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Even before Anna got out of the hospital she filed for a divorce and Damien signed the papers but he told his lawyer he wants Chrissy, saying he's a great father and loves his daughter. With what Damien has done and how he's always acted, Anna has yet to tell him that Chrissy isn't his. As soon as she heard he wanted Chrissy, she called him telling him the truth. But being the hard-headed, ass-hole he is, he didn't believe her.

So now Anna, Remy, Damien and their lawyers are in a big room with a judge. Anna and Remy are sitting next to each other, with their lawyers on each side of them. Across from them are Damien and his lawyer. The judge is at the head of the table looking at papers.

"So you" Pointing to Damien "want custody of Christa LeBeau?" asks the judge to Damien

"No I want custody of my daughter." Answers Damien arrogantly

"Well the birth certificate in my hands says 'Christa LeBeau' and what was your name again?" asks the judge as he removes his glasses.

"Damien Bryan." States Damien confused.

"Well then sir I'm afraid either the hospital made a mistake or you're not the girl's father and I'm pretty sure it's the ladder." The judge laughs as he leans back in his chair.

"What?!" yells Damien as he stands up and knocks his chair over. His lawyer grabs his shoulder, trying to control him. "She is my daughter, I've taken care of her since she was born and I" before he could go on anymore Anna steps in.

"Please Damien, ya were nevah there and when ya were it was just ta hit her or mah. And Ah made damn sure ya nevah laid a hand on her." Growls Anna dangerously as Remy holds her back, though debating on whether or not he should let her kill him.

"Don't listen to her judge, I would never" But the judge stops him but holding his hand up.

"Oh and so what do you make of these hospital bills then?" asks the judge as he spreads the bills in front of him and everyone else. "Anna Marie Bryan came in on January 5th 2001 with a broken arm, three bruised ribs and a sprained ankle." The judge lays down the paper and picks up another. "Anna Marie Bryan came in on February 14th 2002 with a broken nose, a cracked skull and two broken ribs." The judge sighs in annoyance as he picks up another. "Let's look at a more 'recent' one. Anna Marie was brought in by an Ambulance after her daughter 'Chrissy' tells them a Mr. Damien Bryan" the judge glares at Damien and before his lawyer can step in the judge continues. "Had stabbed her mother and now she's covered with blood." The judge madly stops the lawyer from speaking as he stands up. "Mr. Bryan you have no right to have custody of Christa LeBeau. Not only are you an unfit parent, but she's not even yours and you never once called the child by her name." The judge picks up a paper and hands it to Damien's lawyer.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid Christa isn't yours." Damien snatches the paper and glances over it; his brow frowns as he doesn't understand it.

"You whore." Growls Damien as he glares at Anna, while he crumbs the paper.

"Damien don't." whispers his lawyer.

"You cheated on me!" Damien yells as he balls his fists. Remy was about to say something but Anna stops him.

"Ya one ta talk, ya'd come home smellin' like alcohol and sex. Besides that, Ah slept with Remy after Ah broke up with ya and way before we got married." Anna smirks as Damien is at a lost for words.

"Well then I'm happy to say Christa LeBeau is going to Anna and" the judge looks at Remy "her real father." The judge gets up and shakes Remy and Anna's hands then he leaves.

"Well Anna" Remy gets in front of Anna, blocking Damien from her. "Excuse me." Damien glares at Remy as he tries to get pass him.

"Ah don't excuse 'hommes' dat hit their wives." Growls Remy as he towers over the shorter man.

"Thanks Remy, but Ah can handle this." Anna smiles as she pulls Remy behind her. "Listen Damien, Ah don't need or want ya. Ta tell ya the truth Ah nevah wanted ya, Ah just thought Chrissy was yers. But she's not, so Ah nevah want ta see ya again. Evah." Anna smirks as she flicks her hair over her shoulder and turns her back on him. "Come on Rem, lets go get Chrissy and go ta the park." Anna smiles as she takes Remy's hand and walks out of the room.

Time has flown by for Anna Marie and her daughter Christa, since Remy asked Anna to marry him last December. The two dated close to six months before Remy asked her, but that didn't stop him from being scared. But it turned out Remy didn't need to be scared because as soon as he asked Anna to marry him, she happily agreed. They were married on June 27, 2007 and all their friends were there, along with Remy's family.

Anna use to wonder if Remy was spoiling their daughter, mostly because he buys her anything and everything she wants along with things she doesn't tell them. But he told her he's missed five years of her life and he's just trying to make it up to her. Though Anna does believe him, she also thinks he's doing this because he likes buying things for Chrissy and her too. Just last week he bought her a diamond necklace, she asked why he didn't wait for Christmas. And he just told her he wanted to make her happy since she hasn't been feeling well lately, if he only knew.

The reason for her illness is the reason why she's sitting down at their table, dinner ready and Chrissy at Wanda's. Chrissy loves John and Wanda's baby girl, Tara. Hopefully she won't be mad when she tells her the surprise later. Anna looks at the clock and it two til five and knowing Remy will be home any minute she fixes her hair a bit. Then right on time the front door is heard opening and closed and Anna looks at the hallway just in time for Remy to come walking in.

"Hey sugah." Anna smiles as she gets up from her chair. She hugs Remy and then gives him a peck on the cheek as she pulls away.

"Hey yer self chere." Remy smirks as he eyes the tight red dress she's wearing. "So, wut do y' 'ave plan t' night?" asks Remy as he wiggles his eyes brows. Anna playfully whacks his shoulder as she pulls down the dress as it starts to show more of her thighs then it's suppose too.

"Nothing special, just figured Ah should show ya mah Christmas dress." Anna smirks as she does a slow twirl for her husband. "Ya like?" she giggles as he does another take of her body, slower than before. Then with out warning Remy picks her up and wraps his arms around her waist and swings her around, all while smiling at her.

"Wut did Ah do t' deserve ya?" He laughs as he kisses her forehead.

"Sorry, the list is in my othah pants." Anna giggles as Remy sets her down.

"Wut kinda list chere?" Remy smirks as he rubs her posterior.

"Maybe the one ya told meh about when Ah made ya Gumbo." Anna laughs as Remy picks her up again and she wraps her legs around him.

"Maybe." Remy purrs as he starts to suck on Anna's neck. Anna leans her head back, letting Remy get more of her neck. Just as Remy is taking them upstairs, Anna opens her eyes and tells him to stop.

"Wut, is de p'tite 'ere?" Remy asks as he looks around frantically

"No Rem, she's at Wanda's. Actually Ah have something ta tell ya and it's really important." Remy looks into Anna's dark green eyes and sits her down on one of the dining room chairs.

"Wut is it Anna?" Remy asks sadly, his face looks like a poor puppy that just got kicked.

"Ya know how we thought Ah caught a virus?" Remy nods his head slowly. "Well today when Ah was with Jean, Ah kinda threw up and she asked meh how long have Ah been throwin' up. Turns out Ah'm not gonna be getting' bettah anytime soon." Anna starts to smile, but before she could Remy holds her close to him and he lays his head on hers.

"It'll be okay Anna; Ah'll get ya de best doctors money can buy." Repeats Remy over and over to Anna as he cradles her against his chest.

Anna finally realizes what he means and pulls out of his hold. She looks into his dark brown eyes and for a second she could swear she saw some red in his irises. Anna gently grasps his chin and holds in towards her as she speaks. "Thanks for the concern sugah but Ah ain't dieing, at least not yet anyways." Anna rolls her eyes at Remy's thickness. "Haven't Ah gained weight lately?" She asks him patiently.

"Non." Remy asks calmly and still confused. So losing her patience Anna grabs one of Remy's hands and lays it on her abdomen. Slowly Remy realizes what she means and he kisses her, quite passionately. "Seriously chere, y' ain't dieing?" Pleads Remy as he regains his breath.

"Ah'm sure." She answers and just like that they continue kissing, forgetting about dinner. "Merry Christmas, sugah."

"Merry Christmas to y' mon amour." Remy whispers as they go up stairs.

As time went by Anna's stomach started getting bigger, bigger than she was suppose to be at six months. Since Anna's pregnant and her emotions going a little crazy, cries and says she's fat and ugly. Remy always tells her she's beautiful, but Anna just says he's lying and asks how he can stand to be seen with her. Finally Remy has Jean talk to Anna, since she clearly doesn't listen to him.

It turns out the reason Anna's bigger than she has to be is because she's not having one baby, but two. The news came as a big shocker to Anna and Remy, but of course they're still happy. Though no one's happier then Chrissy as she likes to tell everyone she meets that she's gonna be a big sister.

"Oh don't worry Tante Mattie, Remy's been great, even though he doesn't let meh cook anymore. He tells 'chere y' gonna hurt y'self and de bebes.'" Anna pulls the phone away from her ear and makes angry face then she puts it back to her ear. "Are ya laughin' Tante?" Anna asks as she shakes her head. "Okay, tell everyone Ah said hi." Anna hangs up the phone and sits up from the couch. Anna starts to shiver, so she heads to the closet. Anna's hand is on the lower part of her sore back as she tries to look over her larger tummy, making sure she doesn't trip over Chrissy's toys.

Once Anna makes it to the closet she starts looking for her blanket, but that's when she realizes her blankets are up stairs. She was about to call Remy in and go up their three flits of stairs, but in the corner of her eye she sees a blanket on the top shelf of the closet. Anna wobbles into the kitchen and drags a stool into the closet. Anna starts to climb on the stool, but two strong around wrap around her waist and pulls her down and away from the stool.

"Chere." Remy says in a stern voice as he releases his wife. "Wut were y' doin'?" he asks as he turns her to face him.

"Ah was cold Rem-Rem, so Ah was getting' mah blanket. Are ya mad at meh? ." Asks Anna as she pouts to Remy. Remy shakes his head as he runs his fingers threw his messy hair.

"Non Ah'm not mad, but chere y' coulda hurt y'self and de bebes." Sighs Remy as he kisses her on her nose. "Y' coulda had moi get de blanket for y' chere." Smiles Remy as he, without the stool, reaches up and grabs the blanket for Anna.

"Ah know, but ya and Chrissy were outside playin' and Ah didn't want ta bug ya." Pouts Anna again as she runs a finger down Remy's arm and squeaks when she feels Remy squeezing her butt.

"Chere y' never bug moi." Remy smirks as he grins against her abdomen. "Besides y' can do whatever y' what t' moi chere, dis Cajun has no complaints." Purrs Remy as he starts to nibble on her neck.

"Anything?" moans Anna as she drops the blanket and put her fingers in Remy's hair.

"Anything." Repeats Remy as he starts to unbutton Anna's maturity shirt.

"Momma!! Daddy!!" Yells Chrissy as she comes from the front door. Remy stops kissing Anna, as she quickly buttons up her shirt. Chrissy comes into the room and attaches her self to her father's leg and gives him her best puppy dog face.

"Oui bebe?" Remy asks sweetly as he picks up his little princess. Chrissy wraps her little arms around his neck.

"Daddy, can Ah go ta Nikky's please?" Remy smiles as he nods his head, causing Chrissy to squeal happily and kiss him on his cheek. "Merci papa!!" yells Chrissy as she runs up to her room. "Mama!!" Yells Chrissy from her room.

"Yeah sweetie?" Anna asks from the bottom of the stairs.

"Where's Wolfie Jr.?!" cries Chrissy as things are heard being thrown in Chrissy's room. "Ah can't find him anywhere!!"

"Did ya check ya bed?" yells Anna

"Yeah, he's not there!!" yells Chrissy madly

"What about yer toy chest?" asks Anna as she tries to think of more places she usually finds Chrissy's toys.

"Yeah mama, what if he's gone?!" cries Chrissy

"Did ya check yer bed?" smiles Anna as Chrissy stops crying.

"Thanks mama." Smiles Chrissy as kisses her mom's cheek and runs outside.

"So sugah" Anna wraps her arms around Remy's neck. "What do ya wanna do while Chrissy is at Henri's?" she asks as she purrs in his ear.

"Remy's got some ideas." He smirks while wiggling his eye brows, as he lets Anna drag him into their bedroom. But he wraps his arms around his waist to help her up the stairs.

Why is the pain so much worst this time then when she was having Chrissy? Why is it taking so long for these babies to come out? And why aren't those damn pain killers working?

"Ahhhh!!" screams Anna as her contractions are getting closer together.

"Its okay chere, Ah'm here." Whispers Remy as he brushes her hair off of her face.

"Shut up Remy, ya don't know how much pain Ah'm in!!" cries Anna as she squeezes his hand tightly.

"So how are things?" smiles the lady doctor as she steps into the room.

"Fine and dandy. How do ya think Ah feel?" growls Anna as she tries to get out of bed.

"I see your contractions are getting closer." Notes the doctor as she looks under Anna's blanket. "The babies should be coming any minute now."

"Thanks Gawd." Anna gasps as she falls back on her pillows.

As soon as the doctor washed her hands and was ready, so was Anna. The doctor sits down on a rolling chair in between Anna's legs and orders her to push.

"Ugh!!" cries Anna in pain.

"Again Anna." Tells the doctor calmly

"Ugh!!" screams Anna loudly.

"Another one Anna." Orders the doctor

"Ugh!!!" cries Anna

"Its crowning, come on Anna one more big push and it'll be out." Smiles the doctor

"Uuugggghhhh!!!" screams Anna

"Good work Anna, it's a boy!!" smiles the doctor, then she turns to Remy. "Do you want to cut the cord?" she asks and Remy nods his head and cuts it. The doctor hands the handsome baby boy to the nurse and she wraps him up in a light blue blanket. "Okay, now for the second one." The doctor smiles as she gets ready for the second baby.

"Ugh!!" groans Anna as she pushes and falls back on her pillows

"Come on Anna, you can do it. Again." Orders the doctor

"Ugh!!" screams Anna as she pushes

"It's crowning, come on Anna." Smiles the doctor

"Ah…Ah can't." gasps Anna tiredly

"Come on chere, de p'tite be waitin' t' meet us. Don't want t' keep him or her waitin'. Do we?" smiles Remy as he kisses Anna's forehead tenderly.

"Okay." Anna nods her head as she lets out a loud and painful cry.

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. LeBeau, it's a girl." Smiles the doctor as she hands the baby to another nurse and she wraps the beautiful baby girl is a pink blanket.

"Y' did great chere." Remy smiles happily as he whips her face with a damp towel, then kissing her nose. "De p'tites are bella chere."

"Would you like to hold your children?" asks the doctor sweetly; both Remy and Anna nod their heads. The nurses come in and hand the twins to their parents.

"They're beautiful." Whispers Anna as she tries to keep herself from crying.

"Oui just like their mom." Remy smiles as he looks at the little girl in his hands. "So, wut should we call them?"

"Ah always like Olivier for a boy's name." Anna answers happily as she kisses her son's forehead.

"Then we'll name him Olivier Etienne LeBeau." Remy smiles at his son. "How about Rebecca, after moi mere?" Remy asks sheepishly as he glances at his wife.

"Rebecca Louise LeBeau, Ah like sugah." Smiles Anna happily as her and Remy kiss, but pull apart as the door opens. .

"Mama…Papa… Can we come in?" Chrissy asks from the door

"Of course sugah." Answers Anna as she signals her daughter to come in. Chrissy jumps on the bed and smiles at the babies. "Hey Chrissy meet yer brothah Olivier and yer sistah Rebecca." Anna smiles as she shows Olivier to Chrissy.

"They're so tiny." Gasps Chrissy as she inspects the new baby.

"Ya know ya were this small when ya were born." Giggles Anna

"Ah was?" gasps Chrissy as she looks at her mother.

"Yep." Nods Anna

"Well at least they got their mother's good looks." Laughs Henri

"Y' know y' wish y' were as good lookin' as Remy, Henri." Laughs Remy as he puts on his usual smirk. "Okay everyone, meet Olivier Etienne LeBeau and Rebecca Louise LeBeau." Remy smiles proudly as he signals to the appropriate baby. Everyone cheers and says congratulations, causing the babies to open their eyes. Rebecca has brown eyes like her father and Olivier has green eyes like his mother.

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