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Landing with a slight bump Faith waited until the others started to leave before following, she froze in her tracks when she caught site of a large man covered in blue fur with oversized hands and feet. She almost dropped into a combat stance when she saw Scott shake his hand, turning he motioned for Faith to approach.

"Faith Lehane this is Doctor Henry McCoy, his codename is Beast but most people just call him Hank" Scott said grinning at her.

Cautiously she shook the large clawed hand he offered her, "Pleased to meet you Miss Lehane" he said in a quiet intellectual voice that surprised her.

"Ah thought you said that the professor was gonna meet us" Rogue said looking from Hank to Scott.

"He left to speak with Logan after his return from Canada. He asked to meet with you in the study after you got back" Hank informed them.

Exiting the hanger they went upstairs into the actual mansion and Scott watched with appreciation as they split up going there separate ways, in a matter of minutes Scott found himself alone in the foyer with Faith and Hank.

Entering the study they overheard some of the ongoing conversation, "… there were a couple of familiar scents but they was too faint to track"

Clearing his throat Scott said, "Sorry to interrupt Professor but you wanted to meet who the brotherhood were chasing when we got back?"

"S'okay bub, just telling the prof about how uneventful my trip was" Logan said as he stood, he frowned, as he looked at Faith his nose twitching.

"What!" she asked blatantly.

"You've been in a fight with Sabretooth" he stated.

Looking at him uncertainly Faith nodded her head, "Yeah, he slashed my face, I broke his leg. How'd you know?"

He smiled at her then, "I could smell it. Anybody who's an enemy of his is a friend of mine generally" he said giving her a none too gentle pat on the back.

Watching him go for a moment, she then turned her attention to the man seated in the centre of the room who was smiling at her patiently.

"Faith Lehane allow me introduce to you, Professor Charles Xavier. The worlds foremost telepath and the owner of this building" Scott announced from her left.

Stepping forward she gingerly shook his hand, feeling self-conscious about her blood stained clothes.

"Welcome Miss Lehane, as Scott said this is my home and along as you wish it, it be can yours as well" he said as she took a seat opposite him.

Faith frowned at him, "What! Why?"

Still smiling he simply said, "This mansion is a sanctuary for all mutants who wish it to be, Miss Lehane"

She shook her head in disbelief, "Firstly, could you just call me Faith, people only ever seem to call me Miss Lehane when I'm in trouble. Secondly, what did Scott mean when he said you were a telepath?"

"As you wish Faith, what Scott meant is that I can read minds, a person's thoughts or memories but I only do so if I am given permission or if it is necessary. That is how I knew where to send the X-Men to find you" he said clasping his hands in front of himself.

She grimaced as she remembered things that had been done too her as well as things she had done to others, "So you haven't had a look inside my head yet?"

He smiled kindly but seriously, "No but it would help in determining what we're up against if I could look at your brief memories of the brotherhood"

Sighing wearily, she nodded, "Try to relax Faith" he said closing his eyes.

Looking around himself Xavier noticed he was standing in some kind of cemetery, walking in the direction of the sounds of a battle he froze in surprise at the sight before him. Faith along with three other women was locked in combat with a large group of heavily deformed men. He watched as another woman who vaguely resembled Faith came barrelling into the cemetery, leaping onto the back of the largest of the group. He quickly learned that the new girl was called Kennedy and was expected, as the battle came to an abrupt end Xavier found himself in some kind of hotel.

The room had a strange glow and he quickly noticed that Faith was having a conversation with a man wearing a strange choice in clothes. As he stood listening, he learned that Faith was from a different world and that the things he had mistaken for deformed people were actually vampires and demons. As the conversation wound down, he found himself in a different location again, this one he recognized from earlier, it was where he had first seen her. As he watched a car came careening towards her which she dodged, Magneto.

Hearing a growl, he like Faith turned in its direction only to abruptly find himself in what appeared to be a crypt. He heard Faith scream someone's name and watched in horror, as a creature he presumed was a vampire ripped a woman quite literally in two. Blinking in disbelief, he found himself back in the town watching Faith battle Sabretooth. Shaken but determined to know who all the members of the brotherhood were he continued, he felt a wave of pity as his old friend Magneto came into view. This turned to confusion as he found himself standing in a flat with Faith and a man in a suit who appeared to be trying to convince Faith to kill someone. A moment passed before he was back in the town listening to Faith and Magnetos conversation.

Hearing someone laugh now he caught a glimpse of Mystique, then found himself standing in a badly kept home. Following the sounds of crying, he found a much younger Faith lying on the floor battered and bruised while her Mother sat on her bed getting drunk. Frowning, it was not long before he was back in the town, he smiled slightly as Faith blatantly shoved Magnetos offer back in his face. He watched as she deftly dodged the car that Magneto was repeatedly sending in her direction, seeing the fire snake he guessed that it was Pyro just before the memory changed again.

Turning he saw a man battered, bloody and bruised tied to a chair, he then saw Faith approach with aerosol can in one hand and lighter in the other. He sadly watched the sadistic smile that spread over her features, the fear and pain in her victim's eyes. Someone stopped her but when the Professor turned to see whom the memory changed back to the town. Shielding his eyes from a bright light, he realized that Faith had kicked the car into the snake causing an explosion. Following her through the forest, he caught a glimpse of Avalanche before being spirited to a memory of Faith escaping a collapsing town via a school bus. He waited patiently noting more than one face that he had seen previously, it was not long before he found himself back in the forest being chased by Toad. Soon enough the battle/chase was over, he also noted Blob and his brother-in-law Cain.

Opening his eyes wearily, he smiled at the sight before him, curled up in a protective ball Faith was lightly dozing. Sitting back in wheelchair feeling exhausted he nodded to Beast and Cyclops that it was okay. Hank took one of the remaining seats while Scott gently woke Faith and led out the room to pre-prepared bedroom.

"Professor?" Hank enquired his face etched with concern.

Smiling Xavier said, "I'm alright Hank but I believe that a great many battles are going to be ahead of us soon, the worst of which may yet be within that young woman's mind"

Adjusting his glasses Hank frowned in confusion, "I'm afraid I don't understand"

Sitting forward slightly Xavier glanced at the door Faith had not long ago walked out of, "Her mind is disjointed, it's almost like she has taken two parts of herself and attempted to sever the links between them"