The Kitty Sue?

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Chapter 3: The Inherent Evils of a Depressed Mind

'You are a sly, sly little man…' Tora griped at Hiei, having been found out by his little ploy.

'I do try koneko, now explain yourself.' Hiei replied, fixing a scathing glare upon the kitten.

'I would if I could Hiei, but I can't.' She admitted sullenly, dropping her head but never dropping eye contact.

'Can't or wont?' the forbidden child pressed, untrusting.

'I can't Hiei. I don't know what happened. I was awake in my bed at home and the next thing I knew, I was falling through the sky as a kitten. I'd of thought this all a dream if the pain in my paw hadn't proven that thought pretty much wrong.' She was hiding something, yes, but she was also telling him the truth.

'Very well…we shall leave it, for now.' He conceded for the moment, feeling it wasn't of great importance.

Tora conveyed dismay and confusion to him as he gently placed her on the floor and left her to her own devices. With all that had happened to her within the last few days she had not had much time process much of anything. Hiei had certainly given her much to think about, reminding her anew about the entirety of the situation at hand. She knew she couldn't just ignore it anymore. She was a kitten after all…a kitten in a whole different world.

Talk about a change in perspective.

Slowly, at least for the girl trapped in a kitten's body, the days passed. These days soon turned into a week which soon turned into two and then three, and Tora grew more sullen as the time went on. Hiei constantly pressed her for what she was hiding, for he knew very well that there was something she wouldn't tell. One thing the kitten found odd though, was that Hiei had yet to tell Kurama and when she'd asked, he said that the fox could figure it out on his own.

She simply left it at that.

Tora did however find that being nocturnal had its advantages. In the midnight hours when her demonic guardians were asleep or off in a tree somewhere, she got as far from them both as possible. It was not because she did not like them, for she was certainly fond of both Hiei and Kurama, but she had other things on her little mind. Such as attempting to shift towards her human form.

Success was limited, short-lived and all around depressing to think about. It brought her mind to constantly thinking about how much she missed that old life of hers.

It suddenly became easy to miss the brown eyes she once loathed, and freckled-covered pale skin that burned every summer. She found that it was nice to remember what it felt like to run a brush through tangled auburn hair and how simple it was when all she had to worry about was registering for classes and getting rid that bit of baby fat that just wouldn't leave her tummy alone. She drooped visibly every time she remembered that her 18th birthday had come to pass and no one had known it but her.

She missed chocolate.

She missed reading and writing stories.

She missed her sketchbook and simply being able to use a pencil.

She even missed her graceless, uncoordinated, clumsiness.

But at that moment she missed the ability to cry most of all because that's all she wanted to do.

"Mreowwww." It was the saddest, most pathetic and pity worthy meow that had ever graced the universe with its shrill and unyieldingly agonized sound waves. Knowing no other way to let out the sorrow in the form of a kitten, Tora kept at it, letting all her grief out in pitiful mewls. Her cries, unbeknownst to her, were not in vain for they had gotten the attention of both Hiei and Kurama, who hurried into the living room to see a very distraught kitten curled up on the couch.

"Tora?" Kurama questioned the kitten, gently cuddling her to his chest.

'I wanna go home!' Was the feminine wail that filled his head so quickly he nearly dropped the young feline in not entirely unexpected shock.

"Hiei…" Kurama locked eyes with the shorter demon, seeing slight amusement in his eyes. "You knew didn't you." It was not a question, but Hiei nodded an affirmative anyway.

"She is more than she seems to be fox." Hiei added as an afterthought to his nod.

"So I have noticed." Kurama responded, staring down at the now calmer kitten.

'20 questions?' she queried, the voice still sullen but decidedly innocent now that she'd reined in the breakdown.

"Something like that. What is your real name for starters?" Kurama smiled, something easy to start with.

'It's Tora, that's why I approved when you chose it.' She lied, but did it rather flawlessly, staring up at both Kurama and Hiei.

"And what are you, exactly?" Kurama again asked, Hiei deciding that the fox could do all the questioning he wanted.

'Well…I'm not a kitten, obviously. I am and 18 year old American girl and I am not from this particular world. At least I don't think I am, it's very confusing and complicated this whole situation I mean.' While both Hiei and Kurama seemed a bit stunned by this admittance, neither one seemed to be really appalled by the ideal which gave the little cat some hope.

"And besides being female and a newly turned adult, are you anything else?"

'No…at least I don't think so. As far as I'm aware, I was human until I landed here though I was…er…rather spiritual, and how that happened is a mystery to me.' She answered his next question before he even had a chance to speak it.

"She was a witch." Hiei butted in helpfully, earning a glare from the kitten.

'Thanks Hiei…so, anymore questions?'

"No Tora, that's all for the moment. It's very late and I think we should all get some rest."

'All right…' She left off, as if she wanted to say something more but hesitated.

"She wants to see Koenma about this little problem." Hiei stated for her, giving her a look that clearly said, 'You are such a coward,' that she balefully ignored.

"Does she? Well then it's a good thing Botan dropped in while she was napping. We are going to see Koenma tomorrow morning and I see no problem with bringing you along Tora." Kurama smiled warmly to the kitten now situated in his lap.

'Uh…score I guess.' She replied, obviously unsure of…well everything.

So tomorrow morning she'd be meeting the prince of the spirit world. As Kurama and Hiei returned to their prospective places of sleep, Tora once again prowled the dark grounds of the house. What had just happened had yet to fully register in her mind but an hour later, as she settled herself back onto the couch for some rest, she lifted her head from off her paws and blinked into the darkened room.

'What have I gotten myself into…'

Chapter fin

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