As I said before this is ROMY, has JONDA, may have some Jott don't know if there'll be others.

I don't own X-Men sadly, but the cute little Chrissy is mine. (not literally of course because I made her up.)

After all they've been through, he goes and sleeps with all those other women while she works and takes care of Chrissy. She's done, she's decided that her and Chrissy are going back New York to stay with her friends. But as she throws her cloths and make up into her suitcase, she can't help but cry at her stupidity. Tears of sorrow and regret fall from her dark green eyes as her long curly auburn hair falls in front of her face. Her ivory hands cover her eyes as she's ashamed of her self for even choosing him. She knows it's her fault, but it hurts soo much she just wants to cry until it stops.

Suddenly the door to her room opens, she thinks for second that it might be him, a little girl with curly auburn pig tails appears with equal sadden green eyes. Her ivory skin shines in the moonlit from the window as she stands in the door way, wearing her favorite green top with a small pink heart in the middle with her little blue trousers, waiting for the okay to come in. She knows her mama doesn't like to cry in front of her.

"Mama?" the little girl's voice is light and sweet. "Are ya okay?" The women nods her head as she ushers her daughter to come in. "Are ya made at teh stin-kin' no good mama fu"

"Chrissy. Ah don' want ya talkin' lihke taht." Chrissy looks up and nods her head as her curls bounce, but at the same time folds her little arms across her chest.

"Ah don' get it mama, why do ya get ta call him taht and not meh?" The older women looks down at her baby in her arms and sighs. She's too much like her.

"Because, Ah'm a grown up and taht's waht we do. Besides, yer too young ta be talkin' lihke taht 'bout yer papa." Chrissy shakes her head at her mama's statement, even though she knows she shouldn't sass her mama.

"He ain't mah papa, he don' care 'bout meh or even ya mama. Isn't a papa suppose ta love us and take care of us?" Her daughter is right. Damn, Ah'm teachin' 'er too much.

"Yeah, taht's waht a papa is suppose ta do. So taht's why Ah wahnt ta ask ya sometihng baby doll." Chrissy's eyes widen, the last time her mama wanted to ask her something important she taught her how to swim and boy was that fun.

"Waht is it mama?" asked Chrissy happily as she waits for her mama's answer.

"How would ya lihke it if we left Mississippi and went to New York?" Chrissy raises her eye brow in confusion.

"Why would we wahnt ta go ta New Pork? Is taht where tehy sell pork? Are we gonna get some pork mama?" Chrissy tilted her head to the side as her mama started to giggle.

"Well tehy do sell pork at teh stores, but no baby tehy don' just sell pork. New York is a very big place, there's stores and a lot more people tahn 'ere. So, do ya wahnta go?" Chrissy looks down and turns her head "Waht's wrong mah little angel?"

"Is it just us goin' or is"

"Yes baby, just you and meh." Chrissy smiles as she hugs her mother tightly "Now go and pack, we'll be leavin' before he comes home. Okay?" Chrissy nodes her head as she runs to her room.

Within ten minutes Chrissy comes running back into her mother's room with her pink flluffy coat on and her green backpack in her hands. "Ready mama."

"Good and so am Ah." and with that Chrissy and her mother left their house and got into the yellow cab.

Once the cab dropped them off at the air port both mother and daughter headed towards the gate to the plane they need to catch. They barely made it on, but once they got in their sits in first class they fell asleep. After five hours they finally arrive in New York and not wanting to wake her daughter up, she decided to carry her to the rental car that Wanda got for her.

Even thou it's four in the morning people are up and the terrific is terrible. So it takes another half hour to arrive at Wanda's place. Finally Wanda's house comes into sight, the orange and red one story building with the bright green grass on the corner. As soon as she parked the silver Saturn, the door to the house flies open and a women with shoulder length black hair comes running out. Her scarlet red pajama shirt flying back as it makes an outline of her thin waist as her matching pants get a little wet from the grass.

"Finally Anna, I was getting worried. You were suppose to be here half an hour ago. I thought it was you in that car accident on the high way." The auburn haired woman shakes her head as she hugs her best friend, who she hasn't seen she got married six years ago.

"Ah'm okay Wanda and Ah'm sorry Ah didn' call ya and tell ya Ah was gonna be late. Ah didn' wahnt ta wake" Suddenly Wanda looks over her shoulder and into the car, as a sleepy voice calls for her.

"Mama (yawn) Ah'm hungry." smiled Chrissy as she rubs her little eyes still quite sleepy.

"Don' worry Chrissy, mama will feed ya in a bit. Okay?" Chrissy nodes her head as she goes back to sleep in her car seat.

"Anna, you had a baby!" cried Wanda as she tries and keeps her voice down. Anna nods sheepishly to her friend. "Why didn't you tell me or anyone else for that matter?" Anna closes her eyes, not wanting to look at Wanda's scary blue eyes right this minute.

"Ah don' know okay, ya all were against meh marryin' him. So Ah didn' tihnk ya all care if Ah had a kid." Wanda takes a deep breath and nods her head. She remembers that Anna's right, none of their friends, including herself, wanted Anna to marry that pig. But still, they would have been thrilled that she had a baby. They all know how much Anna wanted a baby, they wouldn't of put her or her daughter down just because they didn't like the husband/father.

"So, he is the father?" Anna gives a light glare to Wanda before she nods. "Oh well, at least she doesn't look a thing like him." Anna laughs along with her over protective friend as Wanda helps get the stuff out of the car, while Anna gets Chrissy out of her seat.

As the women started walking towards Wanda's house the door opens again and a tall man with flaming orange hair walks out in nothing but black pants with orange flames on them. His eyes are closed as he tries and gets them to wake up. Finally he removes his hands and Anna is able to see his light blue eyes.

"Hey shelia, long time no see." The man came up to her and was about to hug her, when a small voice told him not to. "So who's the little shelia?" Chrissy holds her mama around her neck as to keep that man away from her.

"She's mah daughter John, her name is Chrissy and Chrissy this is John and Wanda. They are two of mah best friends." Chrissy says hello, but keeps her hold on her mother.

"Well come on in you two, since you called yesterday we got the spare room all ready. The sheets and room have bed clean, and there's also enough space for Chrissy to play with her toys." At the mention of toys Chrissy's eyes widen.

"Oh no mama, we forgot wolfy!" Within seconds Chrissy starts to cry in her mothers arms. Anna sits Chrissy on the dark red couch in the living room, as she removes a small gray and white wolf from her purse. "Wolfy!" cried Chrissy happily as she hugs her stuffed wolf.

"Anna, that door to our left is mine and John's and the door behind me leads to the kitchen. Then in there, there's three doors, the first one in front of you leads to a hall way, that goes to your room. Then the other two leads to the back yard and the bathroom, bathroom is on the right and back yard is to the left.

"Tahnks again you guys." smiled Anna as she picked Chrissy up "Are ya all sure ya don' want meh ta pay ya or anytihng?" They shook their heads as she headed to her room with Chrissy snuggling her toy wolf.

"You know John?"


"I really missed her." John looks down at Wanda, who has her arms wrapped around his waist.

"I know luv, we all have." Answered John as they headed to the bed room.

How is this so far everyone? I got this idea yesterday and I kinda have an idea where this is going. For all of you that are thinking Rogue's husband is Remy, your WRONG. I'm a ROMY writer, they stay together or they get together. I would never dream of putting Rogue with anyone other than Remy, unless she gets with him later. Because honestly, who would not choose Remy?