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The Wedding Crasher


The future isn't set in stone. Destiny can be altered. And sometimes it can all change with something as simple as the discovery of an uninvited wedding guest...

"I now pronounce you Cupid and wife," the Angel of Destiny recited the final words of the ceremony. "You may kiss the bride."

Coop leaned toward his new bride, while she stood on her toes under the white gown to reach his tall frame. The two sealed their vows with a sweet kiss.

Interrupted by the cheers of her family, the small group gathered in the Halliwell manor, Phoebe pulled away from her new husband. She looked around at her loved ones. The ghosts of her mother and Grams, along with her beloved oldest sister, Prue, all back just for her wedding, smiled proudly and silently mouthed their Congratulations. Then, the trio was pulled back "up there" in a swirl of bright, white lights. Hiding her disappointment that the Elders wouldn't let them stay any longer, Phoebe moved her glance to her crying father and she smiled brightly. Her big sister Piper and her family caught Phoebe's eye next, followed by her baby sister Paige and her husband. Family friend Billie Jenkins also smiled Phoebe's way, before leaving the room, tears in her eyes. A joyous wedding was too much for the girl to handle when the pain of losing her own sister to evil was still so raw.

Phoebe allowed a frown to mar her glowing face for a second. Her and her sisters had tried to save both Billie and Christy from the evils of the magical world, but the latter was just too far gone. Still, it was awful that Billie had ended up vanquishing her own flesh and blood, especially after spending so many years trying to find the kidnapped girl. Billie had been avoiding the Charmed Ones since the incident six months ago, but had shown up for Phoebe's happy day. Hopefully, with a bit more time, she would learn to move forward with her life, remembering the good times with her sister, though they had lasted only for a few years, instead of the bitter end. Phoebe slightly shook her head; she'd had to do that after her relationship with Cole, and it had taken three years and help from her very own Cupid to even start remembering the good.


She returned her glance to Coop, putting thoughts of her ex out of her mind, "Yeah?"

He grinned and offered her his hand, "Are you ready to walk back down the aisle, Mrs. Halliwell?"

"Of course, Mr... do Cupids even have a last name?" Phoebe laughed, accepting his offer and his hand.

"Actually, no. You know, I never really thought of that before. I guess I'll have to take... yours. Uh, Phoebe, are you listening to me?"

She wasn't. Phoebe hadn't heard Coop answer her question. Before he'd even opened his mouth, she'd been distracted. Catching a glimpse, from the corner of her eye, of a suit that wasn't there before and the glimmer of a familiar feeling, Phoebe had immediately turned her head towards the Conservatory's doorway. She could've sworn she saw deep blue eyes that could see through to her soul. She could've sworn she saw...

"Phoebe, what's wrong! Phoebe, answer me!" Coop grabbed her shoulders, worried. She didn't seem to have heard anything that was going on around her for the past five minutes. She hadn't heard his calls. He followed her stare to the other side of the room, but saw nothing.

"Is it a premonition? What do you see?" Piper anxiously asked. They hadn't had to perform their witch duties of fighting demons but several times since the Ultimate Power was overthrown, and Piper was, quite frankly, enjoying the normal life she'd wanted for so long. But, she couldn't ignore Phoebe's stance, the one she took when receiving some vision of the future or past. Maybe she was seeing that her predicted daughter was going to be born, now that she'd found love?

Piper's question barely registering, Phoebe slowly shook her head, her eyes still rooted to the same spot.

"Phoebe?" Coop asked again. She'd heard Piper. Was she coming around?

"If it's not a premonition, then what's wrong, Sweetie?" questioned Paige, stepping out of Henry's embrace and motioning for him, Leo, and Victor to back off so Phoebe could have some breathing room. "Phoebe?"

And she whispered one word, more to herself than her sister, "Cole..."