This is a one-shot. Sora thinks of a past crush he had on his journeys. However, things aren't always working out for the Keyblader. So he can only cherish a friendship, and never a love.

What Couldn't Be

Sora wasn't sure when he began forgetting about Kairi, and started thinking more about his new friend. He isn't sure how it could possibly happen. After all, he was positive that him and Kairi were meant to be.

Had it started the first time he visited her world? It had been a strange place, and it took him quite some time to get used to the new ways. She had fought bravely against the heartless. She was strong and beautiful, with a mesmerizing voice. Just when he started to get a fancy for her, he had to leave; his journey in her world was done.

He wasn't sure whether he would ever see her again, but after the defeat of Ansem and the rise to a new journey, he found himself in her world yet again. However, this time she seemed closed up with her own desires. She had wants in her life, something that I wasn't sure if I could grant her.

Donald and Goofy saw that she was upset as well. I had grown up and mature a bit, and knew better ways of cheering people up rather than making some silly face. Her friends and family as well tried to cheer her up. Donald, Goofy, and I all ended up joining in their plans to cheer her up. Each one failing, one after another, after another.

There were moments when she bounced back to her old self. Her laughter, her voice, her singing, it was all enough to build butterflies and melt hearts. If I could only stay in her world, but I'm not meant for the place.

Hope… hope had built when you said you wanted to be part of a different world, to leave your own in hopes of going somewhere new and exciting. I could tell, you felt like an outcast even in your own world.

Strange how fate works out however. I gave you a 'test run' outside of your own world. Just to see if you would truly be happy before I asked you to join me and my friends on our journey. I helped as much as possible to get you to be happy. Despite the fact you had found your own source into a new world.

I can't describe in words how hurt I felt when I saw you with him, and how close you two got in just a matter of days. I thought that you liked me, we would always laugh, and play around, have fun no matter what. But I guess you only saw me as a 'friend'. You found your life, your heart, your love in another.

Perhaps if I had said something before hand? Perhaps if we were part of the same world? Or maybe it was just never meant to be. I'm alright though. I can always look back on my memories, the time we shared, the laughs and joys we had with one another. How you taught me first how to swim.

The musicals we both sang in. Life under the sea… what would it have been like to live there with you Ariel?