working, and one of her closest friends. Her eyes fell on Tori who was doodling in her book. She didn't look like she had a partner, she was one of the smartest girls in class, and she considered Tori a close friend. Sure they weren't as close as Adimina and Mallory, but they were close enough.

"Hey Tori," Adimina said. "Wanna work together?"

"Sure" Tori said excitedly. The two spent the rest of class deciding what they were going to do.

Tori was going to put all her effort into this assignment, because for the first time in her life, she had a partner.


The news about James and Lily spread the school like rapid fire. Soon it was all anyone would talk about. Even though he was annoyed at them, James couldn't have been happier.

All through classes that day, James did something no marauder had ever accomplished-take the best notes in class. Lily was usually given that title and occasionally other people would, but James was in such a good mood, he wanted to take notes. Sirius wanted to check James's temperature when he first saw James paying attention.


Just as she was setting to leave for the story telling thing to first years, Lily ran into Mel.

"Hey Mel! What's up? I haven't talked to you in ages." Lily said, trying to sound casual. She was hoping she could figure out what was wrong with her best friend.

"Oh nothing much. Same old stuff happening, you know."

"I heard about you and Michael. I'm really sorry, you two were so cute together," Lily said.

"Don't be sorry. I broke up with him. We were drifting apart anyway," Mel said.

"Well, I guess this means double dating is out of the picture."

"Who would I go on a double date with? None of my friends have boyfriends," Mel said.

"Didn't you hear?" Lily asked amazed. After all, it was all anyone would talk about. "James asked me out!"

"So what? I mean, doesn't he ask you out all the time? What difference does it make," Mel asked confused.

"Blimey Mel! Where have you been? He hasn't asked me out in ages. Not including this morning of course. So when he did ask me out I was so happy. I was beginning to think he gave up on me. That would have been horrible."

"Do you mean to tell me that James asked you out… and you said yes to him?" Mel asked shocked. Lily nodded. "You're right. We haven't talked in ages."

"Yeah. So… why are you and Charlie fighting? She tried to explain it to me but I don't think she knows herself."

"That's none of your business Lily," Mel snapped and then walked away.

"Okay then."

Lily continued to the room she and James told stories in a bit upset. She had gotten so close to figuring out what was bugging Mel.

"Hey Lily," a voice that made Lily's heart flutter said. All thoughts of Mel immediately vanished. She turned around and came face to face with James.

"Hullo James. Are you ready to be attacked by overjoyed first years?"

"'Course I am," James said proudly. "I'm always prepared for anything." Lily smiled and followed James into the room.

As expected, the first years all leapt out of their seats and bombarded them with questions.

"No questions until after the end of the story. Alright," James said over the noise.

"Now take your seats so we can start. The sooner we start, the sooner its over and the sooner its over the sooner you get your questions answered," Lily said. They immediately stopped talking and took their seats.

"Lunch time!" The Boy yelled excitedly to his friends. He was now in fourth year and his teachers were pounding him with work.

As the class exited the room, The Boy caught a glimpse of The Girl and immediately ran towards her.


"Hullo," The Girl said.

"Woah! You just said 'hullo' to me! Usually you just yell at me. I feel special."

The girl looked at him like he was a lunatic and he stopped talking.

"So… why did you say hello to me? Not that I'm complaining or anything."

The Girl sighed. "Lunch is boring. Nothing exciting ever happens," The Girl said before running to catch up with her friends.

The Boy was confused. The Girl didn't answer the question. But he still tried thinking of some way he could make lunch fun for The Girl. He finally thought of something and told his friends about the idea. They agreed to help him.

The Boy picked up a sandwich and flung it at a random Ravenclaw. One of his friends stood on the chair and yelled "FOOD FIGHT!" soon it looked like there was a big cloud of food in the Great Hall. Everyone was screaming and yelling and having a good time.

The Girl looked at The Boy as if asking if it was his idea. He just winked at her.

After the food fight, The Boy and his friend got detention for starting the food fight. His friend thought it was unfair (he swore he saw Dumbledore throw food at the kids). But The Boy couldn't care less because he had accomplished his goal. The Girl had a very fun lunch that day.

Lily beamed at James as he finished his story. Hands shot up as soon as the first years realized it was over.

James said, "We're only going to answer questions about the story first."

Several hands went down. James called on a little boy in the back.

"Why did The Girl say hello to The Boy? You never specified in the story. Does that mean she likes him?"

"No. It was because lunch was always so boring to her and she knew The Boy would do something interesting at lunch if she asked him to," Lily said.

"Really?" James asked Lily.

"Yeah. Well, that's all the time we have for today. James has to go to quidditch practice. Why he's having it this late is beyond me."

"Shut up Lily," James said smiling.

"Well good bye my peeps," he said in a horrible American accent. "I'll see you at patrol Lily." James said then kissed her on the cheek and left.

Lily blushed and looked at all the first years who were watching her with shock and excitement.

"What? You've never seen a guy kiss his girlfriend on the cheek before?" she asked smirking as she left the room. She heard cheering from all the way down the hall.


Lily made her way down the hall to where she agreed to meet James for rounds. She had just come from the library so she had a bunch of books in her hands. She couldn't decided whether she should go to her dormitory and drop the books off, or just do patrolling with them.

She finally decided that if she dropped her books off she would be later, so she continued her walk. After all, if the books started getting heavy she was sure James would carry some for her.

When she got to her destination, she saw two people kissing. She froze and let her books fall to the ground. The noise of the books made the two people kissing stop and look at her. Staring at her was a triumphant looking girl named Clare, and a shocked James Potter.

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