The Kitty-Sue?

A rewritten work of Yu Yu Hakusho fiction by Aviarianna O' Lorien who OBVIOUSLY never has and never will own more than the legally purchased DVD's and Manga. If you were looking for a disclaimer, that was it.

Notes! This is a Hiei/Original Character pairing, also a Kurama see's OC as a younger sibling thing too, because I'm weaving in a connection from Makai. My fiction, my storyline, my backgrounds so blah! If you don't like it, then don't read it and don't send me flames because hey…you didn't have to read it all the way now did you!

Hiei will also end up being Out Of Character more often that not okies? Don't take this as a serious story for the most part; it's just for fun really.

Japanese in the story is the following:

Tora means tiger

Nani means what

Youkai means demon

And I think that's all…so enjoy!

Chapter 1: WTF

"I'm not supposed to be here! I am NOT supposed to be here!" She chanted in her mind over and over as she fell out of the dark clouds covering the sky. She'd read them all the time, even written a couple herself, but now to her horror she had become one! She had become a Mary-Sue! But the real question was: WHY WAS SHE A FREAKING KITTEN? And was she able to regain her human form? But that's right….a kitten. She landed in a puddle in the form of a cute little black kitten with white paws, a white crescent on her little forehead and bright orange eyes. Lightning flashed and thunder clapped, rain poured down onto her trembling form as she stood up slowly, scared out of her mind and then she yelped. "Great…" she mused mentally, glaring at her front right paw; apparently she'd landed on it at a bad angle because now she couldn't put weight on it.

Then she saw him…running through the rain with a briefcase/school book case over his bright red hair covered head. (She was surprised she could still see colors.)

"Well at least now I know I'm not in Cali anymore…" She thought, watching as he came closer up the sidewalk and she was suddenly struck with two thoughts. "I'm in Yu Yu Hakusho!" and… "SALVATION!" After all…the guy running through the streets was easily recognized as Kurama, or Shuichi Minamino to most of the humans around here. A plan formed in her mind immediately and she KNEW she had to time this just right. When it looked like he was about five feet from the puddle she'd recently limped out of, she limped back onto it and sat in the middle of it giving the most pitiful whimper she possibly could and held up her paw, shaking like a leaf out of fear and cold.

He stopped and looked down at her with a curious expression, as if trying to decide whether to take her or leave her there. She looked up at him, wide orange eyes full of fear and a pain, her paw held up and shaking like the rest of her. And then…she sneezed the cutest little kitten sneeze even though, and he didn't know this of course, she wasn't trying to sneeze.

"What are you doing out in a storm such as this one kitten?" He asked as he knelt down to her level and she continued her sad, pitiful, confused stare giving him another tiny mewl followed by another sneeze. She was seriously shivering right now, and for the record felt it necessary to state to being a Mary Sue was NOT FUN! Not when you end up as a kitten with a sprained paw and more than likely, upper respitory which, for those of the feline species, especially the young ones, can be fatal. The storm didn't help her disposition either but she used that to her advantage.

Kurama reached for the paw that she was holding up without warning. The moment he touched it she let out a yelp and shrank back just a bit, that had really hurt! The sudden movement then caused her to go into a sneezing fit, ye gods! Today just was not her day.

"Poor little thing aren't you. Well, I suppose I can't just leave you out here in this storm hurt and all alone, come on then." Kurama scooped the shivery ball of wet white and black fur up and placed her inside his jacket so only her nose and eyes were visible, holding her up alone with his school briefcase thing. It felt good to be warm again, she thought to herself with yet another sneeze.

Sometime later, she would guess about fifteen minutes or so, they were finally inside the warm, dry home of his. Kurama set his school case down and walked into the kitchen where the kitten and his jacket were placed on the round table in the center of the linoleum floor. How he managed to get the jacket off with her still inside it is something only he shall ever know.

Now after setting the little kitten and jacket on the table, Kurama went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of milk and a plastic wrap covered bowl. The contents of the bowl were for him, apparently foxes like tuna salad. The milk he had gotten out for the kitten and soon, he'd found a saucer and warmed it up so she was enjoying warm milk and he was enjoying his cold tuna salad. He wasn't just eating though, he was observing her because she didn't feel like an ordinary little cat but so far, there was nothing odd about her save for the crescent on her head. Most Ningenkei cats didn't usually have such a clearly symbolized crescent moon as a design of fur.

"Hm…we need a name for you now don't we? How about Lucky?" he asked the kitten, slightly surprised when she actually turned her head to him with a look that clearly said no way in hell. "Okay, I'll take that as a no, so how about…Tora?" The little kitten perked up a bit and gave him another look that clearly said she approved of it; after all, wouldn't every kitten like a name that meant tiger? "Well…that settles it, Tora it is!" Kurama continued eating and Tora continued lapping up the warm milk as if she hadn't had anything of sustenance in days.

'Ah…warm milk…' she thought happily to herself as she finished every last drop but turned a longing look onto Kurama's food. Noticing the look he scooped a tiny bit of it out and onto her now empty saucer which she ate with the same pace she'd done with the milk.

"Mew?" She gave a curious mewl as a few small noises were heard from up stairs and footsteps could be heard by the sensitive ears of both, tromping wetly down the stairs. Tora and Kurama both looked to the kitchens doorway to see everyone's favorite fire demon enter the kitchen, just a bit damp. Again, Tora gave a questioning mewl, staring at Hiei with her head cocked to the side cutely.

Hiei stared at the little black and white kitten with a raised eyebrow before sitting down at the table across from Kurama. Apparently Hiei was just as confused as Tora.

"Where'd the kitten come from Kurama?" Hiei question calmly as Tora limped her way over to him, stopping about 5 inches from him to study him up close.

"I found her outside about two blocks from here. I've decided on the name of Tora and she seems to approve of it, beyond that the poor little thing seems to have sprained that paw there and I believe she might be sick, she hasn't been able to go for more than half an hour between sneezes." Kurama replied, getting up and putting the dishes in the sink.

"Meow." Tora commented, holding her paw up another half an inch as if to prove Kurama's point before sneezing a few more times. She told herself to remember not to mewl too much…it seemed to cause her to sneeze.

"How you know it's a girl, kitsune?"

"Just look at her Hiei, it's quite obvious but I suppose you could check if you really must."

"I think I will." Hiei muttered and reached for the kitten, but she backed away knowing full well what he was going to do. 'No way buddy boy…' she sneered in her mind but it only came out as a whimper. Hiei still managed to grab her and even though she was thrashing in protest, managed to confirm her gender as female before holding her correctly and stroking her down her back. He only did it to calm her down, not really in the mood to be scratched or bitten.

"I believe she likes you Hiei." Kurama commented, noting how when Hiei had stopped petting her she'd nudged her head against his hand, demanding more attention.

"Well…she certainly is an interesting little neko." Hiei caught himself before he said cute. "How old do you suppose she is?"

"I'd place her age at about 2-3 months even though she is small she doesn't seem THAT young." Tora glared at Kurama as much as a cat can glare.

'I was 17 going on 18 before all this thank you very much!' She mentally screamed at him before going back to nuzzling against Hiei who was nice and warm, even he was slightly damp. 'Heh...Hiei isn't so bad…They always made him out to be all cold and heartless but he's actually pretty cool…at least with Kurama and me.' She began musing over the fire demon currently making her purr and fell asleep right there in his arms.

(((((Some moments later)))))

"Kitsune….I think the neko is asleep."

"Yes Hiei that would be correct. The kitten is asleep and she seems to be very content as well. As I said before, I believe she likes you."

Hiei snorted and stood up still holding the kitten in his arms. He turned around headed for the couch in the living room, not catching the small knowing smile Kurama was giving both the apparition and the kitten. Once at the couch, he laid back on the couch and started switching channels on the television while the kitten rearrange himself on his chest, falling back to sleep instantly. In the end, both Tora and Hiei fell asleep on the couch while Kurama ended up in his own bed a little later than the other two.

((((((((The next Morning.)))))))))))

Kurama woke up with his alarm clock like always, giving the annoying buzzer a glare but getting up none the less. He showered and got dressed and peered into the living room with a small smile, Hiei snored quietly and Tora rose and fell with his breathing, still curled up on his chest. It was a very cute sight, Kurama thought to himself as he heading into the kitchen to make breakfast for all three of them.

Inwardly, the kitten yawned as she opened her eyes, blinking as few times to clear away the sleep. She slowly became aware of the very quiet snoring and the warm, breathing mattress she was curled up on, which confused her greatly for a few moments. Then, the memories from the previous day and night came back to her and she nearly yelped. 'That's right….' She thought to herself. "I'm a Mary…no a Kitty Sue I guess since I'm a kitten instead of a person and I'm sleeping on Hiei of all people? Yeesh…Okay….I'm hungry and I need to go! How do I get off of him without hurting my stupid paw anymore?' She was at a major loss.

And then…she did the one thing that came to mind. She limped over to Hiei's face and started to meow loudly and like crazy. She just would not stop and finally, Hiei woke up and stared at the little kitten with and expression that definitely said he was VERY annoyed with her. Oh well…she was a kitten, what else could she do?

"What do you want Tora?" Hiei asked her gruffly but quietly, still waking up as the kitten kept looking from him, to the kitchen and then back to him, hoping he got the message. "That's right; you have a sprained paw so no jumping off of me to the floor. At least you've got some intelligence." Ah that Hiei charm…even mocking a poor, injured kitten or was that a compliment? Well she decided to take it as a compliment and gave him an encouraging mewl which only cause him to give her a look and chuckle. A look which she returned, to his hidden surprise, with the added incentive of a growl.

Not that the growl really added anything to the look, she was a kitten and the most she could do was give him a few shallow scratches IF she could dash that fast. And before anyone asks, she couldn't possibly be that fast at this particular moment.

"All right already….we're going." Hiei rolled his eyes at her, standing and bringing both of them into the kitchen where he sat at the table still holding her. "I think she's hungry Kurama."

'Well DUH!' Tora thought to herself with a sniff before her eyes widened and she began wiggling about, trying to get out of Hiei's grasp. 'I think I need to go potty! Damnit! Let me go dude or I WILL pee on you!' She kept staring longingly out the back door and mewled pitifully and somehow, Kurama got the message.

"Actually Hiei, would you mind taking her out into the backyard for a few moments? I thinks she may need to go and I haven't got a litter-box for her to use yet."

"Nani? Oh…!" Hiei didn't rush outside but he didn't exactly walk either, setting her down on the dirt just in time. Once Tora had finished her…business, Hiei pushed open the door and followed her back into the kitchen. He went back to his spot at the kitchen table but Tora noticed right away the saucer of milk on the floor that was for her.

"MEW!" Which was kitten for "FOOD!" was her happy noise before running, or well, limping full speed at the bowl/plate thing that a saucer is. Unfortunately, she was off balance and instead of stopping in time she pitched forward a bit and her entire face ended up in the milk. "MEOWWWW!" She screeches before shaking her head and blinking dazedly up at the two youkai's that were now her guardians. They were chuckling at her now but she just gave a growl and continued eating her breakfast like a good little kitty.

After a breakfast of pancakes, which Hiei, to both the kitten and Kurama's surprise, shared just a tiny bit with Tora, Kurama had to leave quickly. Shuichi still had classes after all, it was only a Friday.

"Hiei, I've got school but I've left you enough money on the counter to cover food and a litter box at the pet store a few blocks off. I've also gotten an 11:00appointment for her at the Vet next to the store. You've got to take her and keep an eye on her for the rest of the day please." It was not a question, it was a statement and more importantly, a command merely said politely.

And yet, Hiei nodded his agreement to the day's goings on.

Tora however knew exactly what went into vet visits for felines and she ran out of the room as fast as her little paws, sprain and all could carry her. Hiei sighed and went off to find her while Kurama left for the day.

((((((((((((((((((Chapter Fin.)))))))))))))))))))))))

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