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The alleyway was silent except for the slapping of feet against the tarmac; the brunette chanced a glance over her shoulders and ran into dumpster. Falling to the ground in a heap she attempted to crawl away, the vampire slowed a cruel smile forming, "Come on darlin' give it up already, this don't need to hurt none"

The girl sagged to the ground in apparent defeat and bending down ever so slightly he rolled her onto her back only to frown at the smile on her face.

"What you grinning at?" in answer she brought her leg up hard, kicking him squarely between the legs.

Jumping up to her feet as he collapsed she wiped some grime off of her leather pants and looked down as the vampire curled into the foetal position, "I'm grinning because a big dump vampire is curling up like a baby at my feet and because you're the first good slay I've had all month"

He looked up, a mixture of fear and pain etched into demonic visage, "Slayer?"

In response, she kicked him in the teeth hard; she then grabbed him by his leather jacket and flung him to his feet smacking him into the dumpster. She delivered a three-punch combo to his torso followed with a spinning kick to his chin. Staggered he flung a few clumsy punches in retaliation, which she easily avoided before kicking him in the gut and throwing him headfirst into a nearby wall.

"Who?" he asked weakly after collapsing to the ground.

She stood over him and drew a stake from inside her jacket, "Not that it's gonna matter to you in minute but the names Kennedy"

With that said, she quickly staked him before jogging out of the alley.

She was surprised to see how many vampires and demons they had drawn out as she joined the rest of the group, which consisted of Vi, Rona, Buffy and Faith. Taking a running jump she attempted to tackle a Fyarl demon that was fighting Faith, "Hey guys, sorry I took so long"

"Hey Ken' thought you were gonna miss the party!" Faith called in greeting drawing a sword Giles had recently acquired.

"Not on you're life" Kennedy called back rolling with her momentum as the demon threw her of its back.

With Kennedy, out of the way Faith took the opportunity to thrust the sword through the demons heart for while the blade was iron, it had a silver edge, which allowed it to kill the beast. She pulled the sword free spinning just in time to deflect a Miquot demons arm blades, only a few feet away Vi and Rona fought back to back, slaying almost in synch. Buffy stood close to them obscured from view by a cloud of dust as she slaughtered three vamps in a row with the scythe.

Completing her roll Kennedy came up stake at the ready and immediately had to duck under a vicious kick that would have taken her head off. She came up with a hard uppercut and knowing better than to take chances in a situation like this staked it on instinct not even noticing whether it was male or female. Meanwhile Faith ducked under another swipe of the Miquots blades and slashed it across the ribs before chopping its head off. Spinning in a small circle looking for the next attack, Faith noted with some disappointment that the battle was over.

She took a moment to wipe the blood and dirt off her sword using the Miquots corpse; she then sheathed it and joined the others.

"Not a bad days slaying" Buffy said letting the scythe hang loosely at her side.

Faith grunted in reply as she lit a cigarette, "Bit too brief for ma liking"

Shaking her head Buffy lead the group out the cemetery where Giles waited with the car.

Later that night Faith lay on her bed feeling kind of depressed, while Willow's spell had been a godsend during the battle against the first, Faith found herself now wishing it could be reversed. She was the second oldest slayer in history and in the last year she had slain three demons and six vampires and that was including that night's slayage. With so many of what Faith called 'baby' slayers running around it looked like they might actually win the war and while that was a good thing for the world in general it was bad for Faith as slaying was all she'd ever known.

It was because of this that Faith lay half asleep a cigarette burning away in the ashtray, music blaring in her ears through the headphones and a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels warming on the bedside table. All of a sudden, she sat up feeling very awake and very sober or at she thought she was awake. Everything in the room seemed to glow from within and it was a lot tidier than it had been a moment ago.

"What the hell?" she asked no one in particular as she picked up her bedside clock, which seemed frozen at 4:26.

"You're dreamin kiddo," a male voice said from behind her.

She spun around and came face to face with twenty-ish looking man who wore a blue suit over a Hawaiian shirt.

Faith frowned in confusion as she absent-mindedly put the clock back down, "I'm dreaming of a guy who dresses that badly?"

He bristled at this comment, "Everybody always brings up my fashion sense! Look it really isn't all that bad compared to some peoples and the names Whistler, thanks for askin"

Faith tilted her head to the side as she considered the flustered man who stood in the space where her door ought to be, "Look I've been sent by the Powers that be to make you an offer, they want you to travel to other worlds in what is known as the multiverse so that you can fix problems and gain ally's for some big battle that's going to happen soon"

Faith sat down on her bed again as she took this in, "So you and the powers want me to go to these other worlds and help people so that they'll then come back here and help Buffy and the gang in some huge battle that an army of slayers supposedly can't win. What am I going to meetin other versions of myself and B?"

Whistler quickly shook his head, "You got most of it except it isn't other versions of this world but completely different ones where vampires, demons and slayers don't exist that you'll be goin to"

The dream equivalent of minutes passed as Faith mulled it all over, "Travelin around the multiverse visitin different world's sounds like a blast. It has gotta be better than teachin a class of whiny baby slayers who think they know it all. Maybe there won't be vamps or demons, there will be action and that's what I want most of all right now"

She abruptly stood and looked Whistler square in the eye, "When do I leave?"

He sighed with relief, "Whenever you're ready"

Faith looked thoughtful for a second, "If I left right now would I arrive wherever I'm going half drunk and half naked?"

He laughed slightly, "No, you would arrive fully sober and fully dressed"

It was now Faith's turn to sigh with relief, "Alright then, I'm as ready as I'll ever be"

With that said Whistler snapped his fingers and Faith vanished from both the dream and the real world, "Godspeed and good luck kid, we're all gonna need it"