Always A Princess

By: Original Dark Angel

"Something about her attitude makes me think there's a bit of Slytherin in her."

-Ronald Weasley, Reunion of a Family

Chapter 1: Reluctant Gemini

A red haired girl with silver eyes hurried down a hall towards a painting of an elderly, but sharp-eyed witch. Her sister was calling her and she had to get into her secret room before the other girl caught sight of her. Once within hearing distance of the portrait, she murmured, "Reluctant Gemini."

The witch gave a short nod, and with a conspiring grin, whispered back, "I'll point her the other way, Cassie Starr."

"Thank you, Great-Grandmother." Cassandra Starr Malfoy slid through the narrow portrait hole and heaved a sigh of relief as her twin sister's voice was cut off sharply by the closing portrait and the silencing spell placed on it.

Cassie wasn't a mean person. She loved her sister dearly and was just as fiercely protective of her twin as Julie was of her. But every now and then the twin thing ran a little thin. Julie loved being exactly the same, wearing identical clothing, finishing each other's sentences, and doing things together. Cassie loved being different.

She collapsed on a sofa in pale mint green. It had been a long and difficult fight to secure her this private space. Her mother was afraid that she would have a seizure and no one would be able to get to her. But her father understood and after arranging that the portrait would allow someone entrance in event of an emergency, gave her the room for her own. She had designed it herself; filling it with the color green that was so out of place in the bedroom she shared with Julie. Her parents had compromised with their nursery and painted it blue, which Julie of course loved. Cassie didn't mind blue, but when given the chance to pick out her own things, she always got green to differentiate herself from her twin.

She could hang out in here until dinner, but that would give her a three-hour respite from Julie's fantasies about everything they would do (together of course) at Hogwarts. Julie was positive that they would both be Ravenclaws and they could share top grades, and be chasers or beaters for the quidditch team together. Cassie thought that this was ridiculous. Both of them were only in their element as seeker, and since Cassie had no intention of being a Ravenclaw, she didn't see the problem of Julie taking the Ravenclaw seeker position and Cassie would hopefully take the Slytherin one. She never voiced this plan aloud, not even to her parents. They were careful not to let old house rivalries come between them, but if Cassie absolutely insisted on following only her father's footsteps . . . well, it could upset her mother and lead to a fight. But if the Sorting Hat placed her in Slytherin then neither one could complain. Theoretically.

No matter what, someone would be hurt, but Cassie was no Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor just didn't fit her even though she wasn't afraid of anything but losing her individuality. Slytherin did fit her. As children, Julie was pegged the wild twin and the troublemaker, but she only followed Cassie's careful plans of mischief. While Julie grew up to become an overly enthusiastic bookworm, Cassie kept planning and creating problems neatly without ever getting caught. She just had a way about her that would ensure getting her way all the time. Only her father could recognize this talent in her, although he was in no way immune to the effect. That was half the fun.

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