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"Ungh!" Raven was slammed against the wall. "Ouch." She stood up and brushed herself off, glaring at Mumbo. "Is that all you've got?"

"Unfortunately for you, no. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!" The maniacal magician waved his wand. "Mumbo Jumbo!" Raven was engulfed in a poof of lavender smoke. Coughing could be heard from the magical cloud, and when it cleared, Raven looked dizzy. She swayed for a moment, then collapsed on the floor. Cyborg and Starfire had also met similar fates. They, too, lay unconscious amongst the rubble, passed out from Mumbo's spells. Cyborg stirred, and sat up. Beast Boy turned away from the now unconscious Raven and glared at Mumbo.

"Dude, give up the lame magic show already!" He transformed into an elephant and charged at Mumbo. When he was dodged, he attempted to grab away the Mumbo's wand with his trunk.

"Now, now, we mustn't take things that aren't ours!" The villain grinned and waved his wand, and Beast Boy collapsed in a puff of magenta smoke. "Now, that spell should keep you...preoccupied, for a little while. Nothing distracts teenage boys like-" He was halted by a swift punch to the head, courtesy of Robin. "Well, well, if it isn't the Boy worries, you won't be for long!"

Robin paused. "Huh?"

Poof! He disappeared in the hazy pink cloud, and soon collapsed.

"Well, that should keep you all out of my way for a little while. Mumbo Jumbo!" He vanished, along with the bag of money he had been stealing.

"Oh, no you don't!" shouted a now-awakened Cyborg at the same time. He lowered his arm, aiming his sonic cannon, and...

Whaazzzooop! Out burst ashower of confetti, which floated down over a confused Cyborg as he watched the super villain escape. "Um...what just happened?" He attempted to shoot his cannon again, but got the same results. "Aw, man!"

"Friend Cyborg, what is wrong?" Starfire stood up, rubbing her aching head.

"Something's wrong with my cannon," Cyborg explained, sounding almost as confused. He demonstrated his weapon's new function.

"Yes, well-" Starfire stopped, grabbing her head in pain, " not care!" she finished angrily, eyes glowing. She soon returned to normal and clapped her hands over her mouth. "Friend Cyborg, I ap- apol-" But she just couldn't seem to get the words out.

"Apologize?" Cyborg asked, still very much confused. Starfire began to nod her head, but for some reason unknown to even her, she stopped and just growled.

"You insolent...CLORBAG VARBLERNELK!" She once again looked ready to attack, but returned to normal in a matter of seconds. "I am sor- sor-...I cannot control my anger. I truly do not intend to be rude!"

Cyborg nodded. "It's okay, Star. I have a feeling Mumbo's behind this, and my wonky cannon. He put some sort of...meanness spell on you, or somethin'."

"I am glad you understand, friend. NOW DIE! I mean...let us check our teammates."

Raven sat up, rubbing her head. "Ughh...what happened? Did Mumbo do something bad? Why is Starfire angry, and why does Cyborg look sad?"

"My cannon's not workin'! All it does is shoot confetti! And- wait, are you rhyming?"

Raven stood up. "It would seem that I am, and it's a terrible fate. My new way of talking's something I'll soon come to hate." Already a vein was pulsing in her forehead, and her eyebrow twitched. "I hope it stops, it's beginning to disconcert me. Tell me, why does Starfire look like she's about to hurt me?"

"YOUR AGGRAVATING MEANS OF SPEECH INFURATE ME! NOW FEEL MY WRA-" Cyborg pushed her arm aside just in time and her starbolt blasted the wall.

"Excuse Star, she's not feeling like herself right now. Mumbo's put some sort of anger curse on her. As for me, my cannon's not working." He demonstrated his weapon-turned-party-favor, then turned as they heard a moan from off to the side, coming from a half-concious green boy. Raven walked over and offered him a hand up.

"Eeuugghhh...thanks, Raven," he said, smiling up at her. She nodded.

"You'll all excuse me if I don't talk a lot...if this rhyming continues, I'm gonna have myself shot." She groaned as she uttered this last line.

Cyborg launched into a quick explination. "Mumbo put a spell on us all. My cannon's useless, Starfire's got anger management issues, and Raven's rhyming. Can you tell what he did to you?"

Beast Boy shook his head. "No, I feel fine..." He glanced up at Raven.

"Where is friend Robin? I must...get the revenge at him for leading us into this mess!" Her eyes began to glow green.

"Whoa, slow down, Star," Cyborg said in a calming voice. "It's no one's fault...please don't hurt me..."

They all turned when they heard a moan come from the corner.

"Dude, it must be him," Beast Boy said, pointing out the obvious.

They all watched as a figure stood up. The person groaned, then noticed all the Titans gaping at them.

"What're you guys staring at?"